The Last Gen Forum, Lets Keep It Alive



I was surfing the web for other “active” Gen forum but it seems SRK is the only one left. why is that?


Gen is already a rare character and especialy rare to be discussed on forums. Srk is one of the biggest. That’s why i guess.


I never found any other Gen forum in all these years…


that is so sad. maybe I create a Gen site lol!


i try, but i hate posting info without feedback.

makes me feel like keeping whatever tech for my eyes only


dude, I know how you feel Amigo. pls post I will feed back ya I promise


The MOST PUMPING song I have heard
will use it for my next Tourney entrance lol!



If you’re going to want to keep this part of the forum alive, it needs a plan.

1. Put it all together.
There’s a bunch of everything (strategies, match-up discussions, general stuff) cluttering around throughout the board. I can’t find the stuff I really need and just like the majority I rarely use alien technology like the “search function”. Putting everything in the right place might help.

2. Is there enough to talk about?
I know we differ on some thoughts (how effective shenanigans are, setups, the chinese grampa theme) and basically discuss tournament performances throughout the world while the most obvious and important thing, matchups, is talked about the least. I once had 25% of the list ready, but stopped wondering if people cared enough about it with all threads randomly popping up. That Gen vs Ryu thread stopped getting regular replies around May, with only 1 post a month now. Shows that kind of interest we have in developing our character. What I did like in that thread, was that it showed the general approach to the match. I have no idea if I agree with all that, but the approach is cohesive and more than the “got this happening? use Ultra X” we currently have in the matchup thread. I was thinking of taking these styles of posting together:

Bullet points for the basic info, such as "Super through fireball X, cross-up Oga after move Y"
Example: AE matchup: Gen vs Ryu

And more of a descriptive style for everything that could happen during the flow of a match, from getting that first knockdown into an ambiguous setup to staying surviving in the corner. In some cases useful footsies to bait the most obvious of moves. And the counters to them.
Example: AE matchup: Gen vs Ryu

If/When I post it (within one month), everybody is free to discuss and make changes since the entire community could have solid info, not just top Gen players. It’s a template that I’m not going to argue much about if it’s for the sake of improving overall Gen play. With some help I’d happily copy/paste current info on the forum under the right sections so we can finally compare pieces of info and remove the outdated versions.

3. Why so serious?
There’s general discussion, but there’s nothing general about it, only Gen :stuck_out_tongue: I assume we don’t play SSF4:AE 24/7? If you got amusing stories about the other night at the club (pics?) that aren’t too embarrassing to share, go for it!


Totally gonna try Gen today after work. My only experience with him is I think I picked him by accident once in A2

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yay. cool


Hello, im new to AE as a tourn player (marvel player)

someone could link me updated gen stuff? theres alot of outdated videos/tech


check out the gens beginner thread and do my recommendation


A Gen bible would be great. The Makoto players already work on that. A thread is fine, too.


no one will ever make that


This feels kind of silly but: Why? Because it’s like four times as much work as with other characters?


Because Makoto by design has high rewards for her risk, and Gen does not. You cant tell people a proven method to play Gen, if we produced one we would have to leave out a lot of high risk, low reward setups. We might also have to include consistent setups with a chart depicting whom they work on. (Oga crossups, extended combos)


exactly my point. even I myself have a bible of some sort and honestly its mind boggling sifting through the barrage of info. Although I am working on something but I will need the help of everyone on it.


There may be no proven method but chunks of advise with a certain amount of success rate. I imagine it like a book about chess.
Maybe it’s what Ugo has up his sleeves.


my sleeves is short now that my PC is bad, unless you help me repair it lol!