The KOF12 system mechanics thread

Feel free to throw in general questions and discussion for the other stuff in the engine that you aren’t sure about like deadlock/hops/rolls/reflect guard etc. that you would like.

I wanted to throw this out there because I actually just wanted a topic that involved the new “short backdash” feature that will most likely get overlooked unless we discuss it. I myself didn’t know about it until it was mentioned in the strategy guide and I’m sure most other people don’t even know it exists.

To do it for everyone but Kensou, just backdash like normal but press forward as soon as possible, most characters will stop at half the backdash range letting you retaliate sooner. :slight_smile:

I really like the reflect guard feature also, although the ranges on a bunch of characters’ reflect guards are really short so you have to hope that you’re in range or it’s a horrible whiff, and mistiming it will make you eat an attack anyway.

Anyway, discuss people!

Does trophy glitch count for this thread?

I finished every character in arcade, and got every Gallery picture (Means I finished every character solo on arcade)

But I didn’t get the last trophy that says
"KO’ed every character in Arcade Mode using all of the characters."
-.- BS.

It means every character has to have KOed every other character in the game, not just beat arcade mode. It should take more than one playthrough to do that.

Ugh, I was afraid you were gonna say that.

Wtf do we do now, write a chart?.. :confused:
-sigh- More arcade fun… :confused:

But I can lose a round right?