The KOF XIV General Discussion Thread 3.0 patch released!



Maybe we’ll have "Skullolady’?A totally new character and not something like Terry?


Team Arcana will have a Heroines stream in the 27th. Possible announcement there?


Skullo Mania theme song in SNK Heroines:

Skullo Mania Ending:

Skullo Mania Mid-Cutscene Dialogues:

Skullo Mania Prologue Dialogue:

Skullo Mania Boss Scene Dialogue:

Skullo Mania Voice Clips:


New DLC coming to SNK Heroines, probably Miss X:



MissX Theme:

MissX Customize Mode Theme:

MissX Ending:

MissX Mid-Cutscene Dialogues:

MissX Prologue Dialogues:

MissX Boss Scene Dialogues:

MissX Voice Clips:


New KOFXIV Patch coming out in Dec


King of Fighters XV stealth-announced for 2020


It’s not certain, but MAYBE we can have KOF XIV in Xbox One and Switch in the future.

And KOFXV is using Unreal Engine.


Jeanne D’Arc theme song in SNK Heroines:

Jeanne Ending:

Customize Mode Theme Song:

Prologue Dialogue:

Boss Scene Dialogue:

Mid-Cutscenes Dialogues:

Voice Clips:



They’re definitely preparing for big stuffs soon


Just over 3 weeks between balance patch and frosty faustings. Hope it’s enough time to properly lab my team and alts. I hope this doesn’t count as wishlisting, but I want Ryo to be able to quick max from successful parry.


There is a 33mb update for kof14 on steam.
don’t know for what and how to check it. :sweat_smile:


Merry Christmas. SNK has released patch notes for 3.10. Overheads are slower over all (I think all of them got 2 frames longer start up), Heidern got longer recovery on many of his moves, K’s damage output has been severely lowered, Nadj got extra recovery and damage scaling, Ralf has a much easier time doing rdp+AC to hcb+BD and they made his jump C an easier cross up, and the list goes on. I didn’t test Heidern or Nadj yet but the notes say so and so far the others match up with the new attributes. Full list is on the SNK KOF XIV website but it’s not obvious where, so you can find the pdf there. I still have more to go through and a Christmas party to attend, I’ll post up some more findings later.


RIP Nakoruru. I really don’t get the bird cling nerfs. They patches from decreased invincibility, back to increased invincibility to none now.


They keep nerfing her to prepare you for Samurai Shodown where she’s historically always been meh tier.


Shit, I wish that was true. If she could remain as awful as she was in Samurai Shodown II or V Special that would make me happy. Those pet assists drive me bonkers (and that applies to Galford as well).


It’s still a few hours til New Year for me, but I put together some stuff for Rock. Many of the combos are old minus the f+A before double reppukens, but now they are far more consistent thanks to 2 buffs. Any case enjoy and Happy New Year.