The last ROM on how to perform the ROM infinite inside



Ok guys…i’m tired of seeing the same threads on how to do the rom infinite…so im gon make a thread to try and end ALL the ridiculous threads

c.hp, sj.rh, ad df lk,, land, [, addf,,, land] - repeat in brackets

Ok…those are the commands for the ROM infinite, the trickiest part of this infinite is the ending on the combo…the airdash into the two lk’s. A good way of putting it is to cancel the airdash into lk’s as quickly as u can. There are two techniques in which this can be accomplished

The slide method
after u superjump and do the two lk’s on the way up, put the stick in a df position and put your index and middle fingers on the two punches, then slide your fingers down and let your index finger hit lk, but dont let the middle finger hit anything after the slide. This results in a quick airdash down/forward cancelled into the lk, which is the “hardest” part of the infinite. After u perform that part just press lk again to end ONE rep of the infinite. Takes a bit of practice but the easier method out of the two IMO.

The thumb method
Place your thumb on lk, index finger on lp and middle finger on hp.
Superjump and do two lk’s on the way up with your thumb, then press the two punches down with your index/middle finger and quickly follow it up with pressing lk with your thumb…almost at the same time, but not quite. This accomplishes the ad/df lk part of the ROM, then just do another lk with your thumb to complete one rep of the rom infinite.

Those are your two techniques on how to do the hardest part of the ROM…study it, practice it, master it, stop making threads about it. When u can do one rep on the infinite then just start over once u land…and bam…u can do the infinite.

Ok onto the timing

Alright, this is for the people who can do the rom infnite but their opponent keeps gettin higher for every rep they complete. This is how the rom infnite should go when being performed.

The two lk’s on the way up should be done relatively quickly, so when u superjump press the lk’s with no pauses in between, after the 2nd lk, pause for a bit then do the ad/df lk part, then pause again for a lil bit and do the 2nd lk right before you land…this should keep the opponent a a good height for u to keep the rom going.

sj. lk,, pause,, pause,, land, repeat…thats how the rhythm should go

so thats all i feel like typing for now…anyone who would like to contribute to my cuase for ending all this ROM thread madness…plz feel free;)

So umm yea…questions…post in here…legit questions i mean…not no bullshit questions about avatars and shit cuz they will not be answered, plz guys use your judgement when u ask a question…this is a ROM thread…so only questions about the ROM will be answered here:eek:

Anyone who wants to add sumin that i may have forgot…i kno i prolly did forget sumin…juss add it, thx


what are the various rom infinite variations?


Rom variations ad df lk lk
sj.lp ad df lk lk
sj lp lk ad df lk lk
sj. lp lp ad df lk lk

and so on…juss be creative…rom infinite is very flexible


Since im just getting back into marvel what does ROM mean?

And how can u do it on servbot?


My problem with this damn infinite is that I always end up doing the little power wave thing when I try to dash down. I cant do the slide method at all.:mad:


im not sure what ROM stands for…but i think the guy that made it up went by the tag rom or some shit…not really sure

it is possible to do on servbot u just gotta do it faster than normal…and time your kicks so they hit his small ass, dont space the kicks out as much

your getting the power wave thing becuase on the transition from up to downforward u are hitting u,uf,f… that is the command for the power wave…try to move the stick from up to df w/o hitting those commands and u should be fine…can u trijump properly w/o gettin the power wave?


i can do about for tri jump reps before i start doing the power wave thing. but i guess i am hitting the uf.:bluu:


no reason to have that problem…when you sj up let go and press your lk’s, then just ad/df lk lk. letting go (settin it in neutral) prevents the green waves…btw, green waves are hella good for avoiding the unblockable off of capcom’s aaa


This might seem like a weird question, but I’ve been wanting to know when ROM was discovered.



okay i might sound like an ameautr but oh well i am:bluu:
sj mean short jump right but wat does add mean?

sorrry for my ametaur question.


Airdash Down


It’s all good, sj means super jump while add means air dash down. Hopefully that helps.


thanks everyone whos helping the people that got questions:D
thats what this thread is for:(


:lol: What about lesson two: the timing of the slide infinite? That joint is too bananas for the Jook-man. I can ROM my ass off, but every now and then I wanna slide infinite for “wow” factor. I don’t honestly think it serves as a “useful” infinite due to the degree of difficulty…but DAMN! I wanna do it!:stuck_out_tongue:


trick here is to cancel the c.rh as soon as it hits…dont wait, its really helpful if u whiff the lk instead of… say a hp because if u whiff the lk it’ll be juss like performing the rom because u can use the slide or claw technique. Just cancel the c.rh quickly so u can land before your opponent does and juggle them with another, c.rh


wtf…somebody started an identical thread for the same purpose, thas some booshiet ryte?


i dont think he knew i made a thread like this cuz like 30 minz afte ri posted mine he posted his…its all good tho…more help for the newbs:D



Quick question… can the slide infinite be rolled out of? Next… this might be off topic, but does anyone want to filetransfer Meikyousisui vol. 9 to me? I don’t have the slightest clue on how to use IRC.:eek:


to magnegro

hey,do you have the rest of the meikyousisui vds stuff? where the hell can i get or download those? can’t seem to find it…can you pm me and tell me all about it…tnx in advance…

sorry for the question that doesn’t relate to the topic everyone…:smiley:


hey, how can i do the normal jump inf… wen i do about 3 reps it gets vrey high… and i can do rom on nrmal char now, tnx vryone…:lol: