The KOFXI Thread Version III-EVO World Team Tournament: Team Juarez v. Cali v. Japan!


For all you lazy fucks is time for a new thread.


Juarez, Mexico 4-22- to 4-28-08 matches:

The SNK Storm 3.5 Section with a lot of KOFXI Archived Discussion:

Storm II Thread with KOFXI Discussion:

OG Storm I Thread with KOFXI Discussion:

KOFXI Bnbs from Random1234 from another FAQ-

Old July, 2007 Juarez, Mexico KOFXI Footage:

OSC2k7 KOFXI footage:

NEC8 KOFXI Footage (More coming)


1st KOFXI Thread:

2nd KOFXI Thread-

Let me repeat as I did in the NGBC thread…Laziness is not an option…use the tools available to you before asking questions…

-Dark Geese


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Everything above Old Juarez, Mexico KOFXI Footage: Doesn’t work. Just a heads up.


I must say, thanks for making new NGBC and KoF XI threads. This makes things much more easier to find :tup:.


mcginnis- Try it now just updated it.

Dingo- Glad I could help.


Works great now :tup: A question about Kensou and Kyo. They both have a combo where I can’t do the finish. With Kyo it’s after the second qcf+a->hcb+b-> then f-qcf C Can combo, right?

And with Kensou it’s after the f-qcf+D-> f+b and qcb+a doesn’t connect. If it’s just timing let me know and I’ll keep practicing but if it’s cancelling I would really like that info. Thanks Dark Geese.


Let me experiment with these and I will get back to you guys…

Thing is with Kyo if you hit them 9 times out of ten they stick with his Dokugami chain and none of the others. Unless its in the corner off a juggle.

Random1234 has just sent me a KOFXI BNB list…instant Archiving it gets…

Its Attached…for KOFXI BNBs check here…

More from him-

Video scripts for Oswald combos-

More Oswald-

A gift from Random1234 and I shall archive it…


Thanks for putting it up Dark Geese! You are awesome! Glad that I can help out! :slight_smile:


DG quick question. What version should I be in the lab with, JAP or US PS2 version? And Original or Arranged Mode? Just so I can get the best outta training that I can. And appreciate all the links.


Avoid Arrange mode. It will affect how you play arcade and besides the rest of us play aracade anyway. If you got the JAP version go for it.

And great job on the new thread DG!:tup:


Yep, it’s the corner juggle. I can’t seem to connect the last part on his and Kensou’s combo.


Ahh you are talking about the Kyo corner combo now… it jus ttakes practice guys…thats really all I can recommend on it…took me a while in the beginning to do it too…

Also avoid Arrange mode…you can practice on the US or JAP version doesnt matter…just know the JAP version will be used for tournaments…


That’s all I needed to know. Would’ve sucked if there were some trick to it. Also, when you say “p” in your explanations does it mean any punch or is it another button? I know it’s kinda dumb but I haven’t played KOF since recently and didn’t know if that means a combination of two buttons or something like that.:sweat:


My Local Arcade has about 10 brand new copies. He told me that he’s selling them for 30$ each. I was all like WTF!!! they only cost 20$ @ the store. He said that it’s hard to find the game in stores. I call that BS.


Yeah “p” means Punch… In general doesnt matter if its A (Light punch) or C (Hard punch)


that kof bnb list is from Cyberfanatix, another KOF crazed site, they also have a thread on all the character colors (except NGBC char’s since it was a US add on). but like DG said, ya’ll are lazy fucks so here’s a direct link. I’d keep it in the favorites if I were you, I know I do. :lol::lol::lol:

they have alot of stuff on KOF XI and older versions as well



I go there often. It’s a solid site. Yeah I said solid. From the 60’s or 70’s or 80’s whatever.


Subscribing to this too. :3


I believe that the KOF XI - US version is just a translated port of the Euro version of the game.
For further proof although this isn’t in the KOF XI game manual, inside of the US version Neo Geo Battle Coliseum manual on pg. 24, it instructs you to go to the following site for more info on the character backgrounds, etc.

Note that the above link is from the Euro site. On the USA site, there’s something “unique” that you’ll find when you enter the US Ignition site…One hint…She’s apart of a company that the US division hasn’t even ported a game from based on there site…