"THE KURODA" A.K.A. Akuma's Best/Cheapest Cross-Up RETURNS!

Info Edit:

This is no longer corner specific for Claw, Akuma or Viper. Details on the second page of this thread.

AWESOMENESS Edit: Uber Props to DJMOJO for making the best demo vid of the year!!!

Here’s the setup in all it’s glory:
Updated Vid with all confirmed opponents: [media=youtube]x5ERQl_8_oI[/media]


My lengthy explanation on how this is done continues below, AGAIN, mad props to DJMOJO for bringing this to a whole new level of awesome, someone suck this man’s dick… no homo.

Sup people.

I’ve decided to play this game finally because of all of you quitting 3S and everything else :crybaby:, so be prepared for some incredible shit in the form of character tactics and info that will blow your mind in the months to come!!! :pray:
BTW If you think I’m being egotistical and can’t back this shit up simply research some of my post history and STFU :bluu:, then sit back and enjoy the endless stream of Akuma info-goodness… no homo.

To begin with I will be introducing all of you New School SF4 players, OG ST, MVC2, CVS2 etc. players, basically anyone here not intimately familiar with Akuma from 3S,

(and if you are quite familiar with 3S Akuma, SHAME ON YOU for not stickying this and beating my slow stupid ass to it, cause as I said I just recently got into this game and this Sagat shit is DUMB!!!, and fortunately this crap works on him)

to what is generally considered Akuma’s best cross-up tactic in 3S, and the somewhat unusual form that it exists in in SF4.

Rather than do a lengthy explanation of the 3S tactic I feel it is easier to just show you, so here it is, at 0:12, 5:08, and attempted but missed at 5:12, performed by Kuroda himself, the best Akuma player of all time, not the inventor but undeniably the player responsible for popularizing this tactic.


So yes it is anything in short tatsu, crouch jab, dash under to cross-up.

So is this in SF4?

Yes and no.

Not in the same way it is executed in 3S obviously due to SF4’s shit dashes, however I have discovered it is quite easy to create an almost identical cross-up simply by FADCing a crouching jab after a combo string into a short tatsu.

So what’s the catch?

There’s two actually, which doesn’t make this version less effective than its 3S counter part, it is however significantly more situational. :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

The differences are as follows: Unlike in 3rd strike where the setup worked on virtually everyone, I’ve tested this on the entire SF4 cast and have only been able to confirm it working on the following characters:

Sagat :party: :party: :party: :party: :party: :party:
Akuma (Proven to work midscreen)
Viper (Proven to work midscreen)
Claw (Proven to work midscreen)
Dan :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:

I swear to god I did it once out of 100 times:

Everyone else :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

And the other catch? EDIT: No Longer True for everyone.
Basically only corner for Sagat, Dan, Dictator, Gen.
Akuma, Viper and Claw work outside of corner as well.
So to recap, land a corner combo on one of the mentioned 7 characters that leads into a lk hurricane juggle state, juggle with a cr lp FADC forward, within half a second you’ll have crossed up, in prime position to hit them with a cr lp, standing hp, hit confirm.

Pro Tip:
Cancel your hit confirm into ex tatsu and juggle them back into the corner with a hp srk. :smokin: :smokin: :smokin:

P.S. Just remember Kids; This works on Sagat… and Akuma will always triumph over Sagat… because Sagat… is dumb.

P.P.S. Sorry I don’t have any means to record this but it’s easy as fuck to learn so if someone could kindly do it for one of the characters (Sagat or Dan would be great) I’ll post it with credits to whom ever links a vid ASAP. :bgrin:

Ill make the video as soon as i get home. ill do dan and sagat. if i get some spare time ill try everyone else.

Words of wisdom right there folks.

Fuck’n A dude! :tup:

FADC on the jab has been known for awhile but isn’t used much (resets in general aren’t used much) due to SF4’s ridiculous reversal window and easy inputs. Generally an opponent can just spam DP to escape and most likely jab spam will get them out as well.

Not to mention bar cost. but it is fun, no doubt…just one of those things to keep up your sleeve.

Your thought process: Alright I’ll mix him up with this crafty little reset and fadc behind him, he’ll never see it coming!

His thought process: TU TU TU TU TU TU TU TU TU

Outcome: You just got fadc (forward+rh) ultraed. You’re akuma. You’re ko’ed.


anyway im home and ill be working on the vid im hoping to have it done soon.

Jab spam won’t work here, I’ve tested this with record and Akuma recovers well in advance of the reset opponent so his jabs or meaty cr. mp should beat out any of their normals and non-invincible throws. As for DP, it’s as suseptable as anything esle except for the sheer speed of this cross-up (really near identical to 3S version), + it requires a down forward, down, down back, srk input or incredibly fast srk input in the proper direction to even execute which is difficult without actually training to react to this cross-up; which is what a lot of people had to do with 3S. This also has the same effect as the 3S version where the cr. jab can be slightly delayed or a partial back step could be taken prior to the cross-up to fake.

Not to argue the annoyance of reversals in this game, I agree they are a bit of a band-aid solution to a lot of situations. However I think this tactic could be particularly effective given the way this game handles it’s stun mechanic, where the stun gauge seems to depreciate quite faster than 3S but has a lower threshold. This means a combo, reset, combo has the advantage of not waisting time with the opponents recovery on the ground, which if I can find out how the hell I ever did this on Seth again, could prove quite useful.

You’re probably better off going with a demon flip based cross up. More damage and less bar usage for a similar setup.

This tactic has no advantage over any other reset in terms of stun guage.

alright this is really nifty i just recorded it. the timing is a little weird but once you get used to it its easy. i just think with it being corner only and its limited to so little characters it would be a waste to practice and practice till you get it down (as if it were a bnb combo) very nifty trick none the less im editing the video right now. will post up soon.

Just wait till you see it dude it’s the same thing you’ve been using in 3S.

OK. We’ll see how it does.

is it really now :bgrin:


All done.



I take it back, I want the shout out for the idea behind THE FUCKING VIDEO, not the other way around. :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:


Another similar mix-up that doesn’t gobble up two stocks is to reset the lk tatsu with lp and then mp demon flip palm whiff (land on the other side) and then perform c.lk, c.lp, c.lp, lk tatsu, etc. Because you’ve saved two stocks, you can then FADC out of shit goes bad, or, if it connects, cancel your lp srk into a red ball.

It looks like it could be useful in a limited application. It’s not nearly as fast as the 3s crossup possibly due to a combination of game speed and shitty dashes in SF4. But it does have the comeback factor if you really need some big damage for the win.

Really good setup, looks like Sakura mix-up and you can do big damage with only 2 bars. I don’t know if that works with shoryu spammer though.

Also, what do you suggest after the cross-up? BnB?

I made some tests to see damage calculation:

(you need to be in the corner for this) :

Jump Ex Air Fireball > HK > 2LP > L tatsu > 2LP Cancel : 281 damages / 440 Stun

Jump HP > HP > L tatsu > 2LP cancel: 277 damages / 515 Stun (1)

2MP > HP > L tatsu > 2 LP cancel: 247 Damages / 467 Stun

HK > 2LP > Ltatsu: 217 damages / 365 stun

Versus Sagat:

Focus lvl 2 > Backdash > HK > LP > HK > LP > 2LK > L tatsu > 2LP cancel: 302 damages / 545 Stun


**HP > L Tatsu > H shoryu : ** 322 damages / 460 Stun , with FADC 3 hits: 357 damages / 530 stun

HP > L Tatsu > L Shoryu: 290 damages / 400 stun , with FADC 1 hit: 370 damages / 600 stun (2)

Personnal setup with your Kuroda cross-up:

(1) + (2) = 1115 Stun. Add a simply Jump HP > HP > Ltatsu > Shoryu to make 838 damages with 4 bars in the corner.

Crouching jab FADC is what you are trying to hype up here? tried this ish ages ago, definitely not worth the meter, don’t think it deserves a thread but whatevs.