The LAST 3rd Strike Tier Thread

So, there were 5~ other tier threads here. None of them really promoted discussion, none of them had people editing their original post, and most importantly not enough true discussion to change the tiers was taking place. Posting your opinion of the tiers means nothing if you don’t discuss it. This is a thread for DISCUSSION. I am not biased in my editing, an example would be Hugo. I repeatedly argue he should be mid, but where is he? Shit Bottom. Saddens me, but thats what was agreed on.

So discuss.

–Top Tier–
Chun Li

–High Tier–
Makoto (Debated from under Yun to bottom of High)

–Mid Tier–

–Low Tier–

–Bottom Tier–

These are the japanese’ rankings. Contest them if you so desire. Honestly, with a few exceptions, it looks pretty acurate. Someone PLEASE translate the page that this came from, so we know what all that other stuff says.

Akuma & Yang for High Mid.

And Yun is not 3rd.

Read the post, the order in the tiers is arbitrary. They’re assumed equal. And I agree with you, he’s not 3rd. I’m just gonna keep it alphabatized.

I don’t know about Akuma high/mid. I’ve NEVER seen him in a tournament, japanese or american, ever :frowning:

Also, Makoto borders on top tier.

last arcadia matchup chart read


urien is 8th because he has some somewhat bad mid-tier matchups like ibuki, otherwise he would be above yang imo he just kinda blows vs ibuki, slight disadvantage vs ryu and gouki

Too bad nobody ever scanned the actual matchup chart. I’m still hoping somebody does it.

Yeah exactly, same here.

Do you know which issue it is btw? Cause it might be easier for me to find it.

IMO though I’m not that good at this game.

Top (pretty good against at least have the cast): Ken, Chun, Yun, Makoto, Urien, Oro

Upper Mid (no really terrible matches): Dudley, Yang, Ryu, Elena

Mid (they have their flaws but they have their ways to get around them): Hugo, Remy, Akuma, Ibuki

Lower Mid (too risky): Alex, Necro, Q
Low: 12, Sean

That top tier is way too big, and oro is not top-tier. high-mid maybe, but he doesn’t have any consistant ways to force damage, he just waits for a close mp chance and does like 50% off of it.

I see some problems with that list…

  1. Hugo. He’s definitly not top-tier but he’s a solid mid. I see him in videos alot, Adolfo has won big tournaments with him. He’s a solid mid-tier. My opinion. CERTAINLY not twelve/Q/sean calibur bad.

  2. Urien. He shouldn’t be that low. The matchups that put him there arent matchups you’d encounter in a tourney unless you’re in a japanese ranking battle, and even then slim chances.

  3. Yang/Akuma too high. I hardly ever see either anywhere in japanese/american tournaments, and they aren’t very solid characters. Akuma is forced into turtling because of his stamina, but can’t because all he has for turtling are easily parryable fireballs. His combos, while decent, don’t make up for the horrid life. Yang has some potential on paper, but I don’t see it put to use that much. I’m not sure why, but it says something.

Link? I really wanna see some of him.

There were like 700 Akumas in the last Co-op cup

No idea, sorry. But when Buktooth first posted about it on Dec 21st, he said “taken from the newest issue of tougeki damashi (spirits). covers all games in this year’s SBO.”

I’m not going to post my personal list because it’s not that different from the Arcadia one. I agree with Urien being no better than high-mid.

Some random SBO tourney if you were looking for Yang

Tytyty. It was a close race between Yang and Hugo for my low-tier fun character, low-tier meaning not tournament-class upper tier. Yang can do some cool stuff, but he doesn’t have a tranny companion or 360 grabs, so hugo won :slight_smile:

… fuck. Another tier thread?

Yeah :frowning:

If any of the other tier threads were useful at all this wouldn’t be here. No one else would edit their main post, so it was a biased/dumb list with 10 pages of conversation that adds up to nothing. I’m trying to moderate this a bit, keeping things on track, and discussing characters before they are placed.

So the list is useful instead of garbage.

Sorry :frowning: I know tier threads suck, lol, stay tuned for my Hugo FAQ. That should be a much more interesting read.

Just cos people do well in tournaments with Hugo doesn’t mean that he’s mid tier. Otherwise, you better move up Q, cos someone made it to the SBO3 semi-finals with Q, and there’s a guy in the GamerVision Ranbats that sports a pretty mean Twelve.

I would say Oro is at the top of Mid or the bottom of High. His normals are some of the best in the game (high damage, high stun, high priority). He’s not top tier because he doesn’t have any nasty combos without landing Close Strong, but when he does he can consistantly do 50%+ combos (with meter).

And his taunt is fucking sweet.

Sean is the bottom of the barrel. I’d put him below Q and 12.

I am aware of both cases, however there is ONE good Q player and ONE good 12 player. Neither are good because of the character, both cases are amazing players playing bad characters and making it work. Hugo is pretty regularly used in tournaments, Adolfo winning alot is just the most popular example. There’s a japanese hugo that’s much better, and I see hugo in japanese tourneys quite a bit.

He’s not great, but he has alot of potential. Parry => 360 is very good for high level play, as people that can parry well change the way the fight goes. Gigas Breaker (Even though it’s not his best super imo) pretty much ends a round. He has a decent to good mixup game. He’s just slow, fat, and lacking combos. Mid tier imo.

12 has almost no combos really, no links, none of that. He has a very defined style of play, just does no damage, takes alot. Bad. He was my first character, I experienced it first hand, hehe.

Q simply doesnt have enough options, namely rushdown and range. All he can do is sit back, if he charges from half the screen or more away it’s GONNA get parried, and that’s his only “rush” move. He depends on his taunts and defense to turtle himself to victory, which is simply not an effective way to win. It shows :frowning:

Haha yeah, Sean is teh bottom. Although, when in pink and using basketballs, some would say he’s top tier. Top tier in fashion.

As for oro, I’m torn. He has SUCH a good combo, and such good potential, the problem is making it work. Good players know how to shut him down and he can’t do what he should. Oro has some nuts priority, I have two friends who play Ibuki/Oro, and the Ibuki jumped in the air to use SA1 on Oro’s wakeup, as he had like a pixel of life. Oro did his EX uppercut and it went right through ibukis super, half-done, and knocked her out of the air. I was like hoooly crap, wtf just happened?

He’s like, alot of potential that is too easy to shut down. If he had more than one way to go into chicken combo that could effectively high/low mix it up, he’d probably be top tier. But he doesnt :frowning:

Akuma was all over Co-op cup 4.

Akuma, Alex, Yang, Hugo, Oro should go in mid imo. They could move slightly up maybe though.

Necro and Ibuki should be in Low.

I don’t think Oro is top tier, by a long shot. I would put him at the top of mid-tier. He’s a great character, but like you said, his basic stuff is too easy to shut down. Oro players have to be really creative. And I think that there needs to be an element of Makoto randomness there, too (i.e. if everyone knows you’re going to go for a Karakusa, you’re not going to land it).

Dirty Music is a great example of a great Oro player. In the 3rd (4th?) match of last year’s Co-Op cup, he busts out some crazy shit. Things like launching an EX fireball full-screen and then super-double-jumping so that the opponent can’t see it. Using EX chicken kicks from full screen to chip damage.

Characters like Q, or Twelve, have to be played to perfection in order to win at all. Characters like Oro can get by with normals and lucky close Strongs alone, but that stuff’ll get shut down by a top tier player every time.