The KOF XIV General Discussion Thread 3.0 patch released!


It might be about time for me to upload some new matches to start the year off with.


Did Maxima always have a safe jump after Maxima press follow up? I don’t see any changes to his jump or the maxima press / followup frame data. I only found three meterless dps that beat it: Ryo’s dp+A, K’s dp+A, and Kula’s dp+C you also lose to Robert and Kim if you don’t use j.D (possibly trade, I didn’t test all buttons). It’s a bit like Goro’s safe jump where you just hold uf, but Maxima’s isn’t safe against everything whereas Goro can’t loop and doesn’t get guaranteed corner.



I don’t play Verse so this may not be new, but his kick super is overhead (all versions), I don’t recall that being the case previously.

Zarina has good 1 meter damage on point (cr.B combo starter ranges from 360 or better in midscreen and up to 407 in the corner). Her faster recovery on qcb+B allows her to follow up with f+B to set up a 6 frame safe hop (safe against equal to or slower than Iori’s dp), or follow up with cr.C in the corner and finish with the juggle of your choice. Lastly her faster run speed allows her to run up cr.C after hitting airborne opponents with hcb+AC (IE after dp+AC).

PS @d3v any word on what’s going on with the front page? I only post in the forums but I do read articles and I noticed some panic in the comments of the most current one.


There are things happening on the front page that I’m not at liberty to talk about. Suffice to say, it will be back, we’re just taking a break.