The Legend of Zelda thread - Ganon's bodyshop will be open for business on Nov. 20th

I’ve played and beaten most of them except for oracle games, and Twilight princess (Had to send my Wii for repairs mid way through and lost everything…)

In my opinion, the very BEST Zelda game is Majora’s Mask. Playing through that game as a kid, sometimes I’d get shivers at certain points of the game like on the final 12 hours when that music starts playing, indicating the end of the world. [media=youtube]POhGCEC4gN4[/media]

Then you had that creepy Ikana Valley business with all those Garo jerks ambusing you out of nowhere, not to mention the music there as well. [media=youtube]3tPcUX_9HxI[/media]

The Anju/Kafei Quest was epic in every sense of the word. It’s one of the few side quests in a Zelda game that actually made you feel some form of emotion.

Everything about that game is perfect. It had the darkest story line of any Zelda game, and all the atmosphere was beautiful. Nothing better than going into first person and looking up to see this giant moon with an insane looking face wanting to kill your ass along with the whole world.

I need to play it again…

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I personally like Link to the past the best

LTTP lost woods tune > Oot Lost woods tune imho

it brought me into the environment

My favorite has always been Link to the Past. I’ve finished that game more times then I care to count but it never gets old to me. Though Turtle Rock is still the worst dungeon ever.

The runners up for my favorites go to Twilight Princess (Ganon was just too badass in this), OoT, and the original Zelda. I’ve never played either of the Oracle games but given how popular they seem to be here maybe I’ll try and track one of them down.

Never played the Oracle games, but most of the portable Zelda games have been very good. Phantom Hourglass was ok, a nice little attempt to bring Zelda to the DS but not great, liked it more then Zelda 2. I still have high hopes for Spirit Tracks however.

I’m hoping the next Wii Zelda is bigger change structure then Twilight Princess, other then Majora’s Mask, to many of the Zelda games have just copied off the design of OoT (or actually closer to ALttP). Also, please get make boss battles harder then just three hits and they are done.

I have played all the console Zelda games, and have enjoyed them all. I have not really payed attention to Nintendo since about 2008 because they are so far back in terms of gaming technology but if they make a new Zelda, I might be interested.

What annoyed me about OoT, and the reason why I don’t think it’s the best of all time like most people rate it to be, is because the fucking Hyrule Field was boring and plain as fuck.

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Anyone playing Spirit Tracks? I feel like it’s a decent game but could be so much better if you didn’t have to deal with the tedious traveling bs and the Pan Flute Hero aspects of it.

While it’s one of my favorites I will agree to this however. As far as areas go in OoT it’s all about that forest temple.

I’m playing Spirit Tracks right now and I almost feel the same way. I like that you don’t have to redo previous floors in the spirit tower, and the puzzles in general are much better. Although you get that deja vu feeling with Spirit Tracks, the game is beginning to pick up. It seems like there are a lot of secrets in the game, too. No heart pieces is a good thing.

Just started OOT on Wii’s VC… hopefully it’ll be fine with a gamecube controller. Nostalgia is in full effect.

Stuck in my house, 2 feet of snow outside, sipping hot chocolate and playing some OOT… IT’S LIKE IT’S REALLY WINTER 1998 AGAIN THIS IS SO AWESOME :looney:

Playing through Phantom Hourglass right now. I only got to the 2nd Temple my first time I played it (ran into some financial woes so had to sell my DS and games) but I started the game this morning and I’m back at the Second Temple.

I still like the game as much as I first played it so I’m looking forward to finishing it before I buy Spirit Tracks.

This in itself is what’s making me tier it below Phantom Hourglass. I could overlook rerunning the Ocean Temple over and over. At least the overworld control didn’t suck balls. The mic gimmick is just as dumb, if not moreso than it was in PH. I seriously would like to know who’s bright idea it was to make all overland control based on a rigid, clunky, slow, unmaneuverable type of vehicle. Fucking stupid.

The dungeons have been the only thing to keep me fueled into continuing. Just opened up the ocean area, which I have a feeling I will cringe over.

what was wrong with 2d zelda

I picked up OoT off eBay and it arrived today. All fully boxed with instructions. It’s not exactly the best and its over hyped but it’s nice to have the cartridge there since I did spend a good amount of time playing it.

I think I may play through Minish Cap or another older handheld game soon to get me back in the mood before I buy Spirit Tracks. The only handheld itteration of the games I have played IIRC is the Phantom Hourglass.

Minish Cap was fun IMO. I wish Nintendo would let Capcom make some more games in the series just to see what else they’d do with it.

Don’t worry about the ocean area, it’s not that bad. Now you have pirates though which are fun to shoot.

I just had to play the song in the fire realm and wanted to throw my DS out the window. So fucking frustrating. I honestly don’t understand how it works. The times I had it best it told me I sucked and then the one time I fucked it all up by sneezing into the mic so playing like 6 notes in a second, it had it right. What the fuck?

^ what type of DS do you have…just curious.


v ahh aight. The complaints about the pan flute almost make me want to open up my copy prematurely.

DS lite.

And I just spent an hour trying to play the goddamn 6-note song to open the Sand temple. Seriously. Fuck this.

Majoras Mask is my favorite (Fuck you Valaris!) and I really really like Adventures of Link. It’s a hard action game on the NES. I love that.

Also OOT is over rated as hell. It’s good but it’s a serious rehash but in the 3rd dimension.

I loved OoT and TP. Soundtrack to both are great. I especially enjoyed the song in TP: [media=youtube]Pt9vjwBfXUE]Midna’s Desperate Hour. Good stuff. I came across this girl who can play it just as good: [media=youtube]wIs279NTi9Y[/media] You guys should check out her other stuff [url[/media]. Phantom Hourglass is good as well. Except for the puzzle inside the ghost ship. That was a bit of a problem. I mean, I got it, but somehow it was some other numbers.