The KOFXI Strat Thread


I think there was one here before but it’s nowhere to be found so sorry in dvance if it’s found. So yeah…


Any frame data for this game?


There is a guide I saw the Answer walk off with after winning TS6…I saw it and looked to have frame ata in it…its like hte official XI Guide.

#4 has scans of that guide up in each characters forum. You can clearly see the frame data.


Really? When I saw it, it looked more like a cancel-ability chart. I guess I’ll look at it again, when gc is back up.


A quick question: In match vids I see sometimes that Kula ends his bnb with qcb+p instead of a dp+c. Why is that?


Ummm you guys do know that there is already another KOF Strat thread right?

I guess people are too lazy to scroll down or something…anyways

Kula’s a guy now? Umm my guess is that the player must’ve messed up on the DP motion and the QCB came out instead. Or they’re just doing that for the hell of it…


Excuse my mistake, and thanks for the help. I thought that maybe they were doing it to keep momentum in case the enemy rolled on knockdown or something like that.


I coulda sworn it is, but is messing up for me…so I can’t check:wonder: .


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EDIT: And about Kula…for what I see yeah they may be doing the reflect for the hell of it but also they recover longer from the reflect than the DP+C. You should look up RF…he uses the Reflect to end his Kula stuff and it looks fucking stylish!!


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Now back on topic…Strats… and if you wanna reply to salvage this thread let’s continue this discussion in PM please…


Funny how you said I deralied the topic when your little pissy rant about GC started the WHOLE thing…


Not sure about kofxi but in kof2k2, qcb+P is a knockdown(cannot be recovery rolled), while dp+C is not. I assume this is the same in kofxi…in 2k2, you can actually recovery roll her dp+C even if you got hit by it, and throw her. But I guess against beginners, you should use dp+C.


anyone wanna help me get stuff started on SRK wiki for XI I already started some stuff. I got movelists for Ash, Adel & Kula.


am i missing something on the kyo corner combo the dragon punch won’t hit for some reason


heres an easy ass way to combo into duo lons LDM.

c.lp, qcf+lp, f+lk, qcb+hp, mash like you are mashing out of magnetos hypergrav xx magnetic tempest combo (the two swipes). this method is really consistent.