The Lili Combo Thread



You find the combos here.

This thread is for combo discussion only.


Post your fancy combos here.

Will be updated soon. :slight_smile:


The Emilie de Rochefort (Lili) Thread



I will add numbers and sort by meter loss/gain.

Do you already have some better combos than mine? I’ll update with optimized combos then.




You know, I’m pretty sure Neclord has a reservation on making the combo thread.


I just posted my basic walkthrough you should post more combos in that thread and i’ll keep it updated


No I have to wait a few more days for my copy.
I will try to update my post with new combos, as soon as I got the game.
But you are doing a great job, keep it up! =)

It’s fine, he discovered so many combos already. :slight_smile:
Unfair that some people got the game so early… :o ^^


You can actually link f.MK, f.MP into crouching Light Punch into f.LP, f.MP, MK

At LIke 1min the Combos start



s LP links to cr HP, but it’s difficult. I feel that it’s somewhat necessary though, since it forces stand.


Have you tried using her unigue overhead kick during a combo? That might also extend your combo’s while your opponent is in the air to get a ground bind.


Can you Bedtime After s.LP-c.HP?


well the main point of s LP to cr HP would be to combo into angel knee. this is useful because it links from the towards MK, MP string.


It’s a pretty hard link
You’d be better off doing a f.MK - f.MP - c.LK - Bedtime xx Angel Knee, Angel Knee, c.MK xx LK Sunflower Dance


does f MK f MP force standing?


I got a walkthrough guide up for lili if you guys want to post your discoveries there. I’ll keep it updated daily.


Hey guys, can anybody help me out on her 18th trial?
I can’t combo the Saisaris into the c.MK. What am I missing here?



Are you making sure that you’re jumping. Saisaris is an air target combo


delay the second hit of the air target combo slightly