The Lei Wulong Match-Up Thread- Q & A



Guh… Weak.


My friend already runs that team and yes that is a good team and will be better with the patch.


Does Lei have good damage as an anchor / off off switch cancels or boost chains ? What does he excel at ?


He used to do more damage than he does now, but it’s still good. Of course i rarley go for a full damage combo on the come in. Positioning and mix up potential is what make lei a threat. As an anchor lei is awesome. On the come in depending where i am on the stage i either go for a combo that ends in a sweep to set up drunken stance high/low/evade, or do razors rush into another stance depending on the opponents play style. . He requires a lot of work though. He is a thinking mans character as he requires good reads and the knowledge of a next set up. Stances can be cumbersome at the start. But now there is plenty material here and on youtube to get ya started. Good luck!


anyone have any advice against alisa? I can’t wrap my head around it other than inching forward and saving meter for alpha counter. Any other advice would be great! Thanks


Drunken stance blows her up sip and tiger blow is good against most of her pokes plus fireball evade


Yea but when she is in stance now she can block and still be in it. Even in Drunk stance with its long reaching pokes if she is in saw mode all she has to do is mash on jab. Damn those saw pokes are active for a long time. Also if I recall correctly she can throw out a projectile and if you try to evade she can either go low or high and get your recovery of the evade. Anyone know a good Alisa? I obviously need some practice.


I play Qs_Frenzy alot on PSN so I know the match up. The main thing you want to do is make her miss and whiff punish. Tiger sip and blow will only get so far as her slide will go right through that. You may be able to raw launch it but IDK. On knockdown, Most Alisa’s wake up with that EX Tackle or that Chainsaw DP. You can easily bait and Punish these moves with Lei. PM more for more info on that though.


You know what, I’ll quit being stingy. If she wakes up with the chainsaws, this is a low hitting attack. You have auto parry in crane stance so this will be auto parried, tag in your partner for big damage. If you think she will wake up with that EX move, then Just jump over her and cr.hp. But none of the Alisa’s really know about that. Also you can tiger sip the EX wake up though. I highly suggest not abusing tiger sip. Just use in to bait alisa into dashing after a fireball and use the comet kick to lay down the hurt on her.


You can sweat Alisa’s technique pretty easily just by staying at range and punishing her for throwing shit out. Ideally I’d throw out one comet kick the entire match and have it connect; that’s the goal.<br>