The Lars Thread

Time to get stuff started. I’ll be posting/quoting info and stuff about Lars. Damage, frames, customs, etc. over the next few days. I’m sure I know enough about the guy to help out if anyone has any questions. :karate:

Source: Tekken Zaibatsu Lars Sub-Forum

Source for damage and other info such as guaranteed combos are from TZ’s and IamTekken’s mighty MYK jamgi.

…and some Arcadia, some inatekken, and some of my testing.

I’ll keep updating as I have time, but if you guys want to correct/contribute, fire away. I’ll just keep updating the first two posts.

Move List: Damage, Notes and Frame Data

Command{properties}[damage](move frames/on block/on hit/on ch) - info

  • means no known data

Red moves are widely considered his best/bread and butter moves.
Green moves are also good moves, but have risks, so should be used wisely.

Strings are separated by commas, ex:


DE or dynamic entry: f+3 - can be canceled by df/u/db.
SE or silent entry: can only be entered into from certain moves (see move info below)


1+3 [35]
2+4 [35]
Left/Right Side Throw: 1+3 or 2+4 either side [40]
Back Throw: any throw command (save for UF3+4 I would assume) [50]
uf1+2 [43] - W! when opponent’s back is near a wall.
S.H.B(aka iSW) fff2+4 [40]
air S.H.B [20] - always guaranteed 20. Damage does not scale in combos.
~~SHB alternate notation: DE~2+3
**UF3+4 **[40] - hold 3+4 to trigger throw. Tapping 3+4 == front flip.


12 {HH} [8,10] (10/+1,-1/+8,+6/+8,+6) - generic 1,2 punches. Important for spacing setups.

14 {HL} [8,12] (10/+1,-12/+8,+1/+8,+1) - jab to low turnaround kick.

d1 {M} [6] (13/-1//) - generic crouch jab. Important for interrupting/beating fast launchers.

df1 {M} [16] (13/-1/+5/+5) - gut punch with good range. beats all regular get-up moves. I think has some early frames which duck jabs.

b1 {M} [19] (15/-8 or 9/+4/+4) - safe. fast. beats a lot of moves. tracks very well on both sides. excellent keep away and cornering tool.

21 {HM} [10,10] (10/0,-7/+8,+4/+8,+4) - NC. Good string since the 2nd hit is mid, but on block, the recovery is slower than the standard 12 string, so its matter of choice depending the follow up you’re planning.

f24 {HH} [12,26] (12/-6,-12/+3,KND/+3,KND) - NC. One of the best punishing strings in the game.

fb21 {MM} [12,24] (14/-12,-16/KND,KND B!/KND, KND B!) - fast long range punisher. First hit on its own will send opponent flying backwards. First hit can give a low W! splat. 2nd hit will B! if 1st hit connects. Good tracking.

db2 {M} [14] (*/-8/+3) - hold f after db2 appears to transition into SE.

db21 {MM} [14,9] (*/-8,-6/+3,+6) - excellent mid-mid string. Can work as an oki move to pick up back rollers of the ground. After a W!, it “raises” opp again, setting up another move, such as f+1+4. Safe.

b21 {MM} [12,20] (16/-7,-8/+4,+3) - good mid-mid string. Safe. Good push back. On CH gives falling over backward stun (I think d+1+2 is guaranteed after).

ff43 {LM} [16,24] (20~21/-30,-17/+5,-3) - Low to mid double kick. Does not KND no normal OR ch, although I believe the move is NC. Good damage, but has bad recovery on block (Lars stops moving if the first hit is blocked and has to recover). Used wisely, it becomes a powerful mix-up with ff+2, iWR3, and iSW.

d4 {L} [8] (*) - standard quick low kick from standing. Good quick poke tool.

**FC4 ** {L} [12] (*) - interestingly, Lars FC4 is different from his standard d4. Seems to have slightly longer range as well. Good poke and follow up move, especially after moves that leave Lars FC.

db4 {L} [21] (21/-20/+5/Float) - long range sweep. Risky due to being launch punishable by some character on block. Leaves Lars at FC after either hit or block. On CH, opponent is tripped/floated, and Lars’ WS2,1 is guaranteed. Still a great move however, and worth working into your game.

fff3 iWR version is an important move. {M} [36] (i18/+7/KND/KND) - iWR version is a superb setup move. Great block stun. Used at the right time, it can setup lars SS and DE games.

ub_u_uf:4 {M} [24] (20-21?/-9/Launch/Launch) - A glitch version of Lars’ uf4. It’s actually faster than the original version, possibly by as much as 5-2 frames. The better you execute it, the less Lars appears to turn around in order to execute the kick. The added speed makes it harder to anticipate, and thus, defend against.

f1+2 {M} [24] (15/-12/KND/KND) - Lars’ electic double palm. One of Lars’ best whiff punishers (SS~f+1+2). Creates a crumple stun on hit similar to Lili’s ff+2 in DR. On hit, follow up with db21 to float the opponent for a juggle.

FC df1+2 {LL} [12,12] (18/-12/+1/+1) - Lars’ two-hit low slash move. Very useful, and the damage is surprisingly good if both hits connect. Try to find ways to work this move into your game.

ws2 {M} [12] (13/-9(w/o transition),+2(with transition)/+2/+2) - Lars’ two-handed slash move (yes, he has lots of two handed slashes) that can transition into several options. Hold f to transition into SE, or hold d to transition into DE. The DE from WS2 is the only version in which Lars “spins back”, creating space, unlike the other DE transitions, wherein he dashes forward.

ws21 {MM} [12,20] (13/-9,-12/+2,+1/+2,KND) - NC. Lars does the two handed slash followed by what could be described as a forearm hammer swipe. Gives B!, 2nd hit KND’s on CH, forces the opponent into crouch on hit and block. -12 on block means the most an opponent can usually get is a WS4. Extremely effective and useful move.

uf3 {M} [14,25] (13-15/-21/Launch/Launch) - Lars’ equivalent of a shoryuken/dragon punch (except it’s a two kick move that looks similar to Chun Li’s d,u+k upkicks). Has weird high and low crushing ability, but is often vulnerable to fast mids (df1’s and df2’s) even while he’s performing the move. Unsafe against some characters, safe against others. Gives a fair amount of block stun, launches on hit, and has uses as an oki move: if an opponent back rolls, this move will float them (though IIRC, no combo is guaranteed after). If they lie prone, head up, feet toward, this will hit the feet. Also hits the capo’s out of their RLX stance. Used wisely, and it can be a great tool. Used with abandon, this move will be the reason why you lost. On hit, block, or whiff, Lars recovers crouching.

db13 {LH} [10,12] (17,*/-12,-12/-1,-4) - NC. Can transition into a FC if you tap d, or hold D. I don’t recommend transitioning into FC too often because Lars does it in a standing position (and stands in place).

f21 {HH} [12,9] (12/-6,-6/+3,+5/+3,+5) - Not sure if it’s NC or NCc. Can transition into SE if f is held when the 1 appears. Great move when followed with SE after a successful SS (opponent cannot turn fast enough to react to a SE1/3 or SE2 mix-up).

ff2 {M} [26] (21/-13/Launch/Launch) - hold f to transition into SE (the dash-under version). Fairly safe move when used wisely thanks to slight block stun. <12f moves will definitely hit it on block though. Mix up with ff43 and ff3+4 to setup opponent.

df2 {M} [20] (15/-9/+4/Crumple Stun) - Safe mid move with some frames that go under jabs. On CH leads to one of Lars’ most damaging combos. However, is very linear, which means it isn’t difficult to be ss’ed.

d2 {M} [19] (18/0/+4/+4) - downward elbow move. leaves opponent on FC when blocked or on hit, Lars recovers standing. Good for setting up Lars’ spacing strats.

db23 {MM} [14,18] (*/-8,-13/+3,0) - good move when used once in awhile (mix up with db21 and db2~SE). Gives good W! when used in a juggle.

db23 charged {MM} [14,30] (,?/-8,+8?/+3,Fall back stun) - not that great if your opponent knows Lars well, although the charging 3 can be released at any time. Non-delayed version is NC on hit though.

ff3 {M} [26] (17/-8/KND/KND) - lunging mid kick. safe, but fairly linear, and can be stepped without much difficulty. Better to use the fff3.

df3 {M} [18] (16/-7/+3/+3) - good, safe, quick mid kick. Hold d to transition into DE. Good keep away tool.

b34 {MH} [16,26] (19/-9,-12/+2/KD) - ::EDIT:: two kick move that hits mid then high. This string is NC. Very unsafe on block though , as the 4 is a slow H that can be ducked and punished by a slew of WS moves. Probably best used in a combo or a whiff punish.

ub_u_uf4 {M} [24] (25/-9/Launch/Launch) - Lars’ overhead kick. Looks extremely similar to Bryan’s orbital kick (which is uf4 as well). Bounce-launch on normal, setting up juggles, strong block stun, and B! if it hits an airborne opponent. However, the move is somewhat slow-ish, and quite linear. Leaves Lars open for launcher when whiffed.

1+2 {MM} [12,24] (15/-9,-10/+3,+3/+3,-3) - helpful 2-hit string. If you hold b when the first hit appears, Lars cancels out of the 2nd hit. Good for spacing setup strats.

ff1+2 {M} [24] (15~16/-11/KND/KND) - Long range elbow move. On CH, creates a “floor splat” that can be followed by a DE1 to float the opp into combo. Considered safe due to push back properties (except if Lars is the one cornered). Early frames seem to have high-crush properties.

df1+2 {M} [21] (24/+2/+4/+4) - Lars does a turnaround and downward slash with both hands. Good block stun, gives B!, and is often used as B! move when opponent is against the wall (because fb21 often whiffs if the opponent is at the wall). Start-up is slow, but the move is safe, and looks similar to Lars’ d+1+2 two-handed low slash move.

d1+2 {L} [30] (24/-20/KND/KND) - Lars’ two-handed low slash move. KND’s on normal. Good move when used with the right mixups. Hits grounded. A good choice after a successful SS~2.

db1+2 {M} [21] (26?/-10~11/+?/KND) - Lar’s duck-back-then-attack evasive move. Ducks highs, and the distance he steps back causes a lot of moves to whiff. On CH, it a similar crumple stun to Lars’ f+1+2, and the same combos can be used.

b1+2 {MM} [9,24] (21/-11/KND/KND) - much more useful than its frames suggest. Lars’ ducks under highs at the beginning of the move, and does a two-hit slash with his hands. Causes W! if there is a wall behind the opponent. Great move against any well-anticipated high attack.

**ff3+4 ** {LL} [13,18] (18~19/-16/0/0) - Lars “running” slide. Very useful on wakeup because of excellent tracking. Although unsafe on block, the move is hard to spot (as it appears that Lars is simply dashing forward normally), and tends to work quite well during offensive mix-ups.

ws1/iWS1 {M} [19] (15/-12/Launch/Launch) - Lars’ version of Bryan’s jet upper. Can transition straight into SE if you hold f after hitting the move. Excellent move if you can anticipate a high, but not a particularly fast move, so its punishment on block is extremely limited. Use WS21 to punish blocked moves to be sure.

**f1+4 ** {M} [33] (13/-18/KND/KND) - Lars’ shoulder ram. Fairly quick, KND’s on hit, and gives wall splat. Best used after post-W!

ss2 {M} [24] (25ish/-8/KND/KND) - Safe on block. KND’s on hit, and leaves the opponent right in front of you. A fairly low-hitting mid (has hit Law out of a slide), but has shown to whiff Chreddy’s in RLX. Still a good move, even if it “appears” slow.

d3+4 {L/grounded} [24] (?/-14?/-3?/-3?) - Lars’ stomp. Hold f to transition into SE.

111 {HMM} [8,12,20] (10/+1,,-12/+8,,+3CS/+8,*,+3CS) - last hit B! during juggle. Without juggle, last hit stuns opp into crouch. Can be used to setup other moves/evasions.

df33 {MM} [18,24] (16/-7,-20/+3,KND/+3,KND) - last hit is a “low” mid-hitting back flip kick that can catch back rollers. The block stun + back flip gap leaves Lars safe from some moves. However, anything <15 with good range WILL catch him on block, such as Paul’s DF.

f12 {HM} [12,13] (13/+3,+3/-8,-8) - string which can lead to SE by holding f when the 2 appears.

f123 {HMM} [12,13,24] (13/+3,+3,KND/-8,-8,-12) - string which can lead to DE by holding f when the 3 appears. Can be used after a low parry.

213 {HMM} [10,10,21] (10/0,-7,-12/+8,+4,KND/+8,+4,KND) - Last hit is not NC. Can be stepped. Even when blocked, the push back is barely there, so any move <12f will hit you. Best used after a successful SS/SW.

214 {HMH} [10,10,28] (10/0,-7,-4/+8,+4,KND/+8,+4,KND) - Last hit is not NC either. Can be ducked, but safe on block. Mix-up with 213 after successful SS/SW to scare opponents out of ducking/SS’ing.

3 {H} [19] (15/-12/+5/+5) - straight high kick. Very linear. Hold d to transition into crouch.

d31 {LHH} [9,6?,10?] (15/-14,-10,-18/-3,+6/-3,+6) - not exactly a great move, and quite unpredictable. Usually used as a show-off combo ender, as the last hit “tech throws” floating opponents, with hyper speed, but the damage is minute.

4 {H} [25] (18/-7/KND/KND) - not very useful. Safe but slow. Easily duckable, but gives W! on normal.

df4 {M} [19] (*) - standard mid-kick. No frame data available, but it feels slower than df3, and since df3 is safe, it probably is a better option than this one. Doesn’t KND on normal (or CH IIRC).

b4 {M} [24, on CH +29 more] (18/-8/+8/throw) - knee move that switches into a throw on CH. Safe but slow.

uf~n~4 {M} [30] (*) - generic jumping up kick. Hold UF for a high-jump version.

uf3+4,1 {L} [20] (?/-11/+?/+?) - Lars does his high front flip, which does no damage, then a low single-handed slash. Might surprise a beginner, but not much else.

**uf3+4,4 ** {M} [24, on CH +20 more] (?/-9/+?/+?) - Similar to the flip-to-slash move above, except Lars does a “stomp” from his flip. Hits mid. On CH, it turns into an auto-throw. Useful against Nancy and Azazel really.

b2+3 {M} [48] (80/Launch/Launch/Launch)- Lars unblockable. Unbelievably slow, and the damage is small, but launches the opponent way up into the air, across the entire screen. Could be fun to use in combo vids, but nothing else.

1+2+3+4,2 {M} [20 (24 since he’s in supercharged state)] (???) - Lars’ electric shoryuken. Works surprisingly well in some random instances due to weird evasive properties (he basically ducks down, spins slightly back, then leaps up… so he’s evading highs, short ranged mids, and lows, depending on the frame).

ws3 {H} [36] (20/+7/KND/KND) - KND’s on normal, and gives great block stun on block. Not very quick, but has surprising range. Can’t say the move is great because it’s still duckable, and can be launched by nearly all WS launchers on whiff, but if the opponent blocks it, it’s completely safe, and lets you setup off + frames.

ws4 {M} [19] (???) - generic WS4. Decent WS move, but Lars’ ws21 is a much better option. Although against characters that have some sort of punch parry/counter, which makes spamming WS21 risky, I do throw this in to throw off their timing. Seems safe.

From Stances
Dynamic Entry: (f+3)
DE1 {H} [16] (11/-4/+7/+7) - Lars does a high elbow. Excellent “float” move even if its high. Good when used as oki, and as a move intended to setup either a follow-up hit (DE12), or transition. You can transition into SE by holding f. Move is safe as well.

DE12 {HH} [16,24] (11/-4,-6/+7,KND/+7,KND) - Lars follows-up the elbow with a palm strike to the face. KND’s on hit, but in a juggle, gives a high wall splat. Also gives block stun. Good move, and helps DE1~transition mixups. I do believe the move is NC as well.

DE2 {M} [20] (17/-7/+7/+7) - Lars does a slow but low uppercut. Excellent for “picking up” opponents who are back rolling, and is a good way to start off combos that start with a fb21 standing hit. Safe move, but quite linear.

DE1+2 {M} [24] (12/-10/Launch/Launch) - Lars’ last two-handed slash move. Causes the same “bounce launch” as uf4 does, and so the same juggles work. Rather slow, but used post-high wall splat, it will give B!.

Silent Entry
SE1 {M} [32] (12/-10/KND/KND) - Lars’ dashing palm. Reminds you of Hei’s Palm. Gives wall splat, and has great pushback.

SE2 {L} [24] (22/-17/KND/KND) - Lars’s one-handed low slash move (see, I told you he doesn’t have any two-handed slashes left). KND’s on hit. Good mix-up with SE1 or SE3, but horribly unsafe.

SE3 {M} [24] (14/-14/Launch/Launch) - Lars’ jump kick. Launches on hit, and floats tech rollers. Will hit grounded opponents if

Saving Post for Juggles and Guaranteed Stuff

Lars Vids:

Good work, but a lot of the things you’re guessing on is wrong.

db1 is 17f not 12f, db13~d and ~D has no difference, both go into FC there’s no stance he goes to, he just spins before entering FC.

A lot of the work in the Lars forums on TZ was done by me, wouldn’t mind some credit here or there. Rather than copy and pasting.

Thanks for the db1. I couldn’t find the frames for that move. I’ll edit the db13 transition. Hold on, let me give credit where credit is due.

::EDIT:: Done. :wgrin:

Thanks :slight_smile:
Really appreciate it

All you need to know is u/f3 all day. Its unblockable and gives you health back. Plus the ladies love it.

Hi im a noob. havent played tekken6 yet. But compared to kazhow good is lars??

Compared to Kaz I would say that Lars is definitely a bit less likely to win, mainly due to lack of enough quick annoying lows and a lot of his moves being pretty unsafe on block. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.
You can definitely win with Lars though, you just have to play a lot smarter with him. If you know how to play Tekken you can really win with anyone though. Lars is a really cool character though, just not sure if he would be a n00b character.

Actually, they’re about even, with Lars having safer frames. They’re two of some of the strongest punishers in the game. Kaz has great wall pressure, Lars has great wall carry, etc. Each of them have their good and bad points, although Lars is safer frame-wise overall.

If you suck at spacing, don’t use Lars. If you suck at mix-ups, don’t use Kaz.

Lars has a special tackle break animation


lol like the old low parry except more angrier

I wonder if you can iSW right after that…

updated a few of the moves

What if you suck at both? Then who should you use? :confused:

Shin Akuma. :china:

Oh, wait…

Well, I think Lars would be the perfect character for me. I’m seriously thinking of dropping Feng and starting out with Lars, having Bruce and Feng as my back ups.

I’m wondering though, out the three, who is the most “complete” character?

None of them if you ask me. Bruce and Lars have top wall carry, but Bruce doesn’t have Lars’ spacing ability, and Lars doesn’t have Bruce’s low mix-up ability. Lars has better wall pressure than Bruce, but Bruce has fantastic oki, and Feng has great in-close mix-up + wall and combo damage and “reset” oki, but doesn’t have great wall carry.

IMHO, it really boils down to “what is my play style?”

To be honest, I can’t really tell my playstyle. It’s just whatever feels natural to me.

Well, I guess the other question is: who else do you play in other games?

e.g. I play Dictator in SF. Lars is similar in a Tekken sense. Create/cover distances very quickly. Punish hard. Pressure when you’ve got the opponent in the corner. And do a lot of avoid-and-counter tactics.

In that same sense, I use Akira in VF. Similar as well: space/punish. I’ve been waiting for a character like that in Tekken for a long time, and Lars is the closest feel-wise.

Everyone’s got a “natural” play style. I bet you just haven’t noticed yours.

I use Ryu, Abel and Dictator in SF4

Ryu and Alex in SF3

Ryu and Bison in ST

Goh, Brad and Akira in VF

And I use Testament in GG

Also, if it matters, I use Kyo, Iori, and Eiji/Orochi Yashiro/Takuma

The ONLY constants in that list are Ryu and Bison…everyone else is different I guess. I really just don’t notice my play style. I just do whatever I think is best at the moment.