>>The Last of the New Jerseyians: NJ vs NY 1<< - Dunnellen, NJ - 06/28/08

>>The Last of the New Jerseyians: NJ vs NY 1<< - Dunnellen, NJ - 06/28/08

WHERE/WHAT: 8 On the Break arcade 2:00 PM, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

Some players in NY want to match up against players in NJ. Little do they know there are no NJ players left…

NY team of 5 vs NJ team of 5.

NY: Amir/Arthur/Buck/Josh360/Merdoc

NJ: Backfire/G.Bursine/R.Sigley/Rudy/Jay *

EDIT As there are more people on team NJ than 5, I (ShadedWolf) am going to let Jay take my spot on the 5v5, especially since I will be playing anyway (see below) and this way everyone can play.

FORMAT: Round robin style, first to 2 wins before moving on. Winning a set earns one point, losing player earns 0. Points are totaled up for each team; team with the highest amount of points wins.

NY team is finalized at this point, any NJ players willing to play please post interest here or the teams will be finalized.


6:00 PM Saturday.


ShadedWolf vs Amir 1st to 7
ShadedWolf vs Merdoc 1st to 7 (MSP vs Scrub)

Made an error in title, could a mod please change the title to NY vs NJ not NJ vs NJ thank you.

lol D: failed

edit: can u add jay in as a sub just incase one of them cant make it


All parties are aware of this, thank you for the information, however.

oo maybe we can go from one venue to the other.i didnt know about that nohoho :slight_smile:

Eh well none of those ten people play ST so I guess I don’t care. Have fun!

i will prepare my ghetto o.fei and chun for u :stuck_out_tongue:

word up

Yeah, we’ll probably end up going to the tournament after the 5 on 5 is over.

Heh what’s up GB? Yeah some O.Blanka vs. O.Fei would be excellent.

BTW, this is really cool. DCC highlights with detailed comments by the players. Imma post more info later.

so yeah cant wait

Your mother cant wait

The New Jerseyians pressed and harried at every turn have experienced another casualty. The NJ hero, R.Sigley has fallen.

Can “Jay” pick up the slack? No one knows for we are the Last of the New Jerseyians.

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