The Lei Wulong Match-Up Thread- Q & A

Welcome to the Lei Wulong Match-Up thread! Here you can ask me (Or anyone else with Lei knowledge) about any match-up in SFxT and I will do my best to answer it. I’ve fought the best of the best with most of the characters in this game so please feel free to ask questions if you’re having match-up problems!

Yeah, let’s go. Tips for the Mishimas in general would be handy.

Anyone in particular you want to start with?

The biggest problems I have are against Kazuya, but Jin’s (I don’t know his move names) “stand up and pink lightning punch that seems to outrank all normals” is a shitter to deal with given Lei’s reliance on block strings. I also have a tough time dealing with their jump-ins (all three of them have crazy good air-to-ground normals) - once they’re on me, it’s tricky finding holes to poke into to get something started. Punishing Kazuya’s block strings seems difficult (like when he ends with that back-fist) and Heihachi… well, Heihachi. Just any general trickery or tips would be helpful.

Those dudes are such nicely built brawlers and its easy to get overwhelmed.

Well the Mishimas can be a difficult matchup but not really. If I had to rank them from easiest to hardest I would go Kazuya<Heihachi<Jin. The biggest area you are going to excel in on the mishimas is hard knockdown. If you can keep them guess with your stances on knockdown then you will be in for an easy fight. You can anti air the Mishima’s but you have to time it right. Their jump in’s stay active for awhile so you have to react fast. For Kazuya’s that like to abuse stand jab, get them off you with Lei’s DP because it shuts down all standing attacks. Kazuya cant really do anything to get out of pressure of Lei’s true blockstrings. Like you said Heihachi is Heihachi. You just have to keep your spacing. I like to get them to jump in and bait them into doing that spinning back fist so I can get a hit off of that. You just need to know his ranges. For Jin, they like to spam that mental alertness so I honestly just grab the mess out of Jin. Jin is a character you have to keep guessing on wakeup also as you can pretty much grab him out of his wake up. What I do is play the best Mishimas on my console and that helped me out alot. When the patch comes out, all of these matchups will get waaaaayyyy easier with the AA additions and the buffs to Lei. Hope this somewhat helps. I don’t know where you play Lei at (Point or Anchor) but I play him anchor and that makes the matchups alot easier because then they do what I want.

I tend to put him on point as I don’t really use meter with him, but he can build like a maniac if I can lock them down in long-ass blockstrings. Then I’ll switch out to someone who likes abusing meter and try to finish the job. I might have a fool around with my team composition and see what he’s like on anchor.

What is your team?

With Lei I’m plaing Lei/Julia and Lei/Bryan. Mostly Julia. Played around with Law/Lei for a while, but I don’t have the love for Law like I do for other characters. Now that I think about it, I’ll list the characters I play competently and if you could suggest some interesting pairings, I’ll take them for a spin.


I pretty much have rough teams cut out for everyone, but am looking to lock down two main teams so shuffling things around is fine.

The ones I see that might work out for real are Guile/Lei, Paul/Lei, and Bob/Lei. Guile can cover Lei’s weaknesses with his zoning but you may need to put meter gems on Guile. Paul and Lei would be a hard hitting team but the slow movement speed would kill them but they will still be good. Bob and Lei would be mix-up city. You could keep your opponent guessing with those two. Julia is still a good pressure character even with the changes so keep her too. Julia is a tough matchup for most so make sure you master her. As far as Bryan goes, he is a good character but I don’t know too much about Bryan to comment. I’ve only ran into a few but he seems pretty easy to beat as all his moves are predictable.

Bryan’s one of my deadlier characters - the problem most people have when dealing with Bryan is his mid-screen game. He’s rubbish up close and at full screen, but his dashes ensure he’s always at optimal range. Some of the 2013 changes will force me to play a little differently (his overhead won’t link), but I think he’s an interesting long-term character.

I played Guile from SFIV arcarde release until AE dropped and I switched to Marvel - never really played him prior to 4 (not as a main, anyway). He’s my most comfortable character by far, but I think I prefer a more mix-up heavy game when playing Lei.

I’ve tried Bob/Lei and there’s something missing - 2013 will probably help with his increased walk speed, improved AA, super connecting against non-grounded characters, and his additional ground bounces. I’ll take Paul/Lei for a spin, but I’d say based on my Paul that I’ll need Lei to run point and get the meter - Paul loves meter.

Haven’t been able to play too many matches (got dat Fisher Price internet atm) but I seem to have trouble with people that just get the life lead and runaway. I find it a bit harder to chase people down with Lei. Any tips?

Here’s one. Put him as your anchor. With Lei, YOU want to be the one playing keep away and baiting people into your combos. If you feel like you haven’t full mastered or got a grip on all of the stances then playing chase will be frustrating. Leo’s slow walk speed combined with the big stages in SFxT make it hard for him to get in sometimes.

I usually run him anchor with Kaz. But I’m trying to experiment with new characters. I have a feeling Lars is going to be the new Fei Long once the patch hits XP.

I’ve seen quite a few of your YT vids of Law/Lei. Law is another character I’ve been wanting to try out.

Also, are his only AAs EX Rekka kicks and Lotus? Some of his stances look like they have good AAs, but you can’t really use them on reaction.

I never really used EX Lotus as it is two risky and you can still hit him out if timed right. He is actually getting alot of different AAs in the patch though. He has an AA in snake stance, drunk stance, panther, dragon and tiger actually. Remember you can also move cancel drunk stance.

If you have him on Anchor, you need to do work with Kaz to be effective. Those two have a reset combo together but ill let you find that on your own lol. I’m sure you will put it to good use.

Ill tell you anyway, when Kaz does his wave dash into double low kicks, tag Lei in and hit the opponent with a This will cause the opponent to stand. In version 2013, he will be able to cancel MK into drunken stance for a reset. That will be pretty useful so keep that in mind.

Yeah, I don’t find EX Lotus to have too many uses. I’ve spend a good amount of my free time today in the lab trying to figure out Lei. I’ve played quite a bit of Lei in the Tekken games, but transitioning to this game is just a bit awkward right now. There a quite a few moves that I thought they would’ve put in the game that aren’t there. He d/b 4, 4 isn’t there nor is his f f 4, 3+4. I thought those moves would’ve been there for sure, but whatevs. Working with what I’ve got.

I’ve actually tried that. I used to run Guile on anchor and after Kaz’s Hell Sweeps I could tag Guile in and do cr.MP, HP, launch to bring Kaz back in. Didn’t work with Lei, now I know why.

I actually had a Tekken Guy (RedHaze Kaos) show me some stuff on my other account. He showed me what transitioned and what didnt so try to remember your stance cancels and see if they are still there. Those are really important. You get your timing down for those and you will be a beast.

Razor Rush still has the same transitions which is probably the most important. So far I like doing RR > Dragon stance > f+2P > Tiger stance f+2P and see if I can get a counter hit. I also noticed that you can Lotus > Back turn, but I haven’t been able to combo off of it.

Also, what version of SFxTK are they on w/ PC. I much prefer playing on that, but it seems like they’re still really far behind on updates.

The timing for the lotus is weird but I think they may fix that but idk. They are only on 1.06 on PC so don’t hold your breath. They may still be on version 1.02 actually.

1.06 is not officially out yet. The patch is on the microsoft’s download server, but it’s not released yet and has to be manually downloaded with the cost of not being able to go online.

How does a Yoshi/Lei team sound? Definitely looking at yoshi again with those 2013 changes…