The Legend of Zelda thread - Master Sword? Light Arrows? Tunics? Nah son. I'm fighting Ganon naked!


title should be retitled Breath of the Wild GOAT


Show-off time. What are some of the melee weapons you’ve acquired so far?

Got a couple goodies:


Still pretty early on so these are probably mediocre to what you guys have found, but I like 'em. :rofl:


I’m not sure but I think I just got owned by a wizzrobe.


I was trying to activate a tower and it was just prancing around in midair with a wand and then it spotted me and waved at me like we were friends or some shit so I was like ??? Then it disappeared but you could still see it’s steps as it moved closer to you so I had a bad feeling. Didn’t seem too bad though as it appeared in and out shot a slow beam from its wand at me. But…things started getting progressively worse…I didn’t have any arrows since I had just got through trying to kill a giant moblin sub boss named Henix so I couldn’t really shoot him with anything so he was just free to do whatever. It looked like he summoned a lightning storm(not sure if he did this or not of if it was coincidental), a swarm of keese, and then summoned an electric keese at me. Had all that covered. Figured I’d try to send his slow shot back at him by parrying it and mistimed it. TOOK OFF 4 HEARTS FOR THE OHKO. I dunno how much damage it actually did though so it could have been more. I’m getting in that tower dammit.


I’ve got a couple guardian weapons and something called the blade of duality I think? I know it’s got 50 fucking power though lol


Man this game looks and sounds fucking tits. Gonna start hitting up the local pawn shops an shit for a cheap Wii-u.


I like that it’s in a lot of ways similar to the first game, not linear, you can find yourself in places you arent really ready for.


It may be hype talking, since I’ve only gotten to the first “real” dungeon, but if the game keeps up this pace, it may very well go down as my favorite Zelda in the franchise.

The level of spectacle is only matched by the incredible attention to detail… Aonuma and his team totally outdid themselves crafting this beautiful game.

[details=Spoiler]I mean, SHIT, fighting the Divine Beast of Water while riding on the back of a Zora, while it flings ice missiles, swatting them away with arrows, then launching into the air to hit it’s weak spots with Shock Arrows… and that’s just to get INSIDE the motherfucker, where the actual dungeon begins… MY GOD, MAN…

I don’t know how the rest of the game is going to top that, but I have a feeling it will.

This shit might be not just the best Zelda, but possibly one of the best games of all time… [/details]


FYI, lightning strikes are AOE. Damn near got killed by one when it struck a nearby metal chest.


So far for you guys, would you say this Zelda would make it harder to go back and play an older 3d one? I don’t wanna play this one until I beat SS and MM because I’m worried that it will be weird going back to the old formula. But I doubt it though since I’ve played series that have switched up and its still fine to go back to older titles.

Just wondering because I may go pick it up, or I think my sister was gonna buy it as a bday gift for me


This game isnt zelda. It’s the perfect open world game with a zelda skin


Found a second pinwheel. I didn’t think anything of the first one I found, but now that I’ve found another, I think they do something. I tried using a leaf on it, but nothing happened.


Yea I really like this to. A big world to wander around and get lost in. That’s what I look for in adventure games these days.


there’s a camera. I am now gonna take a selfie with every boss i fight


Well this was an unexpected find. At least, in the area I was in.


Didn’t realize they had accordions in Hyrule.

I do like the new Rito designs. Though since there are Rito, Koroks, AND Zora in this game, it makes me wonder where in the timeline this takes place…[/details]

There really is something to find in every corner of the world.


This is already the best Zelda I’ve played.

Not a huge fan of the series but this game has consistantly gave me that wow feeling. My previous favorite of the series is LttP.


Ooh, I like the fire rod. Gotta be careful not to break this one.


stand on the stump, shoot the balloons that appear. At least, that was one of them that I did.


I figured out what the pinwheel did when I found a 3rd one. Now I need to go back and find the other two again. I’ll try standing on the stump if I can find it.


Fighting enemies in the middle of a thunderstorm is quite exhilarating.

…scary as heck, but still. :rofl:

And hey, this Wizzrobe dropped a lightning rod! That’s cool.

EDIT: Some tidbits about the lightning rod I just found.

[details=Spoiler]That’s pretty awesome; if you use a lightning rod in the middle of a rainstorm, it amplifies its power like crazy; if it hits something, it creates a massive energy sphere, hitting a bunch of enemies at one time AND doing tons of damage. I was OHKO-ing Lizalfos with ease.

…sadly I also used it up really fast during all that (its durability isn’t bad, mind you). At least I took out another Yiga Clan member with it before it broke. :sad:[/details]


I have to say…between the Rito and the Zoras, I really like the new designs the races got. Aside from being nice aesthetically, it really goes well with the overall art style.

Only one I’m not sure of is the Gorons, but I’ve only seen one so far, so can’t really say for certain. Though then again I never cared for the Gorons to begin with, so that might have something to do with it :rofl:


Stopped by a couple stores after work and no dice on the Y USB cable. Was about to go out after a nap, and try Frys. Decided to delete the DLC pack off XCX, and now I’m at 13 gigs of free space?

Downloading the 3 gig install right now. I feel silly.

I had 8000-some kilobytes. The XCX was 4,000-some kilobytes. Seems weird once I looked up the ratio. Not gonna worry about it now.

I still plan on getting a Y Cable and hard drive to eventually nabbed al the data packs for XCX, but I was feeling bummed that I was going to pay more for the HDD and cable than I did for the game.