The last guilty gear?

I think i read here, and i couldn’t find any interview or anything else, that said that apparntly arc was going to abandon the guilty gear franchise, and the last one they were going to make (even then i think it’s outsourced) was Overture for 360. After that they were going to make new IPs.

am I wrong anybody have this interview, or are they still working on guilty gears?

any help would be nice,


Guilty has been shot in the head.

BlazBlue son, welcome to 2008.

OP: you are about a year too late.

Ishiwatari said that the 2D GG isn’t over. They plan to work on both 2D and 3D series.

I keep hearing the rumor that “Arc System Works doesn’t own the rights to Guilty Gear anymore”. Though no one has ever proved it but they claim their word on it. If they are making a 2D GG I’d expect them to be making XXX with HD sprites.

it was pure b.s.(as i arleady told you dencore), you can find the interview on dustloop

This is a big fat myth that is proven false. I have a lot of connections with the company and let’s just say that this isn’t the last. You’ll see proof in the months to come…

-Tha Hindu

From last month. Sega only published one of the games (Slash) and AC was published by ArcSys themselves.

Don’t worry.


GG needs a huge graphical lift. Compared to BB it looks bad.

Obviously. BB was designed with HD in mind.

Guilty Gear XXX to surpass the sprite quality of King of Fighters XII confirmed.

Guess I shouldn’t be so gullible with rumors. Now all that is left is the King of Fighters XII roto-scope fiasco.

The only reason I’m confused is that Blazblue exists, and with similar characters to some degree. I’m not really sure why they’d bother “resetting” things in the first place if they were just gonna come right back to Guilty Gear buuuut whatever



Nothing about BlazBlue suggests that it plays exactly like Guilty Gear, but with different characters other than them sharing the same developer.

So it’s not like BlazBlue and Guilty Gear can’t coexist or anything

Did you play BB yet? I doubt you have.

yes Dencore

Oh I don’t doubt that it’s possible that they can coexist, I just think that it seems at least slightly redundant. I’m not saying that they’d be identical but they’re sure as hell similar.

How would that even make sense? GG2: Overture ends with the words “To Be Continued…”

Also, an Overture is a music piece that is played before the main event. Like at the start of an opera.

P.S. To those that haven’t played it. GG2 is awesome…just not a fighting game. The fighting system is like Dynasty Warriors, just with 10x more options.

BB has some of the gayest looking character designs. That’s the biggest gripe I have about that game.

Most say GG is an anime based fighter when this game has all the arch-types of current BAD anime.

I’ve played with quite a few and I stand by my statement.

^ out of curiosity, mind explaining what makes you say that?