The Legend of Zelda thread - Master Sword? Light Arrows? Tunics? Nah son. I'm fighting Ganon naked!


Found a second pinwheel. I didn’t think anything of the first one I found, but now that I’ve found another, I think they do something. I tried using a leaf on it, but nothing happened.


Yea I really like this to. A big world to wander around and get lost in. That’s what I look for in adventure games these days.


there’s a camera. I am now gonna take a selfie with every boss i fight


Well this was an unexpected find. At least, in the area I was in.


Didn’t realize they had accordions in Hyrule.

I do like the new Rito designs. Though since there are Rito, Koroks, AND Zora in this game, it makes me wonder where in the timeline this takes place…[/details]

There really is something to find in every corner of the world.


This is already the best Zelda I’ve played.

Not a huge fan of the series but this game has consistantly gave me that wow feeling. My previous favorite of the series is LttP.


Ooh, I like the fire rod. Gotta be careful not to break this one.


stand on the stump, shoot the balloons that appear. At least, that was one of them that I did.


I figured out what the pinwheel did when I found a 3rd one. Now I need to go back and find the other two again. I’ll try standing on the stump if I can find it.


Fighting enemies in the middle of a thunderstorm is quite exhilarating.

…scary as heck, but still. :rofl:

And hey, this Wizzrobe dropped a lightning rod! That’s cool.

EDIT: Some tidbits about the lightning rod I just found.

[details=Spoiler]That’s pretty awesome; if you use a lightning rod in the middle of a rainstorm, it amplifies its power like crazy; if it hits something, it creates a massive energy sphere, hitting a bunch of enemies at one time AND doing tons of damage. I was OHKO-ing Lizalfos with ease.

…sadly I also used it up really fast during all that (its durability isn’t bad, mind you). At least I took out another Yiga Clan member with it before it broke. :sad:[/details]


I have to say…between the Rito and the Zoras, I really like the new designs the races got. Aside from being nice aesthetically, it really goes well with the overall art style.

Only one I’m not sure of is the Gorons, but I’ve only seen one so far, so can’t really say for certain. Though then again I never cared for the Gorons to begin with, so that might have something to do with it :rofl:


Stopped by a couple stores after work and no dice on the Y USB cable. Was about to go out after a nap, and try Frys. Decided to delete the DLC pack off XCX, and now I’m at 13 gigs of free space?

Downloading the 3 gig install right now. I feel silly.

I had 8000-some kilobytes. The XCX was 4,000-some kilobytes. Seems weird once I looked up the ratio. Not gonna worry about it now.

I still plan on getting a Y Cable and hard drive to eventually nabbed al the data packs for XCX, but I was feeling bummed that I was going to pay more for the HDD and cable than I did for the game.


Haha. There’s two lakes called “Mikau” and “Lulu,” and they’re right next to each other.

It’s a small thing, but it still puts a smile on my face. :slight_smile:


What am i missing with that reference?


It begins :slight_smile:


…you haven’t played Majora’s Mask?

…actually there seems to be a lot of references in the location names. A few I expected, but the others are neat:

[details=Spoiler]Linebeck Island
Ralis Pond
Ruto Mountain
Ruto Precipice
Mikau Lake
Lulu Lake
Tal Tal Peak
Tingel Island[/details]

And that’s with only 4 towers worth of map opened. I imagine there’s far more across the continent.


In years lol.

Got it now tho lol.


amiibo function for botw


That video reminded me. Does the game feel the need to tell you what pick up items do every time you boot the game and up and start playing again? That shit really drove me nuts.


It only does it once, when it’s an item you already have, it just has the name of it. Just entered the first dungeon. Found a Guardian dungeon before the main one but it didn’t open.

Already broke the wood cutters axe :frowning: I’m now using a skeleton arm. It keeps moving it’s fingers, so it looks like it’s tickling my ass.


Only thing so far regarding game play that bothers me is when you’ll be on the side of a mountain when suddenly…it starts raining and you keep slipping down until your stamina depletes. So you have to warp out of there and wait for the rain to stop before you try again. Happens way more often than I’d like.


On that electricity effect… Using electric weapons or getting hit by lightning while standing in a pool of water is a good way to get bodied(or drop some bodies quickly.

Guardians don’t like being shocked, either, by the way.

Also, I just got mauled by a fucking bear… I’ve died more in this game than I have since Zelda II… I fucking love it.

EDIT: Carrying a lot of metal gear is a good way to get fried in a thunderstorm or take extra damage from electric attacks… Take that shit off to not die… and I figured out what a Blood Moon does, I think- It brings back enemies and minibosses you’ve killed, makes them stronger, and if you can kill them again, they drop better items and weapons.