The Lei Wulong Supercop thread

Wow, I can’t believe there’s no love for Lei here.

I’m not an amazing tekken player by any means, but this seems like the definitive Lei to me.

Since Tekken 4 he’s been lower tier, but hangs on because of his mixups. Now, he’s upper tier, has more mixups and stronger options.

Let’s see:

-Drunken Stance is awesome:
The new forward run is nice, definitely adds some pressure since Drunken Stance is immediately cancellable into most things including razor rush and df+2, the drunk throw also has a 1+2 break. Also, pressing back while stumbling forward makes him stumble back, which is a great dodge move. His new 2,1~f is a great transition to drunken stance also.

-He can drop into every position now: d+1+4, d+2+3, d+3+4, d+1+2. Lots of options on the ground. He can also finally do the jack-knife kick and cross chop
off of the ground.

-BT 4~3 combos into juggle on normal hit, it’s a mid, mid too, which is nice.

-BT d+1 now only trips on counter hit… but it’s now unparry-able.

What is everyone’s take on him? For combos I’ve been using these so far.

Normal Launcher: f+2, f~n+4,1~f, 1 to B!, then pick them up with ff+3,4
Panther 2: f+2, f+2, f+2, f~n 2, ff+2
Tiger 4: uf1, 2, f~n+2, ff+2

This was taken for TZ lei forums but I’ll post it here, thanks to Aleicard for updating it for everyone.

Okay, so it’s been voted to make this new thread for BR.
so far the changes from BR have had semi-minimal effect to T6 combos…
those changes are as follows:

in BT:
BT 4~b leaves us at BT…
BT d+4 still juggles like T6 regardless of CH or normal hit
BT 4,3 is safe and NC (not yet confirmed?)
BT d+4~f leads to DRU
BT 1,1,3,2 doesn’t go DRU automatically now, so you guys are thinkin what I’m thinkin right?

in regular stance:
fn4,1~f leads to TGR…
fn4,1~d_u leads to DRG
u/f+3 is now safe on block
d/b+4~f leads to DRU
u+1+2 is tumble forward move u+1+2~d ends up in KND

in TGR:
after TGR 3~f, a new low with input of 4…

in sleeping stances:
PLD3~f leads to DRU…
FCD3 is now a new low sweep which can ravespin?

in DRU:
DRU u/b+1+2, 1
DRU 3,2 now bounds…

bad news:
BT d+1 doesn’t juggle unless CH…(but is not parryable now)
d/b+4 doesn’t juggle like in T6 unless CH…
f+3,1 doesn’t have a followup transition… and it’s (M,H) too, meaning the 2nd hit is duckable and will prolly be like Ganryu’s d/f+4,1…
and d+2,2 doesn’t have a followup stance as well…

the frame properties of the new stings according to,ͭ��TBR are:

f+3,1(M,H)(16?f)(25,14? damage)(+7!? on hit)
d+2,2(M,M)(?f)(21,25 damage)(-12 on block,ouch)

anyway, the speculated must-try combos I have for BR are in bold letters and will be confirmed as soon as BR is released in PH. You are all welcome to add your speculated combos, we’ll just cross them out if they are tested out and found not working. Also, match vids will be a very huge help in completing this thread. posting them will be very much appreciated. also corrections and recommendations are very welcome.

SNA Snake Stance
DRG Dragon Stance
PAN Panther Stance
DRU Drunken Stance
CRN Crane Stance
TGR Tiger Stance
SLD Sleeping position with Lei’s head towards opponent facing down
PLD Sleeping position with Lei’s head towards opponent facing up
KND Sleeping position with Lei’s head away from enemy facing up
FCD Sleeping position with Lei’s head away from the enemy facing down
PHX Phoenix Stance
B! bound
W! wall splat


u/f+4 (mid)
d/f+2 (mid)
[WS+2], CH1 (mid)
d/b+4 (low)
CH d/b+4 (low)
BT d+4 (low)
CH BT d+1 (low)
BT 4,3 (mid)
CH ff+2 (mid)
CH TGR 1 (mid)
TGR 4 (low)
CH u/f+3 (mid)
DRU 4 (mid)
PLD 4 (mid)
KND 3 (low)
f,n,1,2,1,2, CH 3 (low)
PAN 2 (mid)
CH DRG 2 (mid)
DRU b+1+2 (mid)
PHX 2 (mid)
CH 4 (high)
PLD 3 (low)
CH ss+2~B_DRU 2~B (mid)
u/f+3+4 (mid)
(1+2),2 (high, mid)
BT u/f+4 (mid)
DRG 1+2 (high)
FCD 3 (low)
CH TGR 2 (mid)
(TGR 3~f) _ 4 (low)
BT 1,1,3,2 (m,m,l,h) since it doesn’t go to DRU right away, maybe a follow up is possible because opponent goes off balance(not sure)
(fn3_fn4,1,2,3),CH d+4 (low)
CH b+1+2 (mid) (not guaranteed, but if not teched can be followed up by ff+3 juggle)
CH DRU 3,2~f (low mid)

Post B! moves (mostly from Battousai)

  1. f,f+3,4 the staple
  2. WS+2,1
  3. d/f+2~f
  4. d/f+1+2~f - puts you right into TGR for pressuring
  5. f,f, u/f+3+4 - puts you on the other side
  6. Razor Rush - for animal mixups.
  7. f,f+2 - great for b+4 mixups.
  8. dash in WS+2,f+2,ff+3,4(hardest to pull, but most damaging)
  9. d/f+3
  10. f+3,1(?)
  11. d+2,2(?)
  12. ff+4~to CRN or PHX…(thanks for Crying Freeman for pointing that out)
  13. ff+4,3+4 (H,H) confirmed by Fei-Hung and Crying Freeman

You are free to choose what move to use after B! but ws2,f+2,ff+3,4 is the greatest guaranteed damage you can get. The rest will depend upon your setup

u/f+4_PAN 2_d/f+2_CH ff+2_CH TGR 1_ff+3_WS 2(block/whiff), CH 1_CH DRG 2_ BT u/f+4 PHX 2

-f+3,1,fn2,ff+2,b! (It’s been demonstrated in one of the match videos)
-4,f+3,1,ff+2 b! (Guylon)
-f,n,4,1, f,n,2 ,ff+2,b! (can’t be regularly done after CH ff+2)
-f+2,f+2,f+2, ff+2, b!
-f+2,f+2,fn2, ff+2, b!
-u/f+1, fn2, fn2, ff+2, b! (unconfirmed for other launchers except u/f+4)
-f+2, 1+2,1, 1+2,2 -> props to [Tobi]
(note: ff+3,4 can be replaced by Razor Rush for wall carry or stance setup or another ff+2 for another type of setup as well)
-f+2, fn4~1~f TGR 1 B! (yey, it works. thanks to a number of guys who thought of it.)

-f+2,f+2,f+2,fn2,ff+2 b! (thanks to ~[DTC]~ for pointing it out)

(1+2) 2
-f+2, fn2, ff+2, b!

CH ff+2
f+1, fn4,1, ff+2, b! (thanks to Symbo)

d/f+2~F SNA

-SNA 1, f+2, ff+2 b!
-SNA 1,1, f+2 ff+2 b!


-U/F+4, f+1, ff+2, b! (can anyone confirm if this still works on T6)


-bt3+4 B!, x, f31, ff34(where ‘x’ is you facing forward and back in regular stace)(by Crying Freeman)
-BT U/F+4, f+3,1 , f,f+2, B!(Battousai)
-BT u/f+4, f+2_fn2, ff+2, b!
-BT U/F+4, f+1, b! (this one’s better IMO, if you hit the opponent from a disance, it still promises a juggle, unlike the first, but it deals around 10 less damage)
-BT u/f+4, f+2, 1+2~1, 3 (thanks to Guylon)
-u/f+3, f+2, f,N+2, f,f+2, B! (silencer017)(must be near like u/f+4 and must be aligned)
-BT u/f+4, f+2, f,N+2, f,f+2, B!(silencer017)
-BT U/F+4, 1, f,N+2, f,f+2, B!(silencer017)
-f,2,1,3+4,ff+2 b!
-fn4,1,fn2,ff+2 b!
-f+3,1,fn2,ff+2 b!

-d+4,4 (?)
-~f DRU, DRU 3,2b! (According to Nameless03(the first who tried it)"you have to be very close to opponent to land it)

CH d/b+4?_ BT d+4

-SSL~SNA~SSR~PAN 2, f+2, fn2, ff+2, B!
-WS 2, f+2, fn2, ff+2, b!
-d/f+1, 1, fn2, ff+2, b! (zachdarvin)

CH BT d+1

-iWS 2, 2, fn2, ff+2, b!,
-BT d+1 d+1 d+1, 3_iWS 3
-iWS+2,1, d+4~D, W!, SNA 1+2 (thanks to Battousai)
-BT d+1 X 4 (thanks to ~DTC)
-instantly face opponent d+2 b! (works for T6 too)

TGR 4(since DR)

-uf+1, 2 ,f~2, f,f+2 B! (thanks to Chongibears)
-iWS 2, 2_f+2, fn2, ff+2, b!
-FC d/f+2,1,4 PHX 2!
u/f+1, f+2, f,N+2, f+1, f,f+2, B!, dash, d/f+1,1 (Battousai)

CH u/f+3_CRA u/f+4 (since DR)

-Cancel Crane f+3,1 f+3,1 ff+2 b! (thanks to SuikenUser)
-CRA 3, f+3,1 ff+2 b! (thanks from Nameless03)
-CRN 3, f+2, f+2, ff+2, B!,

CH 4
-fn2,f+3,1 ff+2, b! (SuikenUser)
-f~2, f~2 f,f+2 B! (three f~2 can be done when near,.just estimate the distance where you hit CH 4.) (thanks to chongibears for this one)

PLD 4(since DR)

-u/f+3 CRN, 3, ff+2 b!, (timing is really strict for this one or I might be wrong)
-2+3(item move)(thanks to Battousai for confirming)
-u/f+4, f+2_fn2, ff+2, b!

PLD 3(since DR)
-SSL~SNA~SSR~PAN, PAN 2, f+2,fn2,ff+2 b! (thanks to Nameless03 for this one)
-WS+2, f+2, f~2, f,f+2 B! (thanks to chongibears for this one)


-if KND is CH, d/f+1 can pickup into almost standard juggle
-if KND is CH or not, d/f+1+2, b! ff+3,4
-df1+2 B! f,f+3~b BT d+1 BT 3 (chongibears)
-df1+2 B! WS+2, f,f+3,4 (the timing for this is pretty tight after WS+2)
-d/f+1+2, TGR 3~f W! 1+2 (~DTC~)


-~f~DRU 3,2 b! (new speculated combo)(?)
-1, f+2, f,N+2, f,f+2. (this one just came from Battousai)
-DRU 4, dash 1, dash 1, ff+2(Opponent gets b! backwards), ff+3,4
DRU 4, 1 ,2 df1+2 B! f,f+3,4 (from Chongibears, almost the father of unusual launchers’ follow ups):slight_smile:

DRU b+1+2

-u FC d/f+2,1,4~PHX PHX 2 b! from random video.
-SLD 1+2~DRU, DRU 3,2 b! confirmed by Nameless03
-SLD, 4~3
-SLD d+3+4 (silencer017)
-SLD 1+2,u,4(iWS4), f+1, fn2, ff+2 b!

Razor Rush to CH 3 (low) (since DR)


BT 4,3 (now reported to be NC, woohoo)

-FC 1, F+1 f,f+2 B!(timing for FC 1 is tough and requires practice)( thanks to chongibears)
-BT 4,3, FC+1, FC,d/f+2,1,4, PHX mixups (silencer017)

CH ss+2~B_DRU 2~B (still same for DR)

-BT d+1, d+1, d+1, iWS 3_3

u/f+3+4 (doable in DR)

-BT d+1, d+1, d+1, iWS 3_3
-iWS 2, f+2, fn2, ff+2, b! (thanks to chongibears)
-BT 1,1,(3),2~DRU (Battousai)

DRG 1+2

-u/f+1, 2, fn2, ff+2, b!(thanks for telling me, chongibears)

FCD 3**(since we have new FCD 3 in BR, it’s not yet confirmed if this works)
-WS 3(if opponent is close when hit)
-3~4 (first kick will hit, thanks to Chongi)
-b+4 (hits grounded, thanks to Chongibears)

**CH TGR 2(still same for DR)
-dash in d/f+1, fn2, ff+2 b! (Aleicard)

(fn3), CH d+4
-iws 2, f+2_fn2, ff+2 b!

(TGR 3~f) 4
-d/f+1,f+2,ff+2 b!
-d/f+1+2 b!

CH DRU 3,2
-~f DRU 3,2 b! (silencer03 for testing and finding this out)

THINGS to do after W!(I think everyone already knows the walls on BR aren’t that sticky anymore so some of these may not be working anymore.Please correct):

without b! yet:
d/f+1+2~F b! TGR 1, WS 3 (so far, I’ve seen a match video wherein Lei still lands this)
d/f+1+2 b! d/f+1+2 WS 3 (guaranteed only up to 2nd d/f+1+2)
d/f+1+2 b! WS 3 (been doable since BR)
d/f+1+2, B!, 2+3 (item move) (credits go to Battousai)(please test if still doable)
f,f+2, B!, u/f+3, CRA 3,4,2,3 (the last three hits are techrollable)

after b!:
ff+2 (if your from a distance)
dash in d+4,4 (dunno if this will still work in BR)

fn1,2,1,2,3_4 (not yet confirmed if still doable in BR)
3~4,4,4,4 (not guaranteed unless opponent doesn’t move,since T5)
fn4,1,2,2,2 (not yet confirmed to be working on BR)
f+3 (been here since T4)
2+3 (item move, just for flash. HEADSHOT)(not guaranteed all the time)(thanks to Battousai for reminding me)
fn2,D+2_d+1,ws3 - thanks to tuch_dis


Thanks to all the Lei community and their contributions on notes, videos, strats, and juggles for BR Lei:
Crying Freeman
Drunken Phoenix

pm me if I forgot to mention you, okay?

Thanks to all unmentioned T6 Lei community people.

Thanks to TZ for being a helpful guide to me when I was starting to play T5 Lei

Thanks to my parents and God.

Thanks to Namco Bandai for balancing the game.

updated 1/21/09: added cannonball b+1+2 CH possible JS(not guaranteed), and re-added (fn3) CH d+4

updated 1/23/09: added Nameless03’s notes on new juggles.

updated 1/25/09: added 2 new followups posted at the BR changes thread

updated 1/27/09: added TGR 3~f(low JS), added ff+4,3+4 bound connection, confirmed some strings.

updated 2/23/09: added the FC d/f+2,1,4~PHX b! followup moves we all saw on the recent Lei vids

updated 5/22/09: added d/f+2 launch followup from Guylon. Added note on BT d+1

Wow, not much Lei love at all.

I’m rather new to tekken, and I plan to start working on Lei as my secondary. I have a question though: what are Lei’s primary punishers? I didn’t see anything on it in Suiken’s grand post, so I thought I’d ask.