The Kung Lao video thread



This thread will be dedicated to gameplay videos involving Kung Lao. Name suggestions for the thread would be fantastic.




I guess I’ll be the first to add some…


I might do some more, gotta get back in the labs… =)


^Remember to keep hitting after the xray. BP, BK, throw works really well. But great combos!


Some of those the gravity has gotten so bad that you can’t continue after the xray… However you are correct you can continue…


Nice combo video from check, was posted on the front page:


I think his high was 87% in the corner. Awesome stuff.


Heres the thing though. Most of those can ONLY be performed on Sheeva due to her having a different/bigger hitbox. Those huge combos won’t work on anyone else.

You also have to seperate the practical from what is possible.


Which is why I use smaller characters for my combos to see what works… Cause lets face it no one will use sheeva, ever… lol


Yeah, I heard Bill (Tom Brady) saying the same thing on some podcast. The 87% stuff might not be practical but they’re good to watch just to see what can be done to push what works against every character. I find the more I push myself to get “better” combos, the more easily I can pull of the practical ones. With an x-ray I can pull off 60%+ with KL in the corner every time now, and I’m up around 50% outside of the corner. That mostly comes from trying improbable stuff which improves my timing.


This is off topic, but I find her kind of interesting. The low throw, plus the nice combo that starts low and launches look pretty viable. She is S L O W though. The fact that the mid command grab can be blocked (arrrrg) is a bummer too.


can we please stop adding combos that arent possible in a real match AT ALL???

it would be nice if people were adding combos that are actually possible in a match rather than these lame ass meter using combos into xray.

i for one am kinda tired of seeing the same stuff over and over…

it is NOT possible to use meter for a hat special or spin special and then go into xray… its just not viable, stop posting it.


I agree with this 100%

People are way to fixated on combos these days. It has gotten to the point where no one cares about learning a character or even the game in general… all they want to do is emulate a combo they see in a video.

Truth is most combo videos are all show. A lot of the stuff in them is very impractical. Besides, you don’t have to know 12 different combos for 1 situation anyways. I think I have 1 combo for midscreen, corner, and EX. Even then they aren’t that drastically different from each other. It isn’t about style points anyways, its about winning. Most combo videos aren’t any different than others ones anyways. It is basically the same BnB with 1 slight different variation (which may even make the BnB worst due to scaling and what not)

People need to worry about their overall game more than just combos. Learn your set ups, mix ups, resets (not so much in this game because you really can’t o them), spacing, character/move specific punishers before you learn any sort of complex combo.

It is like the sword analogy. Practicing combos is like sharpening your sword. The sharper the sword the better, but if you have no idea how to use the sword then it doesn’t matter how sharp it is. If you can’t set things up to register the first hit of the combo then all the time you put into learning that complex son of a bitch is pointless.

So yea all these combo videos might be cool to look at, but in this early stage of the game there are far more important things that we need to work on in our Kung Lao game.


I think there are a huge chunk of people (myself included) who are on PSN and have nothing to do but practice combos or play the computer since PSN is down. But yeah, obviously you need to learn all the other stuff and a combo is no good if you can’t land it.


All of my combos are able to be used in a match… Most of which can be used from the start if you get the first hit. (since getting the first hit can give you 2 bars right away) The only video that isn’t worth doing is the 5th video. In which if you really wanted to show off you could still do since it uses 3 bars. Dunno who’s posting enhanced combos with xray, but combo vids 1-4 of mine are def worth it in game…


Road to CEO Grand Finals: VSC-Sir Hope (Kung Lao) vs. Arc (Kung Lao)

Really good matches.

YouTube - Road to CEO: Mortal Kombat - Grand Finals Part 1
YouTube - Road to CEO: Mortal Kombat - Grand Finals Part 2


Kung Lao video my combo patch 1.02

I hope you like it : P


thanks for this