The Lars thread



Lars can be used in many teams imo. He has great tag cancel options especially with lightning screw. At this point I would say that characters with high damage output should be the anchor. I started playing Akuma on point with Lars as anchor. This team seems better with Lars as point character though.


That’s why I’m liking Steve his damage is just fucking extreme. I wish I could do st.hp se st.hp screw because Sagat relies on god damage from the partner post launch and I don’t feel st.hp screw is good enough.


Quick update to Lars’ ex dynamic entry combo:


Anybody have a clue to fight off Zangief as larsxjin? I try to zone and play footsies with Lars and try to have gief respect my space but he just gets in all the time with green hand and grabs. And I can’t jump in on him cause he’ll beat me with lariat. Suggestions?


With Lars, close LP, close LK and cr.LP can punish any Banishing Flat. At best, they’re -4 on block. You can also EX Lighting Screw. A scrubby Gief will mash Banishing Flat and SPD in all of your strings, so you want to pressure with cr.MP(+5 on block, links into itself) and then you have all kinds of fun mix-ups. You can go for Avalanche Stomp after two cr.MP or you can throw out a cr.MK after two up close cr.MP, then follow up with MK or LK Avalanche Stomp. After either one, if they hit, you can link cl.HP, Silent Entry xx Rising Storm, cr.MP xx HK Lightning Screw. I say HK because it’s easier to time meaty setups with Avalanche Stomp that can bait out a Lariat for you to punish.

With Jin, it’s baderpa easy. He has two 3 frame crouching normals(LP and LK, respectively) that punish Banishing Flat, you can zone, he has Power Stance which you can cancel, and if I recall correctly, swaying willow is upper body invulnerable. You also have that flying side kick that crushes air attacks, so Gief can never jump in. then it’s all about keeping (safe)pressure and zoning Gief out. Jin is probably one of Gief’s worst match-ups. Just make sure you place your fireballs right. Oh, and if a fireball hits, he will roll to get closer to you every time. Dash up and grab his roll, or start pressuring him.


Any Lars players that can help with this dudes vids?



yeah im trying to figure out something like this, but on the corner neither from a throw or, will add a mid-screen on my findings


I’m having some issues finding a solid anchor for Lars. I’ve been using Paul for a good while now and I feel like he just doesn’t provide me with the right tools when paired up with Lars. I love the damage output he provides though and he is a fun character. Maybe I’m just really bad with him? D: Any suggestions? I thought about possibly running Guy as well.


High damage output is actually a pretty good choice. Paul might be difficult though since he isn’t very mobile. It depends all on your playstyle. Either capitalize on high damage tag combos with hk lightning screw or choose a zoner to lame the opponent out after Lars did some work.

Raven is a pretty good mix of both especially once you master his j. Hk loop.


Yeah I feel like thats my main issue with Paul. He loses out to half the cast since he’s so slow. Thats part of the reason I wanted to use Guy honestly since he’s fairly mobile and has decent tag combos with Lars. I’ll have to give Raven a shot then while I’m in this character crisis of mine. Any thoughts on Lars paired up with Hwoarang?


Sup guys, check out a set between myself and a friend, I’m using Lars/Jin:

Also, check out this combo video. It’s nothing ‘practical’ or whatever, but it shows off some over the top things that the 2 can do:


Hworang and Lars should work nicely as well. Can’t go wrong with Hwoarang lol.


Lol thats true. I did happen to notice some players(Alex Valle in particular) prefer to run Lars anchor instead of Lars on point. I take it thats just a preference thing? I feel way more comfortable playing Lars front but then again I had Paul on point and well he’s slow as molasses


Since he plays Yoshimitsu who has good tag cancel options it’s better to have Lars in the back instead.
But yes it depends on your preference, your partner, your playstyle and the match up.


Right, right. I’ll have to try some of these things out and see which works best for me. I’ll probably stick to running Lars on point though unless I feel like Hwoarang, Guy, or Raven are better on point. I have so much fun playing Lars I don’t think I could ever drop him lol


Alright, time to join the lars army… So how do i play lars? What am i suppose to be doing. Been playing easy mode hwo and nina,lars feels a bit more slower than what im use to.


@Thancruz you can now check the post here, before it gets buried in the general discussion.

You can use a good amount of his normals as pokes. The best pokes being cr. Mk/mp and far lk/mk IMO.

**Cross ups:
** J. mk and J. mp are the easiest. You can even cross up with j. hp but the spacing and timing is insane.

Reversal: (Ex)Lightning screw, beware of the low horizontal range)

Anti airs:
Far mp which is special cancelable. On counterhit you can juggle afterwards.
Cr. Mk rising storm,
CADC into cl. Hp xx lightning screw
silent entry cl. Hp xx lightning screw

On regular hit you can cancel into his silent entry versions for (fake) cross under.
Can also cancel into avalanche stomp for an overhead.

(Ex)Lightning screw (Ex allows manual launcher follow up and solo combos)

**Combos: **

Dynamic entry:
Cr. mp, cr. mp, cr. mk is a good hitconfirm which you can cancel into dynamic entry his rekka.

Punch follow up (Lock&Load), cr. Mk xx rising storm (which is difficult)
down punch follow up (Mjollnir) , lightning screw (timing might be iffy)
down punch follow up (Mjollnir) , cr. hp (hits twice only if tag canceled)
down punch follow up (Mjollnir) , cr. hp (first hit) xx lightning thrust (corner carry)
down punch follow up (Mjollnir) , cr. hk (hard knock down)

Silent entry combos:
Cr. mp , cr. hp (first hit) xx silent entry, rising storm , cl. hp xx hk lightning screw
Cr. lk , cr, lk , cr. hp xx silent entry , rising storm cl. hp xx hk lightning screw (cr. lk , cr. hp is a 1 frame link)

Avalanche stomp:
Unsafe on block (-4) but +8 on hit. You can link a cl. hp afterwards and cancel into silent entry , rising storm.

Post tag:
Cl. hp xx hk lightning screw
Cl. mk, cl hp. lightning screw
Cl. hp xx lk silent entry (cr. lp optional) cl. hp lightning screw (optimized post tag)
Cl. mk, cr. mp, cr. mk xx rising storm
Cr. mp, cr. hp lightning thrust (corner carry)

Tag cancels:
Off of
down punch follow up (Mjollnir) , cr. hp
Lightning screw
Rising storm
Double barrel (corner only)
Mjollnir (groundbounce)

In the corner you can link a cr. hp or cr. mp after lock&load (Dynamic entry punch follow up)

Cr. mp, cr. mp, cr. mk xx lp dynamic entry, lock&load, cr. mp, cr. hp (two hits), hk lightning screw (that’s not a cancel. Wait for cr. hp to recover)

Cr. mp, cr. mp, cr. mk xx lp dynamic entry, lock&load, cr. mp, , cl. hp lightning screw

Cr. mp, cr. mp, cr. mk xx lp dynamic entry,Lock and load, cHP, sHP xx HK lightning screw

**Hitconfirms: **
cr. lk, clk, far mp. (xx dynamic entry possible)
cr. lp, cr. mp, cr. mk (xx dynamic entry possible)
cr. lp, cr. mp, cr. hp (xx dynamic entry and rising storm possible)

cr. hp is +4 on block. Get that counterhit with a cr. mk follow up
Forward mk (overhead) can be used as a corpse hop.

Figuring out Lars series:


**Pandora: **
Depending on your partner you can use it after:
Ex dynamic entry (p,p follow up) -> wallbounce
Ex silent entry (p follow up) -> crumple (on counterhit the opponent takes longer to fall)
Ex silent entry (k) -> good launch height
Ex lightning screw -> good launching height and recovery


Thanks alot RC. the transition from hwo/nina to lars/cody is very weird. Lars has no chains except for boost combo,it feels like my combos and footsies gotta be on point with him. Plus gotta get use to the slower walk speeds between the 2 teams.


Do people often buffer their pokes with Lars with various specials? He has such a nice array of normals but unlike the shotos he so resembles at times, he does not have a totally safe special to cancel into on block. Now I can see buffering c.mks where they have to stick out a limb to get hit with his Rekka, but closer up both that and silent entry are punishable iirc. Is closer-range Lars less about buffering stray hits into specials and more about abusing his ridiculous frame advantage? Or is it all about that HK Silent EntryxxSilent Entry shenanigans?