The Legend of Zelda thread - Master Sword? Light Arrows? Tunics? Nah son. I'm fighting Ganon naked!


That video reminded me. Does the game feel the need to tell you what pick up items do every time you boot the game and up and start playing again? That shit really drove me nuts.


It only does it once, when it’s an item you already have, it just has the name of it. Just entered the first dungeon. Found a Guardian dungeon before the main one but it didn’t open.

Already broke the wood cutters axe :frowning: I’m now using a skeleton arm. It keeps moving it’s fingers, so it looks like it’s tickling my ass.


Only thing so far regarding game play that bothers me is when you’ll be on the side of a mountain when suddenly…it starts raining and you keep slipping down until your stamina depletes. So you have to warp out of there and wait for the rain to stop before you try again. Happens way more often than I’d like.


On that electricity effect… Using electric weapons or getting hit by lightning while standing in a pool of water is a good way to get bodied(or drop some bodies quickly.

Guardians don’t like being shocked, either, by the way.

Also, I just got mauled by a fucking bear… I’ve died more in this game than I have since Zelda II… I fucking love it.

EDIT: Carrying a lot of metal gear is a good way to get fried in a thunderstorm or take extra damage from electric attacks… Take that shit off to not die… and I figured out what a Blood Moon does, I think- It brings back enemies and minibosses you’ve killed, makes them stronger, and if you can kill them again, they drop better items and weapons.


Shit didn’t know it raise the drop rate. Will have to start backtracking.

Those fucking lighting storms are homing god damn turtle shells when you are steel armored out.

I legit just waited one out in a cave because I felt like every strike was on my ass.


The weather having this kind of effect on player on decision is fucking awesome. The idea that I might want to wait out a storm in a game?



So what timeline you guys think this one takes place in? Personally I’m thinking the Zelda 1 timeline.


I’m telling you, man. Nintendo went all out on this game. I see now why they placed so much faith in this game.

[details=Spoiler]I accidentally spoiled myself on the desert area… Holy shit that place is a massive wasteland… Prepare yourself for oppressive heat in the daytime and freezing cold at night- Not even protective clothing can save you- Need those elixirs on deck, yo. Also, SAND SEALS!! Nintendo continues the tradition of taking aquatic animals and making them swim through sand like its water… I love them so fucking much already! Might take a whole fucking day to fully explore it, and even then… Also, lol @ the Lizalfos using actual camouflage to blend in and ambush mofos.

This game is amazing.[/details]


I feel like you can sum up 90% of comments about this game as.
“I was wandering around aimlessly when I found something really cool, then I proceeded to do something really cool and felt real good about myself. I proceeded to immediately get my ass blown out by a random monster on the overworld and felt like an asshole.”
“This game rules.”


Interesting body of water:

Wonder what I’ll find there.


I stumbled across that pond on accident.

Was like “shit a fairy pond!”. Stock up on fairies like a mother fucker btw. They’re needed badly.


Anyone else seen glowing blue rabbits that shit rupees when you hit them, or manage to hit them more than once?


Me and my wife have come across them in the forest. I didnt have arrows at the time though and the rabbit ran away when my wife played.


…one thing that the voice acting in this game has brought to my attention…

…Link isn’t all that heroic sounding of a name. It’s kind of a boring one to say, actually. It’s like if your savior was named Tom. :rofl:


Link is currently the hero if ladies pants tho. So many ladies swooning over him as you play. It’s amazing


[details=Spoiler] I don’t know much about Zelda, aren’t they all on the same timeline? From what I’ve seen of the story so far it seems like it might be referencing the first game’s events though, even down to the art style of that imagery that always pops up when someone is telling you about the legend. When it shows the guardians they’re always lined up very organized like tiled bushes or pieces of landscape in the first game.


LoZ has 3 timelines.


…note to self, always carry a torch.

A rainstorm was preventing me from climbing around this new area I found, so I wanted to sit by a campfire to pass the time until the storm passed…I had firewood, I found a nearby spot out of the rain that had a light source…but I had nothing to light the firewood with, was out of fire arrows and had no wooden weapons to light from the aforementioned light source. So I just stood there until the weather changed. :rofl:

…and as I suspected, more name references.

[details=Spoiler]Pico Pond, Minshi Woods (spelled differently but I’m certain this is a Minish Cap reference)
Rauru Hillside
Lake Saria
Mido Swamp[/details]

Oh, and shopping adventures:

[details=Spoiler]You know that arrow that Link used in the very first teaser for the game? If you buy enough/sell enough at Beedle’s shop, he may give you one next time you encounter him (customer appreciation day, he’ll call it). And he’ll also tell you where to find more.


There’s a mad scientist that you can acquire them from who lives far north of Zora’s Domain. Might be worth a trip if a Guardian ever gets on your bad side.[/details]


If you have any flint in your inventory, drop it next to your wood and strike it with a metal wepon to start a fire.


Made another cool discovery.


I found the Master Sword. Seems you can technically acquire it before completing any of the dungeons…as long as you have enough heart containers. Extra hearts you put on from foods and elixirs don’t count. So unless you’ve completed a ton of shrines and focused only on heart containers, it’s probably still gonna end up being a late-game weapon for you. Haven’t figured out exactly how many heart containers it takes to get it.