>>The Last of the New Jerseyians: NJ vs NY 1<< - Dunnellen, NJ - 06/28/08 Results

Allowed C.N.Wolf to use format, first to 15 points:

Final score, NJ: 5, NY: 15

R.Sigley leading team NJ with 3 points, off of Arthur, Merdoc, Amir
ShadedWolf following for 1 point off of Snakeshotpeople
Backfire was missing in action, Blacksyde Phil instead, 1 point off of Amir

Rudy 0 points
Gbursine 0 points


Doug/Buck’s replacement didn’t play


ShadedWolf vs Merdoc: 7 to 3

ShadedWolf vs Snakeshotpeople 4 to 7


With the exception of some very heavy shit talking from NY the first hour or so, including unauthorized coaching, the event went smoothly afterward and was enjoyable.

Stick on the right side and start button needs to be examined, at times the controls would bug out - not putting down team NY’s accomplishments as they are good players - and characters would taunt or simply not block. This needs to be fixed as it takes away from any possible win or loss.

Interest in another event is high, and shall be determined at a later time (most likely after 3 weeks or so) anyone is invited to join, we will use a different team tournament setup next time (as this one was extremely time consuming) feel free to post interest here.


For next time:

ShadedWolf vs C.N.Wolf first to 7 confirmed

ShadedWolf vs J360 first to 7 a possibility.

Note I’m going to limit myself to accepting one first to 7 per session… it’s way too tiring to play so many games but I played anyway.


Edit If anyone else wants to play first to 7 feel free to post here but it may take awhile.

yea actually i went 3-1 not 2-2

i beat amir, merdoc, and arthur

and lost to josh 360

and i think phil beat amir

gg everyone

for ny:
merdoc went 4-1 lost to me
josh360 went 5-0
arthur (chaosnightwolf) went 4-1 lost to me
amir went 2-3 lost to me, phil, and shadedwolf

shadedwolf went 1-3 lost to merdoc, josh360, arthur
rudy went 0 for 4 lost to everyone
gbursine went 0 for 4
rsigley went 3-1 lost to j360
goodbye aka phil johnson aka aka went 1-3 lost to merdoc, josh360, arthur

Edited, good shit.

On rules and manners:

This was the first time and the rules were not foolproof so I’ll be lenient but keep in mind:

If next time someone violates the rules it’s not going to be tolerated. On shit talking and being respectable I was lenient but some of you really crossed the line the first hour. A little is tolerable but this went beyond little to excessive. Don’t like the rules don’t come and play it’s that simple. This was supposed to be a friendly experience not “harass random people you don’t know”.

Next time if anyone tells you to stop and you keep talking you automatically get penalized one point. If you become a habitual repeater you automatically become disqualified. And yes this is specifically to you C.N.Wolf you were the wolf in sheep’s clothing. If you want this to become a classless yelling match go somewhere else. You lost your fair share of games no one was there to start yelling at you so watch your behavior and keep it in check.

Very sorry i could not be there, something very important came up and i could not put aside, i was hopin u guys would have an extra there, and i guess it’s good i didn’t go if from what i was reading u guys were yelling and shit, no reason for any of that shit, if anyone wants to play we can play thats cool but i don’t enjoy that get in someone’s face shit, if u got a fued with 1 person u keep it to u and that 1 person and let the game do the talking not the mouth, hence the reason i never speak about me being good, unless im talkin about smackin around frantastic in marvel lol. but anyway gj to both sides and maybe we can do it again and ill prob be there for sure, just today somethin came up and couldn’t pass like i said. very sorry for both sides that i did that.

dude next time bring it to light while were there, dont wait till everyones gone to post it up. Im pretty sure that if we establish that while we’re there in person it would hold more ground. And arthur wasnt coaching merdoc, at most he told him to be safe or jump up back. Merdoc won on his own, its pretty hard for him to focus on the match and listen to someone coach him at the same time so we wouldn’t talk to him much anyway. Next time theres a problem bring it up while the problem is occurring. I dont remember anyone telling him to stop, if anything rudy made it worse every time he was talking shit on the sidelines.

People did bring it up but I guess you guys didn’t hear or didn’t care. It doesn’t help when there happened to be like 20 other game tournaments going on at the same time. My whole point is there is no need to go up to a person when they whiff a move and yell at them “good fucking job you dumb fuck.” I mean seriously… a lot of the matches on a whole were pretty close and everyone knew what was up.

You’re only going to push people away from playing, a little hype and trash talk is ok but it really became excessive. I even reposted the whole manners and rules thing twice in the other thread. And it was ignored. And again like I said I was lenient with it and let it go. But for next time it’s going to be enforced.

Do you want to do a first to 7? (after I have mine with c.n.wolf?)

trash talking is fine with me

i don’t care call me anything, i know you’re not serious and just joking around

and if you’re serious who cares its just words

rofl well… i guess we have two choices:

  1. Go ALL out everyone be insulting (I’m serious lol)

  2. Just be civilized…


good shit to my jersey brothers and good shit to them ny cats.

except merdoc.


The score was 15-3, the wins sigley got were in the casual afterwards when we decided to let Amir finish his matches.

I’ll do whatever I please. I really like how you try and address the situation online and not to my face. Secondly, I really like how you totally ignored the fact that when I would tell Rudy he sucked at marvel he would respond “Fuck you nigga” or “Shut the fuck up nigga”

On top of that you tried to call us out on trash talking/coaching after you lost your first match and tried to negate our win.


Also, you comment on me losing my fair share of matches? I lost 1 set to sigley and didn’t lose a single round to any of your other players. Secondly, you beat me like 3 games on the cab with the fucked up sticks? What happened in the 4 out of 7 we played right before I left? I beat you 4-0. I lost a total of about 6 matches the entire night.

Post the fuckin truth too. You and Murdoc played two first to sevens. The first one was 7-3 Murdoc and the other you won 7-3 I believe. Stop trying to bump up NJ’s score. You’re entire team got raped.

u guys r too sensitive about shit talk. Do u know that if u went to any major for marvel the shit talking is a 100 times worse than what arthur probably did. I mean come to a China town tournament and god forbid if u lose the match all hell will break loose. I dont really c it as such a big deal.

Amir raped Dooody Ruuudddy. Msfraaay much???

Good Shit NY and NJ. But real talk Marvel has had shit talk for years. Its never really serious its just making fun of the players. Sometimes it does get outta hand haha. But it just comes with it. Good shit Sigley, Gbursine, and NY crew. I don’t think shaded wolf will win against josh that IM is Smokin Sick Style :rofl:. Any videos?

I had fun. I don’t care. glad i could put names to faces that I see @ almost every tourney. will halfto step up my game.

on another note. fuck ddr kids.

Rudy getting “PERFECTED” was the highlight.

:rofl: Niggas complaining about shit talking in MARVEL?! New generation gone soft? :rofl:

C.N.Wolf are you serious? If you want to look like a dumbass online go for it.

I played merdoc immediately after i played the first to 7 with snake. Then I played you for a couple games afterward. Tell me where suddenly another “first to 7” popped out from because it certaintly didn’t happen with all the other players wanting to play.

I did get up in your face, but you’re a fucking low class faggot. Remember “Yeah you can’t control what I do NIGGA!” I’m not your mom if you’re going to act like a dumbass that’s your problem. So far you’ve proven yourself to be classless and NOT a man of his word. If I had known you would have been a douchebag in person (after sweettalking online) I would have not let you come. Before the tournament you lost 2 games in a row to me. Afterward on the other cabinet you lost another 4 to me. Nice try trying to hide the fact.

I already told amir/merdoc that I would only play 1 first to 7 because I already was really tired after 3 hours of play, but I played anyway just for fun. Then you come along and start begging me to play another first to 7 when I already told you i’m exhausted. You beg me like 3x in front of sigley before you stop. I feel sorry for you and ask you if you want to play some casuals and save the first to 7 until next time. You said yes.

Even if you count the 2 wins from the tourney along with your +4, that’s 6 to 6. That’s an even score. Look at you, sad man jumping up and down like a monkey shit talking to even barely scrape by a few wins. Sad.

Oh yeah, and enjoy those free wins you got b/c the right side was fucked as hell. Case in point i’m holding down lp to open as cable vs amir and cable starts taunting. Go watch the videos if you’re too shameless to remember and see me get “unblockabled” by random shit and characters out of nowhere.

EDIT And I forgot, I believe I beat you once in the tournament also, so that’s really 7 to 6. LOL