The KOF XIV General Discussion Thread 3.0 patch released!



Maybe we’ll have "Skullolady’?A totally new character and not something like Terry?


Team Arcana will have a Heroines stream in the 27th. Possible announcement there?


Skullo Mania theme song in SNK Heroines:

Skullo Mania Ending:

Skullo Mania Mid-Cutscene Dialogues:

Skullo Mania Prologue Dialogue:

Skullo Mania Boss Scene Dialogue:

Skullo Mania Voice Clips:


New DLC coming to SNK Heroines, probably Miss X:



MissX Theme:

MissX Customize Mode Theme:

MissX Ending:

MissX Mid-Cutscene Dialogues:

MissX Prologue Dialogues:

MissX Boss Scene Dialogues:

MissX Voice Clips: