The KOFXI Revote thread: Allow console characters or no?


Actually I didnt get it filmed but a guy from CD. Juarez, MEX that’s pretty decent name Jimmy (Remember playing him Tone?) used Silber in casuals… His Clark was pretty good remember?


Umm why’s that?


Got a tier list?


Updated US Tier List post NDP 2009:

S+ Class:
EX Kyo, Gato, Kula, Oswald, Duo Lon (Leader), Eiji, Kyo, Kim, Duck King (2p)

Duck King (1p)

A Class:
Gai, Duck King, Geese, Maxima, Malin (Leader), Adel (Leader), Ralf, Clark, Silber, Jyazu

The rest fall into B etc.



So going off that…

My characters are…

Vannessa = C
Blue Mary = B
Ramon = B
Silber = A
Iori - B


Speaking of Arrange mode, I just looked up some of the changes detailed on a FAQ on gamefaqs. Some of them are:

  • All light attack timings generally launch slower with different cancelable
    frame timings, making light combo timings different, while preventing
    some characters from linking repeated light attacks.
  • All jumping/hopping attacks have reduced hit stun duration, so they have
    to hit later in order to combo after than in Arcade Mode.
  • Terry’s Combination Blow is now cancelable. The Buster Wolf’s damage is
  • Duck King loses all his RBFF combinations except for the crouching A > df+C
    feint. The Break Spiral’s range is significantly improved.
  • Gato’s crouching B is slower and you can no longer link special moves/DMs
    off it.

Some alright stuff; another I noticed was they removed anywhere juggles, not sure if this is good or not. What I DON’T get is why none of the tweaks have affected Kula or the S tiers more.


SNK likes Kula too much?shrug


Pretty much. Uploading matches right now from KOFXI at NDP. When I got the stuff up I’ll link you to it…


Arrange Mode does make characters like Kula and Duck King a lot weaker, the thing is that no one actually plays Arrange Mode thus the tiers are based on Arcade balance. Those changes look like they would make a better game IMHO, but I don’t have the history or competitive experience in XI to make a comparison to the OG version.


Didn’t K’ get nerfed in Arranged mode as well? IIRC He can’t combo into Chain Drive from a crD.


Ah ok. Yeah I don’t think the list I looked at was a complete one; I didn’t see any notes made on Kula (did see the Duck King nerfs though) so I just assumed she was kept as is. Maybe DG would be willing to make some tests on it using his experience and know-how and tell us if the changes make it more balanced.

Yeah. I think it said there was another way he could combo it though and you must use the Chain Drive C version.

@ Dark Geese: I am looking forward to those links and I’m back in practice mode again; I was set to go through arcade mode and unlock all the bosses last night but Shion kept raping me hard. I think I’ll take a look at Dandy J’s KOF starter tutorial again and look up some Primers on Vanessa, Ramon, Blue Mary again because I’m sorta at a lost to use them correctly sometimes.

Also, I don’t see how you guys keep the control consistently to do those repeated, deep low hops. I keep either tapping too hard and getting a normal jump or not timing my j. normal correctly enough so I can have enough time to combo.


Because the NGBC characters aren’t affected by the Arranged mode changes.

As far as I know, they stay the same in Arcade and Arranged. Which means EX Kyo is still stupidly overpowered while the rest of the God Tier is dramatically nerfed.

Aside from looking very sloppy, most of that makes no sense.
There is no reason to list Duck King 3 times. If a Duck King player is in control of the match, then he should have no problem staying on the 2P side anyway. There’s no reason split “1P Duck” and “2P Duck”.
Secondly, are you saying characters like Kim and regular Kyo are equal to Gato, Kula, EX Kyo?
I don’t buy that.
Also, I really don’t think Ralf and Silber are A-Tier.
A-Tier is how I judge characters that are pretty solid all around, or are really good but just have some minor flaws or lack that little something extra that the S-Tiers have.
Ralf and Silber have way too many major weaknesses, especially against the God Tier.


haha… oh man, haven’t had a good laugh on the kof thread in ages…

Geese, school em with some knowledge vids…


What does that even mean?

Great, not even the KOF board is exempt from the swarm of brain-damaged 09’ers.


IIRC 2P Duck King has different frame data or something like that. I need to search the XI thread.


I’ve been fully aware of that fact since the first month I’ve played the game. Trust me.
I’ve fought against PLENTY of Ducks in my day.

What I’m saying is that it doesn’t make any sense to separate Duck in the tierlist when most good Ducks will be fighting to keep their position on the 2p side anyways.


Oh, still, if some characters have a different tiers because of their LDM I think Duck should too. Also, mirror matches.


I don’t think it’s about which side duck is at during the match. It’s more of whether the one controlling duck is 1st player (1p) or 2nd player (2p). A 2nd player w/ duck has the advantage as suppose to 1st player duck no matter if he’s on the left or right side of the screen. At least that’s what I’ve always thought it was. If what you say is true then, yeah, I really don’t understand why there would be a separate tier for 1p and 2p duck.


This is how it is…it is in relation to whether the one controlling Duck is player 1 or player 2. If the person is player 2 then Duck King has more frame advantage on his normals than if they were player 1.

The Tier List I have is based off a combination US/Mexican Tier List and is subject to change the more tournaments we have and the more play there is.

Kim, Kyo and Eiji are not equal to Gato/Kula…hence I have Gato and Kula as the first of the tier list…think of it like 98UM…who do you see first? Krauser, Iori, Geese. Then you see the rest in the top tier…So think of it like S+ vs. S-, minor differences between S+ and S-, but S- is still S Class.

Also some things I discovered about Duck from studying footage from NDP- Some of his most abused attack strings people believe are safe indeed are NOT safe…you just have to know when and where to evade/punish.


said perfectly… it makes that change from a character from a minus to a plus, which in high level play can make all the difference…

Too bad this is my account for my new company… check the title… been since '02… call the wambulance if you got a problem…


I thought so. Thanks for the confirmation.