>>The Last of the New Jerseyians: NJ vs NY 1<< - Dunnellen, NJ - 06/28/08 Results

word LOCK…the old days r gone and the future looks weak…we can’t allow this…lol

i sdon’t remember begging, i just remember him asking you once to play which you said you wanted to do in the original thread and you saying you were too tired or something

oh one funny thing too was i think there was more NJ people talking trash to shadedwolf and rudy than NY

Incorrect incorrect. Your memory is all off. Show me where in the original thread where I said I wanted to play C.N.Wolf for 1st to 7.

The only person shit talking in NJ side was Mac

“Do you want to…” = 1x

“Come on man…” = 2x

“Why, why not?” = 3x

lol shit talking is hype.

people shouldn’t take it to heart or anything.

marvel is hype.

Well Shaded I’m not going to go into some long winded post about what you said. NJ can vouch for me and what happened.

  • You did not get in my face, you simply shouted from behind the other players that you could not control me. I simply responded “You damn right you can’t”. You ended it right then and there. I’m sure RSigley can vouch for this

  • Do not call me a low class faggot. All the trash talk I did was kept inside marvel. I was completely polite to you whenever we were talking about anything outside of marvel. So I don’t know where this whole “Arthur is a douche” thing is comming from.

  • I’m not a man of my word? I said I would be respectable and that is exactly how I was. Since when is trashing talking in marvel being unrespectable? No one in the entire arcade thought I was dis respectful besides you.

  • Stop counting every single marvel win you get. It’s pathetic. I beat you when it mattered and didn’t lose a single round to your entire team besides sigley. The 4 games you won on the small cab were just in casual, and I had already confirmed both sticks were bad. When we switched to a cab with good sticks you lost 4-0. When it mattered, I beat you 2-0, I don’t really care about the rest of the matches

  • I only asked you once to play the first to 7 and you said you were tired because I was yelling at you and you had already been playing. After you said no I said “Ok” and continued my conversation with sigley. He can vouch for this.

Anyway, I’d like to ask Bay6 (Phil), RSigley and GBursine to tell exactly what they heard/saw. I’m sure they will all confirm everything I said.

On a very serious note, because you are trying to take the authority over the marvel players. I’m banning you from all future CF tournaments as well as any tournaments the NY players play at the break. I’m the authority now. I’m sure no one will want you to enter anyway. NJ please ban ShadedWolf from all your future tournaments. Any future NY vs NJ events will go one without ShadedWolf unless one of our NY players want to play him.

All future discussion on the subject will be in this thread.


Good day.

lol? mad salty. first you say “I didn’t say anything” and now you say something different. your credibility is dropping fast. And you show how low class you are, you are a low class faggot. What did you want me to do punch you in the face? Is shouting not enough? If you want a thugging loving life that’s your problem. This is a game. I said this SO MANY TIMES. It’s a game. I see you have nothing to say about your other lies (like 2 first to 7’s with merdoc).

i’m a fair and objective person. I state the facts and that’s it. i’m sorry that you have to live in your fantasy land where you not only lie to yourself, but then continue to not admit fault when your contradictions are pointed out.

You can’t have it both ways. you’re trying to count the casual games you won, but they you don’t count the casual games I won? You tell me to stop “counting every win I get” yet you’re the one who started counting (and wrongly) in the first place? LAUGH OUT LOUD for real. You’re getting a boner over 4 games “that count” that are casuals where I’m already tired out? LOL!!!

I haven’t been trying to treat you like a child, but since you’re determined to act like one I have to point this out. Why do you think the fifth person dropped out when he was THERE. This was supposed to be a fun friendly event and you turned it into this bullshit. He didn’t even want to play with you guys anyway with every other word being “dumb fuck” or “good one asshole” etc. etc. Do you need to be told that you’re an asshole to stop OH WAIT “You damn right I can’t” right???

LOL! You know why it hurts so much? Because every thing I write is the truth. LAUGH OUT LOUD FOR REAL! I’ll accept your 1st to 7 dodge as well cleverly disguised as a SHADED IS TRYING TO TAKE OVER THE MARVEL COMMUNITY. Do you know how fucking stupid you sound? Small man, small man. You broke the rules, trashed talked excessively, and are a hypocrite and liar.

Damn Banning people what r u a Mod…lol. Anyways though im not gonna ban some one from a tourney…if they wanna spend their money to enter then let them. Dude come to a china town tourney…read the thread it has the time and the day. Oh yeah i never start on time so get at me 4 that. I start when mostly everyone has shown up. If u got beef bring it here since they went to u the first time, u should meet them at home. Hope to c u there

I got respect for you Liston. You know how I am, I didn’t start any shit when I was with you and if you did something good I was like “good shit or good game” at ECC 12.5.

If this is the way the marvel community is going to be it’s really sad. People can say whatever they want but the truth is there. If someone is going to say “shaded sucks” that’s fine, but then you’re shitting on everyone else I beat. People break the rules, harass players then try to make it look like they are being wronged.

This has become everything BUT marvel.

I lost to amir 4-7 but beat merdoc 7-3. I said this before I’ll say it again, I’m a fair and objective person. These are the facts. I didn’t lord over anyone in the tourney after a win, and when I beat merdoc in the 7-3 MSP vs scrub i shook his hand and asked him if things were cool. We made amends and here I find online I’m getting shit talked? OK. Same thing with amir, I beat him in the tournament “where it counts” I didn’t lord over him. Shook hands made amends. I’m tired as fuck but we do this anyway what happens what do I see online I’m getting shit talked too.


ShadedWolf, you’ve disrespected me more than I can tolerate. We will no longer communicate with each other. Please do not refer to me in any of your future post. If you ever see me in person again, do not talk to me or talk about me. I’m asking you politely. This ends here.

Any future reference to me will be considered disrespect. Please don’t disrespect me. I’m not asking for a lot.


I’m sorry that you feel that the truth is disrespectful while,

  1. Jumping like a monkey and yelling shit.
  2. Lying about results and facts
  3. Being a hypocrite
  4. Cursing out random players (i’m not even including myself)

is considered not “disrespectful”

Don’t make double posts and new threads to entertain yourself and your lies. Refer to your “fantasy post” for the reply in question. Thanks for forfeiting the 1st to 7 you requested.




yea sadly this was best i didn’t show up LOL shit talk is cool like i said it just pends on how u do it.

Son ur Blackheart and CC are hot trash u better bust out that CE Guile :rofl:

See its shit talk like that come on if you have never been to any type of major then you should just stick to playing marvel locally cause i can bet that when NY came it was proly not too much hype since it was just 5 of them. It coulda been alot worse haha. I woulda proly teamed up with NY just to trash talk on some NJ ppl aka rudy and dean.

This whole thing was blown out of proportion, it was NO WHERE near as bad as your making it seem shaded, shit talk is a normal part of marvel, get used to it if you plan on getting any better or playing better people. The marvel community is not going to change for you, any major you go to will be about 100 times worse than arthurs shit talking. And at the end of the day the shit talk is about the game, no need to take it to attacks on someones characteristics. If you think arthur is bad im glad i didnt bring smoothviper or any of the other NY players, Shit talk is what keeps marvel hype and fun, its only when you take it personal that it turns into something totally rediculous.

PS: never count casuals towards any sort of record, they mean absolutely nothing to anyone. And from what im reading arthurs post is 100% legit. Ill forfeit my 1st to 7 for no money as well, its not worth my time. The day you or anyone else from jersey wants to play for money then let me know and i’ll be down, if it doesnt make sense then just go look at the price of gas and see why i say this.

looks like there isnt gonna be another ny vs nj anytime soon haha

pish posh i laugh back at u, it’s because i know u , theres a diffrence, but like i said it just pends on how the person does it as well, in my case u know how good/not good i am in marvel like who i can and can’t beat ect, i was gunna go for shits and giggles, not to prove a point, i just wanted to go for the experience possibly get a lil better thats all + no one else in NJ was gunna go. I just got tangled up by the gf + i haven’t seen her in like 2 months almost so had to spend time where was needed. but ill play any of those guys anytime , doesn’t mean ill win but for the fun of it ill do it if they ask. and yes fran the Ce guile or any guile i use pwns ur ass. =) ur just lucky it’s my guile and not my vega thats there to pwn face, silly ass ho.

Can u really take shit talk seriously in a game??? It’s like writing a 3 page post on how shit talk is bad for the marvel community lol its just retarded to try and post it. Shit talk in MVC2 sparks up mad MMs which makes the game interesting still to this day lol:rock:

But i mean seriously if you play MVC2 you should expect some shit talk and just not care lol all in all ITS JUST A GAME. Its CRACK but still a game :wgrin:

ShadedWolf if the words of NY are hurting you, just go in there with this attitude, works for me

I got summer hating on me cause I’m hotter than the sun
Spring hating on me cause I ain’t neva sprung
Win-ter hating on me cause I’m colder than ya’ll
And I will neva I will neva I will neva FALL
I’m being hated by the season
So fuck ya’ll who hating for no reason

WTF is going on here? Are you guys serious? If you have been playing, watching, and or betting in Marvel in the last 4 years especially in NY/NJ you already know what the fuck is the deal. Furthermore, you guys played a 5 on 5 with no money on the line, just bragging rights. Yet you guys are acting like bitches with skinned knees on here. Meanwhile in NYC we had a tournament, $100 MM’s, and nonstop shit talking and no one was acting like little girls. Honestly if you can’t take the heat get the fuck out the kitchen and go play CVS2 aka watching paint dry.

Besides what’s the point of arguing with each other when I own all 10 of you for freeeeeeee??? :lol:

larry who? :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: I found their monkey jumping quite entertaining. rudy too.