The Kuma Thread




[LEFT]Okay for those living under a rock, our friendly neighbourhood bear has just been confirmed for SFxT! Towering over the puny humans Kuma arrives with all her usual shenanigans and can of tuna ass whoopin.[/LEFT]


[LEFT]:lp:: Basic jab or swipe.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]:mp:: A more stronger version of the previous swipe directed a bit lower.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]:hp:: Butt attack![/LEFT]

[LEFT]:hp:+:hk:: Launch! A fierce backhanded swipe upwards.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]:lk:: He lifts one of his feet up a bit to slightly hit the guy.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]:mk:: This time he actually puts effort into it.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]:hk:: A strong frontal kick. Looks to have small range.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]:lp:, :mp:, :hp:, :hp::[/LEFT]

:f:+:hp:: A forward downward diagonal swipe. Has some decent range.
[LEFT]:d:+:hk:: Spinning Kuma sweep kick! Grants knockdown If it hits.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Unique Attacks:[/LEFT]

Bear Knuckle: Joins both claws and does a downward strike.
[INDENT=1]*Claw Uppercut: *Followup upward strike of the previous attack.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Notation: :lp:+:mp:, :lp:+:mp:[/INDENT]

[LEFT]*Bear Heaven Cannon: *A staple move string from the Tekken games that usually launches.[/LEFT]
[INDENT=1][LEFT]Notation: :lp:, :lp:, :lp:[/LEFT][/INDENT]


[LEFT]*Megaton Claw: A *strong thrusting palm move to another thrusting palm. The second thrusting palm can be turned into an overhead swipe when EX.[/LEFT]
[INDENT=1][LEFT]Notation: :hcf:+:p:[/LEFT][/INDENT]
[INDENT=2][LEFT]Overhead Swipe: Causes groundbounce if EX.[/LEFT][/INDENT]

[LEFT]Rolling Bear: His effective method of getting around those pesky fireballs. Similiar to Abel’s Marseilles Roll. The strength of the punch determines distance of the roll.[/LEFT]
[INDENT=1][LEFT]Notation: :360: + :p:[/LEFT][/INDENT]

[LEFT]Frolicking Bear: Curls up and leaps up+forward. Seems to function as a decent anti-air and EX version causes a wall bounce.[/LEFT]
[INDENT=1][LEFT]Notation: :hcf: + :k:[/LEFT][/INDENT]

[LEFT]Headbutt: A classic ‘stonehead’ Mishima command grab that has been taught to the bear.[/LEFT]
[INDENT=1][LEFT]*Notation: *(near opponent) :360: + :p:[/LEFT][/INDENT]

[LEFT]Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus Throw: One of the most demoralizing throws in the game, the Rock N Roll Circus has been the bear’s strongest command throw since Tekken 3.[/LEFT]
[INDENT=1][LEFT]Notation: :hcb::f: + :p:[/LEFT][/INDENT]

**Cross Counter: **

[LEFT]Grizzly Fling: His Alpha counter to speak, the great part is that it launches.[/LEFT]
[INDENT=1][LEFT]*Notation: *(In blockstun) :f:+:mp:+:mk:[/LEFT][/INDENT]

[LEFT]**Super (Costs 2 bars): **[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Fatal Wind: A fierce swipe to the chest and a giant fart to their face. I’m not kidding.[/LEFT]
[INDENT=1][LEFT]Notation: :hcb: + :3k:[/LEFT][/INDENT]

[LEFT]Cross Art (Cost 3 bars):[/LEFT]

[INDENT=1][LEFT]Notation: :qcf:+:mp:+:mk:[/LEFT][/INDENT]



"Raging Beast"

“A ferocious bear who uses a variation of the Heihachi Mishima style of karate.
He is more than a mere pet to Heihachi, and stands as sort of a partner with him.
When Jin was in control of the Mishima Zaibatsu,
Kuma rescued the company in Heihachi’s stead.
He has also sat on the Mishima Zaibatsu’s board of directors.”


Gameplay Videos:

Kuma and Cammy VS Ryu and Hwoarang.

Ken and Kuma VS Ryu and Sagat

Ken and Kuma VS Nina and Sagat

*Ryu and Poison VS Dhalsim and Kuma *(Skip to 7:30 in the video)

Kuma and Hwoarang VS Chun-Li and Marduk

Raven and Hugo VS Kuma and Poison

Yoshimitsu and Kuma VS Kazuya and Steve

Yoshimitsu and Dhalsim VS Raven and Kuma

Other Reading Material:

LEFT*The Electrifying One’s Kuma Guide:*First actual guide on the bear at SRK![/LEFT]


I love the whole fart thing. Capcom-Unity can cry me a river.


Ignoring the fact at how awesome Kuma is (and looks. I know people have been bitching about how cartooney he looks in SFxT, but it fits the character well), I kinda see him playing as a grapple-intensive version of Rufus (quick character with a bizarre hitbox and an ability to stay in close once in), especially considering that so far it looks like it will be hard for opponent’s to get Kuma off of them once he gets in with his heavy swipes and pokes.

I wish we knew more about how the Tekken characters played and were used. It seems every in-depth look at the game’s characters is only on the SF cast.

Viva La Bear!


Wait…What is with the eye lazer attack?


I think(hope) Kuma will be good for poking, I mean hes a bear with long arms and claws. I also hope he has some damaging combos.


It’s his Grizzly Claw from Tekken. hcf+2,1 is the double; hcf+2,2 is the single followed by that swipe (in SFxT, it seems like they made it an overhead rather than a low)


Fixed for ya.


Kuma has short limbs for a huge character, he was this also in Tekken


All I want, is that he gets eye lazors!


[S]God damn this bear makes the entire SF cast ('cept If Gen gets in) look boring.[/S] :rofl:

[S]Scratch that still no signs of Hunting Bear Stance around.[/S]

Oh wait there actually is Hunting bear stance. :bluu:[S]

Oh thats what it was supposed to be. Couldn’t recognise it, Thanks. o_O


Any footage of his Circus throw? That looks hilarious. And if he can combo into his launcher special he could be really scary.

Also, the lasers explain why he looks so menacing. He had a traumatizing experience, after all.


Nobody took the time to do the circus throw yet. :annoy:


Wonkey hitbox or taunt with some invicility frames? You decide!


It’s probably his hitbox. He’s supposed to be incomplete, so it might be just a mistake on their part.


i cant wait to main him in this game


Why did they make Kuma’s tackle look so awkward and goofy?


The gym class Kuma took in high school proved to be…unbearable.


Found some gameplay for you guys too.

I think i should just gather up a list of the channels with Street fighter x tekken gameplay


Would have been nice if they gave him windmill punches.


A bear that farts… why wouldn’t I main dis nigga?