The life of doshu in Japan^^: a photo-blog


Hi guys,

I’m doshu, a modest player/modder for SSF4AE (see my ULSM, orthe other stages I’ve done). I’ve been in Japan since last October, studying for my PhD. I then started a blog consisting mostly of pictures about stuff encountered during my everyday life in Japan. Thing is, the blog was only available in French. But I just started to work on an English version. There’s not much content for now, but hopefully I will soon catch up the French blog’s rhythm.

The English blog is over there.

If you’re a bit curious about Japan, as maybe lots of VS Fighting players are, feel free to have a look around :wink:

Florent, aka doshu

PS: no ads on my blog (yet^^), so I’m not advertising for money here.


so how many japanese chicks did you bang?


While spending most of my time reading Japanese history books and articles? Less than you imagine, I’m afraid…

And you, clever boy?


Looks cool man. :tup:


Thanks Manx for posting an intelligent comment, unlike the first one :wink:

By the way, Blog Update !


Looking good, may read in future once in while. but have good time out there would love to visit.


Awesome read by the way, i want to study there one day too also in hopes of becoming a Doctor ^^! Small rooms though q`q…But not too bad at all


How bad is the Yakuza problem? I keep hearing extremes. It’s either a bunch of guys minding their own business who happen to have lots of tattoos or it’s like downtown harlem/queens wherever you go.


Cool, I’m really interested in Japan right now so this will be a good read for me for the future.

image from blog


One problem I did notice though hat shelf above your bed could not have been positioned in a worse place man.
I swear if I was you I’d forget that it was there every morning and end up smacking my head on it every time I woke up. :sweat:



Anyway, I like this. There was another thread like this which was also nice, good work.


Cool beans. :tup: Hope you have fun there. If you get a chance, Hit up Harajuku. In yoyogi park. On Sunday. You won’t regret it, unless you don’t bring your camera.



So you’re studying around Kunitachi City? I have a few friends that went to Hitotsubashi over the years, most have already graduated and moved along. I spent some time in Kitano-Kakubai-Cho (Kyoto) as a student a while back (secondary). It’s a bit of an adjustment, but you’ll enjoy yourself (after all of the relentless, almost never-ending studying). I’ll keep an eye on your blog from time to time, nostalgia of the culture and all.



Les repas japonais sont tres petit, non? Je me demande, j’aime bien le japon mais je pense que je suis trop groumand. Il est ou ton blog en francais?


Generally speaking, just don’t get into debt with them or act really fucking stupid around them and you’re good. Yakuza aren’t really feared anymore (unless they wave a gun around and outright announce they’re gonna kill somebody), after a gang member gunned down a police chief, killing any shred of respect they had in the public, and “officially” turning Yakuza against the police. Recently there was a famous TV personality on those stupid variety shows who was forced to retire because he was found to be associated with Yakuza. And there’s that Olympus Camera company scandal. Nowadays they’re basically treated like losers, like they’re invisible/insignificant, and there’s no incentive or glamour associated with that lifestyle.


Thanks for all the comments guys! And again, UPDATE!
I won’t update everyday for long though…

Rooms are usually small yes. But with enough money, or if living in the countryside, it’s a problem easy to fix^^.

Never had any problems in a quite long time in Japan. But I heard that the Kansai region is less quiet than the capital is…

Well, the shelf is on wheels, so easily movable. I putted it there by personal preference^^.

Euh, t’en poses des drôles de question toi :stuck_out_tongue: Comme partout, si tu n’as pas assez, commandes/achètes plus. J’suis un assez grand mangeur moi-même…
Quant au blog en français, tu trouveras le lien dans la section liens du blog en anglais :wink:


Saw what you did to your finger…ouch!

Edit: Quelle genre de cellphone est ce que les japonais utilisent ces jours ci?


I’ll answer in English ok, so that everyone understands.

Japanese are mostly using smartphones nowadays. But you still find your usual Japanese cellphone, meaning something rather bulky for our point of view, but very useful and easy to use.

By the way, if any of you wants to ask a question that I might be able to answer, just go ahead :wink:


I’ve always wanted to travel to Japan one day. The only thing that concerns me though is all that earthquake stuff. Is it bad where you are?


Well, not that much. I’m pretty far from the coast, and most medium/big earthquake are happening in the sea. That means that I usually only get less than half the original shaking. Had one yesterday evening by the way, around 1 or 2 in strength. All in all, we have around 1 every two to three weeks that I’m feeling. No bother at all until now.

Earthquakes are not really worrying me. It’s more the possible consequences of a big one - being water/electricity cut, having no food supplies - that are. The earthquakes by themselves seldom hurt or kill anyone in Japan.


Whats your facebook yo, so i can invite you to some of our events to meet up with fellow Japanese SRKers!