The KOFXI Revote thread: Allow console characters or no?


Okay time’s are changing and now console characters being allowed in KOFXI is a legit question. So what do you think?

  1. Allow console characters but ban Shion+Magaki
  2. Keep default only




Bosses are out. EX Kyo may be top but he’s not unbeatable.


voted.agreed with HatredEdge-


I think all boss characters should be banned or at least be fully tested first. (Gai seems to be alright) The rest are almost carbon copy versions of NGBC ones.


Gai is legal. Jyazu is legal. Sho Hayate is legal. Silber is legal.
Those are available in the arcade version.

The PS2 characters such as


are what’s up for being voted in.


Fuck! I absolutely hate Jyazu! That motherfucker is SO annoying! :mad:


If console characters become legal EX Kyo and Geese become serious contenders to be on my team (of course Duo Lon and Kula stays)




Yes he is. Best Kyo IMO.

Anyway there’s no real solid reason as to why the console characters should be banned aside from some whiny prick and their “I don’t want to deal with X character so ban them” mentality.

People need to remember high/top doesn’t mean=Broken. If the SF community knows that, the KOF community should too.


Thats why this vote ain’t going on, you know what we are gonna have to deal with there…

“MY COUNTRY AIN’T SCRUB LIKE THAT!!!” :arazz: :rofl: :lol: :sweat:


lmao-the console exclusives shouldn’t be banned. they’re beatable


They wouldn’t understand how console-centric our country is anyway.

I’m definitely gonna have to learn my matchup again Jazu, cause that bitch is annoying as fuck for me.


As long as they aren’t broken they should be allowed.


They dont, they dont understand that Arcades are pretty much dead here, so Console practically is the wave of the future…



Seeing as all those characters adds more characters to choose from, why the fuck not. And EX Kyo is on some other shit entirely. My nigga Robert ate it bad from the jump but Mai is hella good as well. And just makes me wonder why didn’t they put Kisarah and Hanzo/Fuuma in there. With Gai and Hayate already in there that would’ve made the Obscure Squad complete.


I hate to be the naysayer in all your threads lately Dark Geese, but how many threads with polls responded to by people who dont show up to tournaments do you really need?


if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

You’ve been running the tournies for how long w/o the ps2 exclusives?
Just keep ways the way they are. It’ll cause more bitching than helping.

I understand what you are trying to do and I get why they should be "allowed"
But why change something that’s been the same way for years?

That’s like saying “Hey, lets legalize the shin characters in Cvs2 just cause. Just to see what happens. It’ll be funny”


It IS funny actually. They let me run Ratio 4 God Rugal at the last chicago CvS2 local.


SRK is from people that mostly show up to tournaments is it not? If you were to take a guess of which place has the most likely people to show up to tournaments? Which would it be? SRK is the best answer.


Did SF4 have anything to do with people changing their mind on the console characters?? Because I clearly remember asking this question A FEW YEARS ago and everybody voted NO on the console characters.

DG let’s make this easy for everybody, if the tournament is done on Console all console characters are allowed(exept Shi and Mag), if the tournament is done on arcade only arcade characters are allowed.

Fair enough??