The length of the book


I love the series thus far but I’m having a bit of an issue with the actual length of the comic. I wish the main story had a few more pages rather than doing these back up stories that don’t really feel like they should be there. It feels like we’re not getting enough main story and the main story is what is going to keep people interested in this series after the initial hype dies down. The back up stories are okay thus far, but I’d much rather see a regular length comic, and then the back up story or just a regular length issue sans back up story. I’ve talked to others that feel the same way.

Are there any plans to actually get more pages into the main story, or is it going to remain the same? The reason I’m asking this is because (I’ll support you no matter what) others, over time might not feel street fighter is worth the few dollars they plunk down for it due to it’s format. I’d hate to see this series hit a sales slump after a few issues because of something like that, especially considering it’s obvious you people really do care about street fighter as a whole and it’s obvious you guys want to see this comic successful.


I agree. Like you, I’ll keep buying the comic even at its current length, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more content. It’s one of the only things I think could be improved about the comic. Otherwise, I’ve been blown away by the quality of this thing. I haven’t bought a new comic in over five years, but SF has changed that. I’ve already picked up the first three issues, and plan to continue picking up every issue as long as this comic runs.


I liked the Ryu/Sagat fight, so some backstories are cool. Here’s a thought, why not put them in the comic where they belong as both backstories have references made to them in the comic? Nothing wrong with flashbacks y’know…


**i agree and disagree. i do want more main story, but i also feel that the back up stories are necessary. so far we caught a breif glimpse of ryu winning the first street figther tournement, and chun li’s fathers actual kidnapping. both of which are key parts of the whole. though, don’t mistake this, i would rather that they didn’t shorten the main story just to supply the back ups. rather give a full size main story, with a normal size back up and cheap shot. to repeat don’t shorten the main story, but keep the back up and cheap shots.

ABASI!** :cool:


Well, I wasn’t necessarily suggesting they drop the backstories. As long as they are relevant and interesting parts of the history of the characters, I think they’re fine. But I was really just wondering if they couldn’t increase the total size of the book slightly.

But another possible fix for this down the line might come when backstories aren’t really needed any more. I can see covering all of the important backstory elements in that fashion, but I imagine at some point they’re basically going to have covered them all, and the comic will still be going. So one way to go could be to only include all of the really relevant backstories, and then just drop the backstory section altogether, and increase the size of the main story portion to cover its pages.


I have to agree that the book is far too short. I like the idea of dropping the backstories and doing some sort of “Street Fighter Zero (Alpha)” mini-series and condense all of the history into that. And what can’t fit, throw in the main series through flashbacks and whatnot.

The book is amazing, it’s just that after you finish reading the main story you still feel like you got half of the book left. Maybe I’m just from the oldschool.


The guest back story are stregically planned and put there mostly as flash backs that would tie into the issue itself. So it IS part of the book. We thought of integrating it into the mail story but with the distinct art style of each guest, it will become a bit awkward if it is integrated into the story. So we make it to be a stand alone flash back tale of some “background detail” of the main story.

The standard American Comic has always been a 22 page of interior art thing. And depending on the guest’s schedule, we are doing 4 to 5 page back up (Kevin Lau’s story has 5 FULL page of art!), plus a page for cheap shots, that is more art than a

As I have explained at this point, in a safety stand point, we need the guest artist to create more awareness for the comic book market to secure the initial sales of the title. And we are being very selective in which guest is doing what to make sure that the feel of SF is not lost. It might not be totally Capcom style, but at least we wanna keep the essence of it as much as we can.

The standar length of a book is 22 pages in total most of the time. Issue 6, the climax of the first arc when Ryu & Ken fights Akuma, will bear no back up story. We will indeed need all those pages to make a kick ass fight sequence that we have all been waiting for!!


I understand the purpose of the back story from the sales standpoint completely. I know after Malibu’s attempt at making a Street Fighter comic, retailers aren’t exactly extremely interested in a series like this. I understand that. I’m just saying that even if you gave the main story 22 pages as opposed to like 16 or 17, I think it would help a lot in the long run. The book does feel short because of the break in the main story despite the back up story. I don’t know the logistics of how much this stuff costs to make but I think if you extended the main issue even by four pages it would feel so much more complete. I don’t want to see people drop this series later on because of a length issue. It’s just a concern that’s all. I really want to see this comic stay successful. Everybody from SRK that’s bought this book wants to, but again, it seems like the length of the book could become an issue later on when the hype dies down.


I feel the main story is just the right length. We get a nice little background story at the end, and then we get an amusing cheapshot as well. We already know the characters, and most of us know their origins as well, so the main story can really get to the point. I don’t think the story could ever really drag on like some comics do, but I suppose a few pages extra couldn’t hurt. Maybe in the next story arc, since I’m assuming the first arc is done already.


I agree with most posts so far when i finished reading #1 it just kind of abruptly ended and felt awkward. Even though the ryu sagat fight was one of my favorite parts it felt to short as well. It feels like a 2 in 1 comic were they both end right in the middle leaving you with nothing for a month. You should maybe dedicate an anual issue or 2 to the back up stories and leave the rest dedicated to the main. I will continue to buy the comic as long as i have money which ever way you do it even if you shorten the main story (i hope not). It’s just a suggestion (but leave the cheapshot cus those are awesome) also do you guys plan on ever having a subscription plan? thx


**truth be told, i feel that no matter the length of each issue, we will still want more. so, i guess it really is fine, after thinking about it. though i really wish you wouldn’t of gave away the bit about ryu & ken vs akuma!!!

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Yes, WE all know the characters but the regular person off the street, or younger people, don’t really know street fighter. I know the fanbase here will probably always buy and support this comic while it’s around, but new people need to be drawn into the comic too, to keep it successful. I’m not so sure that the average joe would stay interested with the stories as they are in terms of length.


I am not to start an arguement, nor even a debate. But the fact is that the average Joe is picking up the SF book because of the guests at this moment. We are trying our best to keep a good balance of things. It is not feasible for us to do more than 23 or 24 pages of interior art because of a lot of reasons at this point, financially and schedule wise and printing/publishing wise. Will see how we can break this US comic module but we need SF to be super successful in order to do so.

Therefore, in the mean time, we have a few more guests signed on till the end of the second arc (thru #12). I have some crazy ideas to make the tournament arc more explosive, come out more frequently, but it all depends where we are at when we get to like #8 or so…

I hear your concerns. It is also our concerns too.


Well folks the man has spoken on this twice and now I think we should drop it. He obviously knows more than us on this subject and, while we’re justified about the length, he’s also right about the guest artists and what’s really getting this book off the ground, besides SF name recognition.

I am willing to give Erik and crew the benefit of the doubt on this one, and I’ll sum up what he said for those that need it broken down:

“Worrying about what’s good for the long term is a concern, but first we have to do things that make sure we’re even around for the short term.”


Whoa, whoa. I’m not trying to start an argument, it’s just a concern that I felt was valid. I thought this forum was a spot where we could converse about it and frankly a bunch of people, who are street fighter fans no less, saying “Good job” without voicing the things they might have a problem with isn’t exactly good constructive criticism. It’s just positive reinforcement. Of course the people here are going to be happy with what you’re doing, this is a street fighter site. A lot of people are happy just seeing street fighter in another art form and it’s obvious to us you truly care about Street fighter otherwise you wouldn’t ask what we think.

I want to see the book stay successful, that’s why I brought it up. I’m sure you probably thought about this but I figured I’d voice my opinion because I’m one of the consumers buying your product and I’ve already heard people complaining about the length. No disrespect meant. I’m not bitching at you or trying to start an argument. Just voicing a concern. I don’t know the logistics of your whole operation so obviously you’d know better how all of this runs than I. I’ll keep supporting you just because it’s obvious you guys like street fighter. Sorry my post wasn’t more clear. I wasn’t trying to start an argument.


No No, its all good that you voiced your concerns, my friends. I am saying that “I” am not here to argue with you guys. I am here to explain, and to reach out and discuss.

Thanks very much for all the posts. Your opinions are valuable to us. :slight_smile: