The Last Story By Hironobu Sakaguchi

I was a bit surprised that there wasn’t a thread for this, but at the same time I’m not. Anyhow this is the recent game that my boy Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of the Final Fantasy series is working on currently. The game is a Wii exclusive with no announced release date at the time, though there are rumors that it might be coming to Japan late this year, so that means the American’s and Europe won’t be seeing it until probably the spring of next year at the earliest. The game’s logo resembles the logos as seen in the FF series. It is not confirmed if Nobuo Uematsu is a composer for this game. On the official site concept art, two trailers, and screenshots are available. There is also a list of character profiles revealing a main cast of five characters so far, but it is in Japanese which I unfortunately cannot read. Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata said that Nintendo’s collaboration with Mistwalker is seeking “a new form of RPG by choosing the universal theme of human emotion”. Sakaguchi san stated that he is working on this game as though if it were his last.


I just watched the trailer on the site, looks pretty dope. I’m definitely gonna look into this. Is there any way I can play imports on my Wii?

EDIT: Rpgamer has more screens

Yeah this game looks insanely awesome, I’ve been chomping at the bit for Sakaguchi’s next game after Lost Odyssey (which was effing amazing). As for imports, I’m pretty sure homebrewed Wiis can do it, though I wouldn’t know how (and we can’t even talk about it here I’m pretty sure).

looks like every other second rate jrpg out there…

When the fuck is Japan going to grow up?!

seriously… They are stuck in limbo right now.

Japan still has money to make games?

I’m interested in how the game plays exactly, looks like a lot of real time action at the same time, I heard about it giving you the ability to pause to issue party commands. Between all the real time stuff, “Gathering” enemy focus and other options, it will be really interesting if they can pull this game off.

It’s video games, growing up is a detriment to fun in most cases. The pretty boys with belly button revealing action wear are on the same level maturity wise as muscle bound the huge gun wielding action figures that make up many games in outside of Japan.

That being said, at least it doesn’t look as badly cliched as FFXIII Versus.

I’m seriously sick and fucking tired of Japanese character designs.

They consist entirely of altering parameter sliders on the density/outrageousness of the following variables:

  1. Hair.

  2. Buckles.

  3. Belts.

  4. Breasts.

  5. Androgyny (except in the case of the strong, silent, dependable, older male sidekick who’s physical stature means nothing about his physical ability, as the main, prettier character is always effectively much more powerful through some bullshit magical prophecy/item/birth right).

In terms of personality, there are only 5 possible variants:

  1. Carefree and outgoing teen guy who doesn’t let ANYTHING bring him down! He’ll always do his best!

  2. Ditzy/clutzy female side kick. Her insufferable stupidity is only matched by her ability to unwittingly get you into retarded levels of danger repeatedly, but you keep her around anyway because she makes cute sounds when she’s scared.

  3. Strong, silent, vigilant samurai variant. Typically wiser than the lead character, doesn’t usually get along with said lead character, especially if lead character is male.

  4. The magic using nerd.

  5. The emo.

Stereotypes and cliches run rampant in JRPGs, western RPGs, all RPGs, and all stories in general. Nothing is original anymore.

And just to give examples from the other side of the pond, a list of common, everybody and their dog does it western RPG cliches:

  1. It’s “mature” because it has middle-aged characters and sex.

  2. Warriors are always on roids and look like Conan if they’re male, half to completely naked if they’re female, or completely armored to the point where you can’t make out who it even is.

  3. Spellcasters are always scrubs with no combat abilities and considered “pansies” if they’re male, and (again) half to completely naked if they’re female.

  4. Like the anithesis to JRPGs often mixing styles and cultures in a “steampunk” fashion, western RPGs almost always stick to one style and it’s usually high/low fantasy.

  5. If it’s not high/low fantasy, then it’s sci-fi.

In terms of personality, we have:

  1. Gruff badass like Snake in Escape from New York/LA.

  2. Strong, no-nonsense female who wants to be taken seriously.

  3. Whiny, sneaky untrustworthy character who’s usually a thief.

  4. Stupid barbarian who thinks little of anything beyond fighting.

Hah, right, I’ll believe that when I see it. I mean I don’t mind the standard stuff, I still enjoy jrpgs, but I find it hard to believe this will be really different.

Why The Last Story is Japan exclusive Wii News - Page 1 |


Here’s the thing: Japanese devs are more than capable of delivering well-written, mature stories (I assume this is what you’re talking about). Past games, including the recent 999 for the DS (although not an RPG) prove it. They can do it, they just need to transfer that skill to their RPGs more often. Of course, and more importantly, Mistwalker still has to deliver an awesome game and not fall back into the same traps that JRPG devs still fall into again and again.

Well don’t you breath for the guy who invented the JRPG wheel to reinvent it cuz it probably ain’t gonna happen.

AlphaDragoon hits the mark. While today’s Specs is more partial to non-Japanese games of almost any genre, videogame storytelling is almost always mediocre at best, the world over.

Two years ago at The Screenwriting Expo, I attended a “writing for games” session, where the main theme was not only breaking into writing for games, but improving the writing in games overall. And in RPGs especially, writing could stand to improve.

My favorite RPG cast is probably Skies of Arcadia, for being comprised of something missing from most RPG casts: CHARACTERS. Not burly man, emo kid, and Ms. Cameltoe McBigtits; actual characters, with strengths, weaknesses, quirks, character growth, and dynamic relationships.

Dr. B eats Demonic Megiddo and shits Globus. Lots and lots of Globus.

So I’ll never be able to play this?

Point taken. I mean, nobody expects Miyamoto to make a FPS or expects Hideo Kojima to stop putting nonsense in his games. But we can always hope that one of the founding fathers of JRPGs will take a more modern approach to RPG game design.

Keep the hope alive!

I wouldn’t say never. Even if we haven’t heard anything about a translated version yet, Square didn’t officially announce an English version of 4 Heroes of Light until almost a year after it came out in Japan, and it took several months to get any info on Dragon Quest IX. Then again, we didn’t get SaGa 2 DS at all, but that series hasn’t released anything in the West that’s gotten above a 5 or 6 Metacritic score in like 10 years so that’s kinda understandable. I can’t tell if this is just a trend with DS games or if Square USA is just being more cautious with all their localizations now, but if Last Story gets enough support in Japan I’d say we definitely have a chance.

I wouldn’t give up hope until E3 at least.

EDIT: Well, darn, for some reason I thought Square published this. It’s Nintendo. Still, they haven’t given us a definite “no”.

See every inch of The Last Story’s battle system- Destructoid

Here’s a long Last Story ‘gathering system’ demo- Destructoid

It seems like the battle system is interesting enough. The way you direct your allies reminds me of a strategy game. I don’t understand a word of it but it seems pretty different to the norm.