The last guilty gear?

Well. i dont know guys… at least for me Blaz Blue is some tyoe of “GG: Mark of the Wolves” or “Guilty Gear Third Strike”, is the same game but with some type of Sol/Ky sons (i mean, Ragna the Bloodedge and Jin Kisaragi are totally the same shit) and the gameplay seems “similar but more technical”, but thats just me… i can live without a new GG, at least for now.

Blazblue to me looks like a system reset. They had to move into the world of HD anyway, so it means creating new sprites from scratch nearly. It sounds easy just to take old art and create new hi res art over it, but anyone following the making of SF HD Remix knows this isn’t true.

But yes, onto my main point. Arc has spent so many years adding onto and refining GGX that it’s perhaps not so wise to create GGXXX. Take GG characters and slap them with the new mechanics and I think things start to get messy. Even if you just took accent Core and what… 12 characters much like the new KOF? Do people really want this?

I think the new IP was the right choice. Guilty Gear came out of no where but built a steady following in the West. With it’s reputation behind it, I think BB will pull in a few people on the fringes who were intimidated/cbf about learning GG and allow newcomers to learn along with everyone else. Aksys have done such a great job hyping it outside of Japan by making it available to the community. I don’t even live in the US but I’m impressed.

That said, even with the Sega rumour, Guilty Gear makes money. Probably good safe money. I can’t even speculate what hellfromabove is alluding to being announced soon, but I fully expect a BB vs GG game sometime in the distant future… and thats the very least of my expectations.

i really belive that the new gg will be anounced in 5 years or maybe a little more (after all BB is the mainstream game for the moment), i have the feeling that bb is some sort of middle step between GGXX and the next gen GG, of course, im hyped about BB, even when i feel that the chars desing arent too original, they look solid to me, and with all the stuff in BB im pretty sure that it will be a succes

Guilty Gear (or BlazBlue for that matter), to my knowledge, was never based on any anime, although I’m sure the reverse is true. I don’t think many people play these games for the plot, unlike watching animes.

To each his own about the character design. I can appreciate the originality of these games that is sorely lacking in videogames generally speaking. I for myself rather have unique character designs like those in BB/GG, rather than certain 3D Fighters which based their designs based on a particular fondness for the human body, and not much more; or based on martial arts celebrities.

This is a sad argument that really needs to be put it to rest. We as american gamers realize that our way is not necessarily the right way (or the only way) of doing things. Saying that a certain design feature is ‘gay’ because it’s not what we’re accustomed to shows narrow-mindedness and ignorance.

That statement also doesn’t make sense.

We won’t be seeing another GG for a long time, ArcSys is still promoting BB and is going to promote it for a while.

Even though they do play similar, BB has more depth than GG. In GG you can easily connect chain combos with every character doing crounching chains and standing chains. In BB it doesn’t work that way. Some characters than easily chain combos while others can’t chain at all. Litchi is one example, she can chain combos without her staff, but when she has her staff she can’t chain combos at all, well she can’t chain crouching attacks.

Heck yes. I thought I was the only one who thought of this. The game needs to be made just because this title is wayyy too good to pass up. I could rest happily if it was considered the penultimate, final version.

more people should be playing overture. its really fun. dr. paradigm is my new favorite character.

ride the lightning

also anyone who doesn’t believe that ky banged dizzy probably hasn’t actually played the game. [/details]

i don’t think just cause you can’t chain together combos as easily makes the game more in depth than guilty gear. people are still gonna find the basic bread and butter combos. all that really means is you can’t mash crappy combos. true depth will be seen when the game officially comes out and people really get to experiment with the characters, and start discovering set ups, traps and mix ups. I’m just as excited about the game as well but i wouldn’t proclaim anything just yet.

Yeah, what the hell does that have to do with depth? But it’s nice to differance. We won’t know which is deeper till it gets some serious community play.

Anyways I think we’ll see a new Guilty Gear announced in the next year – after the BB hype slows down. It’s “free money” and AC leaves a good amount of room for improvement. I’d be reallty surprised if they did something like a graphical overhaul or anything.

We’ll see HD GG sprites when ASWs vs ASWs comes out (ASWs Fighting Evolution? D:) :stuck_out_tongue:

no dencore

lol I couldn’t resist

for me it’s ok, let the series rest for a while. Work on bb instead, get experience with HD sprites.

Guilty Gear XXX?

Is that the one where I-no fights with her shirt off and Ky goes to Ride The Dizzy?

…sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m all for more Guilty Gear. I love the series and think a genuinely new one is in order. I’m kind of sick of XX and its sequels/offshoots.

That was just one example of how players has to really experiment with characters since its not too easy to start with just by thinking any character can easily chain combos like GG.

Litchi and Carl are great examples. I played as those two characters all night at Laguna Hills Tilt and I can see why those two characters are going to be the hardest characters to master since they require a lot of experimenting in since its difficult to combo with them.

Oh yeah, Litchi does not play anything like Jam, she reminds me more like B. Jennet from MOTW!

i hope you all come to TGA when we get blazblue maybe everybody will get good fast

haha i can’t wait for a GGXXX,
they just need to fix the story :S
and all the plot twist

  1. Believe.

I don’t think “Gulity Gear XXX” would translate very well into google for those of us who have to consider what is ‘work safe’ when online!

X3. Which is funny in it’s own right.

There are rumors of a new GG announced by the end of the year, but nothing official by anyone so far. At the moment ArcSystems is definitely focusing on BB, so far it’s looking great.

BB has high resolution sprites, but it looks pretty bad compared to GG IMO, especially when it comes to character designs and art.