The KOF XIV General Discussion Thread 3.0 patch released!



Iori looks really good in Million Arthur :kissing_heart:

and I am really glad my favorite kof player win the KOF 14’s Neo Geo WOrld tour Hong Kong :star_struck::star_struck:


VOD for NeoGeo World Tour Finas for KOF XIV and 98


All SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy endings playlist:



Story Mode cutscenes:

SNK Heroines Complete Original Soundtrack playlist:




Throwing money at the screen …


I hope Zankuro, Sieger and Nicotine will make it to this game


Sam show 1 remake?? :heart_eyes:


All the Prologue dialogues of SNK Heroines:



A leaker in reddit that called the game as being SS a week ago is claiming the following

>Blood will be toned down but will still be there. They want the series to be appealing without it being all about gore. I think there is also an option to turn gore off if you’d like, but the blood will remain by default
>The only reason why they didnt go with UE4 with kof14 is because they were already too late into development and unfimiliar with it to be bail on their in house engine. With Samurai Spirits, they had a proper budget and were given time to actually use UE4.
>KoFXV but yes. They literally just started development for that game now.
>Haoumaru, Nakoruru, Shiki, Charlotte, Genjuro, Ukyo, and Rimururu as playable characters
>The visuals should be upgraded a bit considering that SamSho was literally a test to learn Unreal Engine. The graphics overall should look better than they did in KoF14
>The next SNK heroines characters are Female Skull-o-Mania, Miss X, and Janne D’arc from World Heroes


miss x? skullomania? shiki???:star_struck:


More likely a prequel based on the year shown in the trailer (1787), which is after SSV (1786) but before SS1 to 4 (1788) and V Special (1789).


All the SNK Heroines Boss Scenes Dialogues:

All Mid Cutscenes Dialogues:


Sales numbers are out

  1. [PS4] SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy – 10,018 / NEW
  2. [NSW] SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy – 5,493 / NEW

For comparison, XIV sold 20k copies at launch

So I think we can say that Heroines was another success for SNK.


All Characters and System Voices Playlist from SNK Heroines:

Thief Arthur ending:

All Thief Arthur voices:

Thief Arthur Prologue:

Thief Arthur Boss Scene:

Thief Arthur Mid-Cutscenes:

Thief Arthur Theme 1 - Bravery Flame (Arcana Blood Remix):

Thief Arthur Theme 2 - Combat Exercise (Arcana Blood Remix):


SNK Heroines credits suggest that new guest DLC is from Arika


Its Skullomania.