The Level Editor Thread

Okay, let’s all take a break from the neverending “ITEMS: NAY!/ITEMS: YAY!” gayness and the seriousness of being competitive with Brawl for a moment and talk about something that’s been criminally overlooked in these forums: the stage editor. I’ve been playing around with it for a few days now, and I love this thing. I’ve sent a couple of peeps here a sample of what I’ve cooked up, like a Tetris stage and a Panel de Pon/Tetris Attack stage, and I have other ideas in my head. I don’t have an SD card that’s compatible with the Wii right now, but if anyone wants a stage I made, post up your Brawl/Wii FC (I don’t know which one is used for sending stuff), and I’ll get to you when I can.

Now, the stage editor is pretty bare bones, and is missing some options that should be present, like being able to choose where you start off a match and where you respawn, and the variety in what they give you to build with sucks, but creativity will always overcome those barriers. Hopefully other people here have made stages and want to share them with others and this thread can be a hub where you share some of your stage editing talent.

Related Links: IGN has a Brawl site where people can use their SD cards to upload and download stages. There’s a FAQ over there on how to do that as well. Link:

I might save a stage or two off to SD card and see if the format can’t be cracked. I’d want to remove the retarded gap at the bottom of the stage. My obligatory Hyrule and Saffron 64 stage remakes can’t work if you can actually go UNDER the buildings… LOL.

I’ve made a couple of stages that are large & are meant for 4-for-all/team battles.
Only problem is, I don’t have a card reader. I’ll most likely have one in a few days or so.

I made a bargain bin version of the Mario level from 64…there really just aren’t enough parts to really use the level editor for anything special…

I have some of Retro’s stages, and they’re legit. It’s too bad I was just trying to unlock stuff when I actually did get to “play on” (AKA jump off) them.

I’m not super crazy about all the remakes from the older games, because I didn’t really miss those stages anyway.

It seems like finding the balance between playability and gimmicky is important here. But it was still badass making a pyramid level because I’m a Fist of the North Star fanboy faggot, and I wanted to pretend like Ganon was Souther.

God, I wish I could turn pieces upside down. =/

Yeah, because of the stupid gaps, remake stages become remix stages.

I revised the Tetris stage that I made because the floating vertical z-block is tough to scale for characters who have crappy jumps. I’ll send out Tetris Type B to everyone who got Type A later when I get home.

Seriously, I wish that you could at least turn the spikes upside down. How the hell do you overlook that?

I made a few Cage Match maps. Pretty simple, make set blocks into a box form without the top, then cover the top with spikes to seal the top exit. Stamina mode obviously, then I just fill the cage with some random things. Good for 1 on 1 from my experiences.

Haha, I did the FotNS pyramid and obligatory Tetris stages too. Always interested to see what other people have come up with though.
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I’ve also tried to remake a couple segments of levels from older games; a couple that came out somewhat resembling what they were supposed to (in shape at least) and being somewhat playable were Dracula’s throne room (final boss fight) from Dracula X and the beginning of Cutman’s stage from Mega Man 2.

And yes, little things like not being able to flip pieces upside down are what will ultimately limit things more than lack of variety in pieces.

I made the most retarded stage ever: blue sky background, with four seperate giant drop blocks. Thats it.
Needless to say, matches don’t last long on that stage.

I find it hilarious to make a stage that’s way too close to the roof, so that you can actually kill yourself by jumping too high.

But that’s just me. <_<

Has anybody noticed that you can’t really get floating platforms into a good position? They either seem too short or too high.

You can find my stages here.

It looks like the level editor format has been cracked, though I’m not sure how useful it is right now. It’s been found, though, that there’s room for more data beyond the ‘normal’ boundaries for the S and M sizes. All that might be left is to either make a stage larger than necessary and have it ‘crop’ down, or find a way to add blocks outside the ‘official’ areas, and that’ll fix the gap issue.


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