The Leapfrog Technique(Gimmek ;P)

Ever since Zangief lost his Knock Down on his EX Green Hand I have had trouble creating favorable mixups after landing one. The most common response to the mix up is to simply backdash. This will beat most of zangief’s normals and SPD. Back dash loses to another GH (EX or not) and St. RH (in some cases). All GHs are punishable by a full combo of your opponent’s choice, and st. RH is eqaully punishable if your opponent ducks under it and if they are committed to blocking anyway then they are ducking… My friend plays Sakura so when I whiff St. RH to keep him still and he lands a Cr. Jab into full combo I lose 30% life :frowning:

Other common answers to the mixup include:

  1. Block
  2. Jump back
  3. Reversal

Reversal and Block are the two most favorable for Gief, because both leave us with the best possible damage out come when our opponent guesses wrong verses when they guess right. Sadly any forms of GH will lose to jump back if your opponent just throws a normal out on their way down; otherwise you could SPD them on landing.

I came up with a fun new tool that is usable in both the EX GH and the SPD mixup after party.

Immediately jump forward and hit MP.

This move deals 90 damage and catches a lot of back dashes. It doesn’t work against all of the cast but here are some characters that it does work on.

The best part and the reason why I think this option is strong enough to implement against these characters, is because after you do hit them in mid-backdash (which is now air born) they roll out of it at the same time as you land on the ground next to them which puts you right back in the same mix up.

Obviously, this will hit an opponent out of the air as well and beat out any jump back attempt. However, if your opponent is decent he will catch on quickly and realize if he mashes a fast air normal as soon as he leaves the ground he will beat you clean. BUT here is the fun part, if your opponent starts to do that (along with back dashes), then you can start throwing out GH on their wake up to catch back dash and now suddenly their instant jump back air normal leaves them helpless as they land right in front of you for a free HP SPD.

So what happens if they Block or Reversal? Any reversal will beat it. If they decide to block it is really just as unsafe as a st. RH because your opponent can combo you for free as you hit the ground if they are ready. However, this is still a very useful gimmek to mix up your anti-back dashing tools with something that might catch them off guard and the reset opportunity after hitting their back dash is just scary for opponent’s who haven’t seen it before.

Backdash also loses to walk up SPD and is in my eyes the least punishable option compared to GH and st.RH.

I think in most cases if your ex hand hit, you should just block or sometimes backdash.
it’s just not worth if you guess wrong.
so if you guess right with jump mp 90 damage, if wrong, eat their combo into… maybe 200-400 or more , not worth it.
backdash is not recommended because zangief’s backdash if like shit. you still eat their lots of reversal.

Yea, after exgh I usually just back dash or block and get ready to tech. The risk reward just isnt worth it after exgh.