The Last of Us 2 Thread - This thread is full of spoilers, please don't click on it until you finish the game

Discuss the Trainwreck of Us 2 here.

Tag spoilers at all times.

If you don’t want to get spoiled, either play the game or get out of the internet, seriously, the memes are rampant.

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Streams are up already and damn, this is a doozy.

10 minutes in and we already got some high school drama shit. I don’t even know the poor dude’s name but I already know he got dumped and Ellie kissed his ex-girl.

Quality writing right here. :rofl:

Guys, keep plot details under spoiler tags for the most part just in case.

Thank you.

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Wouldn’t need to be “just in case” if you let the original title which was short, to the point and let people know even glancing it that this was a Spoiler zone.

Your call tho.

GD rules are generally a 2 week moratorium on spoilers, even in the thread for the product.


Annoying, but understandable.

No problem. Just a couple extra clicks anyway. :man_shrugging:

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I was hoping this game would come out and the leaks wouldn’t mean anything.

But now I’m waiting for the weekend like


You playing it or watching it? Streams are already up, I can link the one I’m watching if you want. :man_shrugging:

Nah, I’ll watch over the weekend.

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So, you actually get to play Abby hella early. As in, “you literally just get into a snowball war with some kids on the Ellie section” early.

She already starts off on the wrong foot. One of her crew stumbles upon the settlement Ellie and Joel live in. (I don’t think she knows they live there tho.) It’s a bigass city. Dude knows it’s heavily populated, and that there are armed guards and outposts.

What’s Abby’s first thought about the whole situation?

I wanna raid it.

This already defies any kind of logic. It gets worse. Dude says he got his girl pregnant and Abby is 100% pissed at that because… Reasons? He then says that “He wants what she wants, but not at any cost.”

Abby then gets even more pissed and storms off by herself to raid the closest outpost.

How is this supposed to work?

You got a deuteragonist that is extremely unlikable from the jump, straight up villain protag status. You’re playing this new character over Ellie less than 30 minutes in the game.

It’s not all bad though. Looks like Abby was raised in Duff City. Her melee animations are good and her punches have a lot of impact to them. Her jump animations are goofy af tho.

Edit: So Abby gets a short part and it switches back to Ellie. Man, that’s kind of a messy pacing.

Is this game real? :rofl:

I used to have one of those lol.

This game is a cavalcade of memes and fuck ups.

It’s like I’m watching history in the making.

So it’s the Trump of video games?


MAJOR Spoilers that almost got @Hecatom banned lmao.

So, the way Joel dies is… I kinda don’t really have words for the sheer stupidity of it.

Gotta clear up some stuff first tho. They don’t derail his character. He saves Abby from a gigantic horde of infected he and Tommy are running from but mostly tell her to keep up with them and help them out if she got a gun.

Abby was 100% food in the situation she was in.

Then after they manage to make a break, they exchange names and Abby offers to take them to her place since they can’t outrun the horde to their city and her place is closer.

They get to Abby’s mansion, her crew baits the horde to the gates and bomb them out with Molotovs. So far, so good. Tommy introduces him and Joel, offering them supplies since both had saved one another (This is somewhat reasonable), and when the crew hears about Joel everyone tenses up. Joel says that they’re acting like they already heard of them, Abby says “because they have”, she kneecaps Joel with her shotgun and we got some Golf shenanigans with a short controllable Ellie section as she arrives at the scene. It’s important to note that Abby knows Joel’s full name.

The rest is well-known by now.

At this point in the game, there is absolutely no explanation for Abby’s actions.

She blows half of his leg away and brutally tortures Joel to death. Even though he just saved her life.

It’s even worse with the little “context” the game gives you up to this point because Abby has absolutely no redeeming qualities at this point of the game. And she just murdered the previous protag in cold blood.

It’s violent and extremely off-putting because of the disconnect between her actions and the events happening around her.

And then you remember that she is the deuteragonist of the game. A playable character.

It’s frankly baffling. This writing is atrocious.

I’m honestly in shock at the whole thing. It’s worse than I could have ever imagined.


Caught a stream from a dude who was further along in the game than anybody and got all the way to the end last night. I wasn’t watching minute-to-minute, but goddamn. I was really hoping the game would prove the leaks “wrong” in that they didn’t matter, and the game could surpass them. That did not happen. For me at least. I didn’t even play the first (only watched all the cutscenes), so maybe my view is invalid. But from where I sit, there was no reason for this sequel. Story was OK at best, and story is what matters the most. Side Note: the dude streaming (xQcOW) was straight up laughing at cutscenes and choices made in the end. I mouthed a small “oh, fuck you” when the in-game credits started rolling.

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No spoilers, just Discourse messing up Clips.

That was pretty damn funny. I didn’t catch it until the second viewing.

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No spoilers but, those of you who LOVE depressing dramas and “tragic” stories? Will eat this up, 10/10 in that regard. And with the story, voice acting, animation, characters, etc, worthy of a feature film.

Those of you who don’t like watching obnoxiously depressing stories, and seeing the memorable characters from the first game getting screwed over horribly? May want to skip this one.

Are we sure the world they’re in isn’t purgatory? Like maybe 100.00% of humanity died from the fungas and their souls continue to linger on earth, unable to find peace? Because with a story this depressing that would be quite fitting and make a lot of sense. lol.

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