The 'let's learn to pronounce names/words correctly' thread

On the Evo stream I noticed everyone pronouncing Tokido like ‘to KEE do.’ I thought Tokido rhymed with ‘okey dokey’?

Also, how is Gradius pronounced? Does it rhyme with ‘Ray’ or ‘Rad’? It’s a play on the word ‘gladius’ which rhymes with ‘ray’ but Konami pronounces it like ‘rad’

I just thought we could clear up terms related to video games or other things related to this site. Not trying to be condescending. And look, if this thread degenerates to ‘Japanese high horse’ then I’ve failed, so other languages are welcome. For instance, there was this PS2 game called Hresvelgr. How the fuck do you say that?

I also thought Gradius was pronounced “gray-dee-us”. I don’t recall hearing it pronounced any other way.

One thing that always made me laugh was to hear the few other people that say “Gully” for Guile. Really, have those folks never heard the word “beguiled”? Apparently not. Thankfully that just appeared to be a small section of the general fighting game audience at the time.

If you know about katakana, there’s a way to prounouce an ‘ay’ sound and and an ‘ah’ sound, and Konami spells it like ‘ah’

On the topic of shooters, for years I thought Darius had an ‘EE’ sound in the middle, but it’s apparently an ‘EYE’ sound…

is Adidas pronounced Ah-dee-dis or Aw-dee-dos or what? I also hate how some people call it Nike (like mike) while some call it Nikey

It’s Gra-Dee-Us.

I always thought it was DA-ree-us like the way Chappelle said it in one of his sketches.

Adidas is pronounced uh-DEE-dahs. Funny thing, a kid in middle school had a fake Adidas jacket and it had a soccer ball where the 2nd ‘a’ is. So it read adidOs.

What’s the deal with Seth Killian saying “Roo” instead of “Ryu”?

My friend swears that Urien is pronounced HU-ree-un which I have no idea why. The announcer says it right there in the game.

my friend when i was a kid, we used to play SFII all the time. And his brother would freak the fuck out when I called him Ryu. He insisted it was pronounced Roo

Maybe he thinks Urien is in a rush. Hurryin… get it…

Gradius = GRAH DEE US, and nothing else

Tokido rhymes with taquito

I think more than anything it’s jokingly when they say that. There’s some people who say “Gilly”, so it’s just joking I think.

I think officially it’s supposed to be Roo, but the fans just called him Rye-Yoo or Ree-you for so long that it stuck.

Ryu is actually a ridiculously difficult name to pronounce properly for native English speakers. First off, the Japanese “R” sound isn’t really the same as our “R” sound. It really is almost a blend of “L” and “R”, which is why the two letters are seen as interchangeable there. Instead of being a normal “R” sound, you tap the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth when you pronounce it, almost as a soft “L”. Wait, it gets worse.

Indeed, the consonants for Ryu’s name are “Ri-yu-uu”. However, when spelled in katakana, the “yu” is written smaller than the rest of the characters. This implies that the “Ri” and the “yu” are slurred together. This is very difficult for non-native speakers, even ones who have been studying the language for years. Seth’s “Roo” is an attempt at this pronunciation, and not a bad one.

I can pronounce Ryu correctly and am of the opinion that seth is pretty damn off. Roo isn’t very close to right at all.

it’s TOE-kee-doe. Japan puts emphasis on the first syllable (i think).


BLAZE BLOO (“aze” sounds like “raise”)
BLAHZE BLOO (“ahze” sounds like “oz”)
BLAAHZE BLOO (“aah” sounds like “cat, bat, hat”)

He’s better than he used to be, at least he sounded better during the Evo stream to me. His R isn’t as hard, and I heard a slight “yu” in there. Admittedly, I wasn’t paying that close attention, but it didn’t sound that bad to me, and I can pronounce it consistently as well.

As for Blazblue, “Blaze Blue” seems to be the most accepted western pronunciation. In Japan, however, the “Z” is actually silent. Yes, it’s pronounced “Blay Bloo” in Japan. Weird.

Oh snap

So it’s more like Rlu. Seth’s been schooling us all along.

I once heard someone pronounce it as AR-yu and RYE-yu.

How is Sagat supposed to be pronounced? I just say it Saget (rhymes with ******), like the guy from Full House.

Ryu is ree-yoo blended together into a single syllable with the yu part emphasized (Japanese usually emphasize the second syllable) but back in the day people pronounced it whatever so stuff like Roo and Rye-yoo propagated. I say it Rye-yoo.

Urien is Ur-ree-en or Your-ree-in/Yuri-en. Old school Celtic name of a few dark age British kings and Arthurian legend.

Gully for Guile is hilarious. Yes Guile is a cartoon seagull who gets raped by oil and needs to be saved by Captain Planet.


Sagat = Sah-GOT


All the different ways the name is said don’t bother me. He can say Roo all he likes i really don’t mind. I just don’t think he’s very close to saying it right. Not a big deal though in the grand scheme.

And man I don’t care what japan says that name is Blaz Blue. There is no E on there ot make it Blaze. I refuse to pronounce english words as engrish cuz they can’t bite our words correctly…Unless it’s Terry bogard cuz he makes it awesome. RISING TACO! POWA WAAAVE!

Yup, that’s how I pronounce it as well.

Björk is not called “bjork”. I’d say “bjurk” would be closer for english speakers.

And Björn Borg is not “bjorn” either, again… “bjurn” would be closer. And it’s not “borg” as the star trek race, it’s more like “borj” or “bohrj” or something.

That’s all I can contribute to the subject.

I say “ryh-uh” or something like that. But it’s not the english y that makes “ry” into “raj” and “try” into “traj”… It’s a different type of y, but I can’t think of an english word that uses the sound as an example. Damn, it’s hard to explain pronounciation. Need to learn those letters that describe sounds or something. :bluu:

Edit: This is the y I use for Ryu