The Legend of Korra: The other Platinum game for October


A new action game from Platinum Games? HELL YEAH!

From IGN:

In-engine screenshots:





Here’s a video with hands-on impression of the game (no actual gameplay footage, tough):

A snip from the hands-on preview posted on Destructoid:


New Live Demo with actual gameplay from Comic Con (jump to 3:35 for gameplay):


Fuck Yeah, Platinum!

Glad to see they are finally getting some shine from other publishers. Even if it is shitty Activision.

I am worried that there was no gameplay shown, but there is still time for that.


The fact that the game seems to be downloadable-only might indicate a smaller, 15~20 bucks game?

Not that I’m complaining, a small Platinum action game is better than no Platinum action game at all, wich was my prospect since Bayoneta 2 was announced as WiiU only.


It should be noted that IGN does have in-engine screenshots on their site too


Yeah, I’m updating the first post with them


I don’t care about Korra or that Avatar poop. I just like P* since they have a good track record wth action games. Anyone who says otherwise is dumb and gay.


Hey, Activision and Nickelodeon- DON’T RUSH THESE DUDES. You have one of the best developers in the world on this… Let them do what they do and all will be fine.

Let that game cook until its ready… and don’t have some retarded release date like October or late November, when all the heavy hitters start coming out.


Didnt care when I saw Activision attached to a licensed game based on a show.

When I saw the Platinum Games name on there…


so much hype, first the new season this friday and now this

i need new pants


I’ve never heard of the name THE LEGEND OF KORRA before, but I knew Avatar because of the movie The Last Airbender (wich sucks, BTW), so normally I wouldn’t even bother reading about a game like this if I didn’t saw the “Platinum” attached to it.


You are missing what it could be one of the best cartoons in recent years.
Forget about that shitty movie that didn’t the original series justice.
Both the original Avatar and ToL of Korra are great shows


the movie is great
uncle eeeeroooh
avatar auungg


Now that I’m excited about this game I might consider watching the show. Also, I have a brother-in-law who always says good things about this show…


Hey Activision, as long as you’ve got Platinum on speed dial, a certain wall-crawler would LOVE to work with them…



Yo, stahp, plz.

Don’t make me get my hopes up


Still hate Parker huh?



Im more excited as to how Kamiya is going to deal with the shippers…


The same way he deals with everything else. Without a single fuck given. :coffee:


Well the license is kinda ass but Platinum action games are something no one should ever pass up.