The laws of forward throw setup?



yes, the forward throw, dash x2 … something setup.

this is more of a question as i am going to state to be corrected that basically all of akuma’s knockdown setups, are generally speaking, NOT safe at all, unless you’re planning to wiff rather than connect…

as foward throw, dash x2, mk.dfdk is not a guaranteed hit against many characters, as you will probably be hit (hard) with a reversal if you attempt such a thing… the same goes for command dive or DFDK after a sweep, in order for these setups to work you have to know each specific character that certain setup variations work on, that being said, you might as well forget about these setups entirely if you don’t know those specific situations.


are you asking a question or making a statement…lol kinda confused… but w.e after a forward throw akuma still has a heck of a lot of options so just mix them up… i prefer to use the -6 setup the most. forward throw dash once slight step forward high kick demon flip dive kick, stuffs most reversals and makes alot whiff… i generally do a lot of unsafe shit just because i find most ppl are so scared of akumas vortex that they will generally just block… so make sure you demon flip grab alot too… i have no idea if this is what you were looking for in a response or not…lol


You’re essentially asking when it’s ok to use f. throw dash x2 right? Basically against any reversal that is 6 frames or slower you have an easy setup (you can do this to Cammy too because of her slower wakeup off of f. throw). There are also certain characters that you can stuff with dash x 2 mk dfk (Ken, Saga, Sakura). These are setup/reversal dependent (the one against Ken is the most useful because it stuffs mp dp which is his go to anti air).

What AG live said is also true. I use f. throw dash (small step) hk dfk against lots of characters, most notably Ryu. You can also dash x 2 cross up tatsu against Ryu as long as he does not delay his DP.

But yes you are right in saying that f. throw dash x2 is not consistent like it was back in Super-AE due to the additional 2 frames on Akuma’s forward throw. Still he has tons of options and other new setups being discovered every day.


x2 dash safejumps only 7f and slower reversals vs characters with normal wakeup time, which is why you can’t safejump Chun’s 6f EX SBK now with such setup.