The Last Blade 2

Usually whenever I played this game, I never really got into seriously, bothered to learn moves, or the system, until yesterday after playing a fun match with some random person. I took a moment to go over a guide and learn all the moves for Lee, and I quickly got into this game. It’s like Garou:MOTW went back in time almost! I wish I discovered how great this game plays earlier!

If anyone wants to play, hit me up sometime on Anti3d, Godweapon, ya know, the usual places.

I really wanna learn this game actually. I might hit you up for some action sometime.

The game sucks online, because it focuses alot on countering, blocking fast high/low mixups, and doing strict-timing link combos (if using power). Online delay will pretty much destroy any meaning in the matches.

That’s a bunch of crap.
If I can do all that shit on keyboard, then I’m sure others can too.
As long as the person you’re playing has under 80-90ms, none of that stuff is really an issue. The only thing I consider relatively impossible online is consistently hitting stuff like Kaede’s :l::snka: :r::snkc: or Kagami’s :d::snkc: :l::snka::snkc:.

You played the game seriously for less than 2 weeks. I hardly think you should be commenting much on how it plays.

If anyone wants to learn the game, I’ll be happy to give out some pointers, you can usually find me on GodWeapon, but for god’s sake, there are FAQs out there with movelists. Don’t ask me to teach you moves.
I also have an advanced system FAQ and a few character FAQ’s up in the Other Games section of the forum.
The game definitely has its problems, but that has more to do with a broke ass combo system than anything. It’s also one of those games where aside from a few characters, tiers are relatively unimportant, which is nice.
I’d say the main issue with the game is the lack of mid-level players. Everyone is either a complete scrub, or they completely destroy you, and a lot of the really good players seem to have abandoned kaillera completely over the years.

Isnt this one of the games SNKP is bringing to xbox live soon?

The Srk wiki has the same stuff up as well so check that out.

You can look for me at godweapon, Anti3d, and sometimes the mayfield server. True links are hard to do online (hell, offline sometimes as well) but the game still runs pretty well and can be quite fun.

Nice to see this game getting a bit more exposure.

Thats why I only play with players with low ping to avoid stuff like delay and junk. I’ve had a pretty good time playing LB2 online, if not much more than Garou:MOTW or RBFF2. You say it sucks online because it focuses alot on counters, blocking mix-ups, etc. That is all pretty important stuff in any fighting game I’d think, online or offline

Anyways, I’ll look forward to having some matches with you Kyokuji. I’d like to see some really experienced styles of play in LB2. I’ll also take a gander at your FAQ, although I’ve mostly been relying on the Wiki that SRK has setup and a short move list I got off gamefaqs to start off with. I’d like to play with you has well Coocoos, maybe we can be training partners.

Lol, the wiki is just my FAQ copied and pasted.
The FAQ itself does have links to a few character FAQ’s though.

When I went to go read your faq, I noticed that, I was like “Hey…this is the wiki…”. Great job writing it anyways, it was really helpful. I just hope to see some work put into the Lee sub-section sometime. Lee rocks like crazy, it’s like Kim Kaphwan shaved his head, subdued himself in isolation at a shaolin temple, and began prancing around with Mai Shiranui’s fan in the most ass kicking way imaginable.

I also like how Lee has moves named Ryu Tsu Sen and Ryu Shou Sen, those were the names of Kenshin’s (Rurouni Kenshin) two most used techniques.

From what I can tell, he seems to be Wong Fei Hung mixed with the lead character from the “Flame of Recca” anime.

This is good game. I saw it for first time because the rom. till today, I´ve never saw it in arcades (I mean, just this game, multiplex do not count)

Well, it´s another game to add to favorites :stuck_out_tongue:

An open invitation to any Last Blade 2 players. Are you all hiding somewhere?

I’m usually on Godweapon, DaRoms, or Reps weekday evenings looking for a game
my username is Mushishi Ginko.

Feel free to PM me

Feel free to message me whenever for games Mushishi. You got my IM, but we haven’t played in a while.

I wish I could get better at LB2. Looks like I’ll always be in the Complete Scrub category. :sad:


Bobo told me he played you on kaillera a few days ago. Does this mean that you’re back in business on Godweapon, or did you meet on some other server? Either way I’ll message you one of these days. It’d be interesting to play on LAN anyway.

I try to mostly play on a private server since I’ve notice how completely different it is compared to public servers, but I can usually only get games with people on IRC, and the only IRC channel that’s close to LB2 is the Vampire IRC channel…

Someone create a LB2 IRC channel?

Well its possible… BUt people would actually have to show up

Edit: The room name is #lastblade2 On efnet

We played on my private server. Hit me up whenever.

After a bit of searching I can’t find your IM.

I’m never on chat so it’d be pointless for me to send you my info… PM me okay?

this game and cs and garou ftw