The last update/maintenance


Hello everyone, did anyone notice that the connection got worse after yesterday maintenance?
I was able to play with European people with full connection, but now seems the connection deteriorated to 4-bars at best. my connection is fine as usual, I tried many other games and it’s just fine.


Same here actually. The connections do seem worse but I am unsure if it is my connection or the game.


Same for me. It also takes a couple of attempts to log into the server when I boot the game up


My connections have been horrible since the patch. I rarely had ban connections previously.

Same. I’m guessing it’s on Capcom’s end, then.


Connections are still mostly good for me. Haven’t noticed anything other than the hiccups at boot up.


Casual and ranked matches have overall been pretty good for me in terms of connection since last maintenance. However I can’t play anymore 60% of my friends in battle lounge since I’m always the one getting rollback. I don’t know what else I could do to improve that aside from the usual (port forwarding etc.)


Casulas work fine,on both PS4 and PC for me.
However Battlelounge is absolutly terrible now.


Ugh my buddy at work JUST picked up this game and now he’s pissed because the same thing is happening to him. Battle lounge is busted and casual/ranked is spotty at best. WTF Capcom…

This is what I get for trying to get someone to play against locally…


It’s impossible to say what’s causing it, but I’ve been having some very laggy matches recently also.


anyone noticed improvements regarding the connectivity issues after today maintenance? I think they are doing maintenance to downgrade the servers, not to upgrade them.


Anyone else had EXTREME slowdown issues on PC since the patch?

Tried dropping everything to min, everything to automatic, done a full reinstall, just can’t find a fix. No issues at all on PS4. Was running on max prior to the update.
970 GTX, 32 GB RAM, 4790k i7. Really shouldn’t be struggling…


Which version of the Nvidia drivers have you installed? If you’re on Win10, did you turn off driver auto update?


Latest drivers and 10. Is this a known issue with the latest driver?


Yes. Actually all drivers from May on are broken with SF5, but depending on your rigs you may not have noticed it right away.
Just uninstall your drivers with DDU and revert back to version 362.00 or 365.19, that should fix the problem. And remember to disable driver auto update because it always downloads the wrong drivers.


Ah good stuff man, up and running again now, thanks for getting back! :slight_smile:


The weird thing is I’ve been updating my drivers and I’ve never had an issue. I guess I’m blessed.


As I said, it may depend on the specific card you’re using and on your overall config. With my ass laptop card (960m) I started having issues since May, others started experiencing it only later.
In any case if you update the drivers with GeForce Experience after a fresh reinstall you can always revert it back to previous ones with device manager. This way you can see if the newer drivers are working and if it’s not the case you just go back.