The LEGIT Happy Birfdey, SRK Vynce Thread!


Yagami, bro. :tup:

You’re almost a REAL boy now!

…still no soul, doe. :wink:

May your day be filled with cheap beer, expensive gummy bears, and your lovely missus.

Also: Happy b-day King9999.

You so old, we Armor, now, up in this joint.

And thanks again to Dangerous J, for the early shout out.

But certain protocols must be maintained.

You know the Ginger likes it “just so.”


Happy Birthday, King9999!

Lynch Vynce and Azure


And happy birthday to y’all, too.


Happy birthday Vynce and azure. King9999 you turned your back on me when I asked you to make me a birthday thread ,so no happy birthday for you.


Happy Birthday @Vynce !



Thanks fellas B)


do the damn thing