The Legend of Zelda thread - Ganon's bodyshop will be open for business on Nov. 20th

One of my top favorite series to play I felt needed to get some thread loving what with Spirit Tracks out and the small trickles of info on the next LOZ of Wii.

Use this to talk about the series in general…it’s highs and lows along with any other topics (Like is this series been completely overatted and blown out of proportion over the years or is it justified?)

Also for those who havint really been visiting the wii thread and missed out on the small bits of info on the next Wii release:

Miyamoto Drops Zelda WiiMotion Plus details:
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Nintendo Q&A in English
Nintendo Q&A in English - Wii News at IGN

New Details on Next Zelda:
New Details on Next Zelda - Wii News at IGN

Twilight Princess ‘Starting Point’ for New Zelda
Nintendo: Twilight Princess ‘Starting Point’ for New Zelda - Wii News at IGN

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - E3 2010 Trailer (new)
The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Video Game, E3 2010: Debut Trailer HD | Game Trailers & Videos |

So how’s Spirit Tracks so far? I haven’t opened up my copy yet since I still need to finish my other DS games that I’m working on

Unfortunately i missed out on most of the series. All I’ve beaten were OoT and MM. I did have Oracle of Seasons for the GBC but I sold it before I could beat it.

^ If you have a gba, Fatty DS, or Lite I’d reccomend finding a copy of the Minish Cap along with A Link to the Past.

I apparently played Minish Cap when it came out but I don’t remember any of it so I’ve been working through it in my spare time.

And over winter break I’m going to have a lot of time with nothing to do, so I’m replaying OOT and MM. Without a doubt my 2 favorite games of all time, and it’s been a while since I’ve played them.

I never did care much for LttP…yes I liked it but it’s far from my fave Zelda. Link’s Awakening is still my all time fave.

just bought for virtual console Majora’s Mask.

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LTTP is my all time favorite… Just the concept of it and the going back and forth from light to dark world… Along with the music.

I remember playing it and after getting the 3 pearls and defeating the boss, i was like damn, is the game over? Then BAM! Enter the Dark World with 7 new dungeons and the epic ass song that comes along with it.

lttp was the first zelda game i beat, link’s awakening DX was the second. yeah i had that shit. with the blue tunic. :cool: those were fun games.

anyway, just posting on my way through here. enjoy the stagnation :arazz:

I still have to finish both LttP since I missed the boat on that and finish Majora’s Mask. I have way to many games I have to finish up and play.

Posting in Zelda nostalgia thread

Links Awakening, Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time where top shit. I freaking love those three games. Never get tired of them.

OG Zelda and Link to the Past are the best games in the series by far.

Link to the past was just too good.

Agreed. Both games had a large number of dungeons–something that is missing from recent Zelda games. OG Zelda has the Second Quest, which I wish more Zelda games had. The Second Quest is the best extra feature in any game, period.

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OoT, ALttP and Link’s Awakening=the best Zelda’s. I need to eventually get both DS Zelda games, I own every other major release except for those and Minish Cap/GBC games.

i enjoyed the ocarina of time best (horse was off da hinges) even though i played link to the past years before. i think they got it perfect on that 64 version. havent played twilight princess so i cant speak on that 1. minish cap was good 2. gamecube 1 (wind waker) was ehhh

Personally LTTP can’t be beaten, especially the 4 swords version on GBA. Link’s Awakening was too good as well.
And I’ve said it before, I’ll said it again: I think OOT and Majora’s mask were pure unadulterated pieces of shit. OOT was what turned me off console zelda games and as a result I haven’t touched Windwaker and Twilight Princess.

Most people like OoT because it’s LttP 64. That’s it. :lol:

Pre-DS Era Handheld Zelda’s > Any Console Zelda.

I liked Majora’s Mask more than I did OoT but I think it was because of the Mask Collection.
Console Zelda wise though Wind Waker was my favorite.

Link’s Awakening for the GB was awesome. The only Zelda game that I have played over 10 times. I played LTTP and OOT but never finished MM, though I did enjoy what I did play.

Link’s Awakening is great, but the Oracle games are godly. Those two games are the best handheld Zeldas ever.

zelda 2 is the best!

Wind Waker > Links Awakening >>>