The Last of Us


Anyone else excited for this game?


Absolutely. This game looks really good. Love the Uncharted games, Naughty Dog is one of the few developers I trust to consistently put out a quality product


Out tomorrow. I’m excited :slight_smile:

Though I know people already got the game early.


I’m trying to see if my local store is having a midnight release. I preordered and put about $20 down already.


Fml I gotta wait until I get off work at 5 pm to get the game. I’m never preordering at GameStop ever again fuck…


Getting it tomorrow after work!
IGN gave it a 10 & calls is a "Masterpiece."


Got my copy early, loving it so far. Ish is intense!


FYI they called Uncharted 3 a masterpiece aka 10 out of 10. A majority of websites gave the last of us a 10 out of 10 so this time it holds more weight.


I am not hype for Uncharted zombies…

But I will buy to embarrass people in multiplayer.


Do it for GD bro.


You think we could start up an SRK clan and clean up?


I don’t doubt it.
SWBeta or J-Nav should start the clan.


it’ll most likely be beta.

It’s gonna be weird for me cause I’m used to good third person like max payne.


can someone please tell me why everyone thinks this game is so good is it only because of the story?story seems like the only good thing about this game to me also is it safe to say this game looks like it plays almost exactly like tomb raider 2013 minus a few things i watched like an hour of this game. story is entertaining to watch but the gameplay isnt worth mentioning at all


Pretty much. Not a lot of single player games that can wow me these days. Naughty Dogs seems to make quality movie like single player video games.

I just seem to get sucked into the story. Hard to say that about other games.


IGN giving 10’s is suspect. MGSIV and GTAIV got 10’s, and while I liked both games, they’re nowhere near perfect.

I know you know that, though. God Hand never forget.

I’m hesitant to get the game because of how much praise it’s getting from reviewers. Every game I played this year that got high 9’s from reviewers and had huge praise for their story I thought were overrated.

DmC got great reviews and was praised by every review site, but the gameplay was a step back from every mainline DMC game outside of DMC2.

BioShock Infinite was praised for its story and supposed character interaction(which there’s barely any of in the game, by the way) had me pretty hyped, because I loved the first two BioShock games.

Thing is, the survival horror elements of BioShock 1 and 2 are gone, you don’t need to ration your health/plasmids/ammo anymore because you have an AI partner who will toss you nigh-infinite amounts of health/plasmids/ammo, and on top of this, you have a regenerating shield. The spells you get in Infinite weren’t nearly as fun to use as they were in BioShock 1 and 2 imo, and their don’t seem to be as many combinations of them(I could be wrong here.)

The dark, eerie claustrophobic atmosphere where you’re surrounded by crack addicts(plasmid fiends!) is gone and replaced by a Disney wonderland. I still like the game, but I liked BioShock 1 and even 2 over it.

Dead Space 3 had more dialogue than ever before, was more story-driven than the last two games, and a weapon cap of 2 instead of 4. It was also my least favorite game of the series, but surprisingly, it didn’t review as well as the other games in the series even though it was more streamlined and aimed at the masses.


devastator & !!Sazabi!! are getting this game too I believe.
Dat SRK MGO clan


MGO clan back in business? #Kreygasm

No PozerWolf or SNAAAAKE allowed. Fucking trolls :mad:


I got that shit. Downloading it now. Im prety hype, been looking forward to this game for a while.


Dual streams?