The Legend of Zelda thread - Ganon's bodyshop will be open for business on Nov. 20th

I gotta work. But afterwards…


So the demo save data does carry over, nice.
I’m going to do a different Divine Beast rush.

Saving asshole bird for last this go around and doing Mipha first…free healing!! Best waifu, Urbosa next and then Daruk

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Urbosa deffinitly best waifu. I use her thunder shit far far more often then i use Miphas.


Decide to do Daruk mission first, then Urbosa…

The theme kicked in:

And man, it got me…

If this time travel shit doesn’t pay off…!

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For those about to start Chapter 6 of Age of Calamity…

hold on GIF

Uh bruh…certain statements made days ago may need to be revivised.

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