The Lili Synergy Discussion Thread

Let’s discuss who are the best candidates as a perfect lili partner.

I found Asuka to be a good partner, Asuka can build a lot of meter and not require much of it.

But having Asuka on point would mean that you would have to get in on the opponent without much tagging and this proves to be a bit difficult.

So I’m not sure on Asuka/Lili.

I like Rolento as a point, I always choose lili as a 2nd. Even though damage scaling is a lot with this team. You build meter pretty fast. Which makes it so I don’t need any onslaught(meter) gems

I kinda like Poison as a point character with Lili as 2nd. Poison builds decent meter but a downside is that Poison doesn’t really give much tag opportunities outside cross rush.

I use Lili on point with Rufus as back-up. Find that Lili as great footie tools that Rufus lacks and that Rufus builds meter well for her enough to use it.

A blocked Galactic Tornado puts Lili in great position to get in a high-low mix-up by using a tag cancel.

I think Ibuki works well with her. Tsumuji pressure builds up meter so fast and I don’t find myself burning a lot of meter as Ibuki either.

LILI AND KEN! This team…seriously. I can get half hp team combos with one bar. Money inc ya’ll, and as my friends call it…team white power…smh

So… how about Lili/Asuka? They are secret lovers after all, I mean come on! Capcom had to put them together for more than just a good plot. Asuka doesn’t need meter, but what I’ve come to realize with Asuka is that she doesn’t need to chase her opponent down either. Force them to come to you; she has some pretty good defensive options, no? She, just like every other Tekken character, can get around fireballs easily.

On Lili’s end, she doesn’t ‘need’ meter to make use of her self right? So you could actually start with her on point and get in for the tag on Asuka to build the meter then tag Lili back in to start her rampage. This thread needs to be kicked off with some discussion.

Most people prefer lili as a 2nd character. She needs meter for example to extend her combos on crouching opponents.

So what stops the Asuka/Lili team synergy then?

Nothing, but putting lili on point wouldn’t be necessarly bad. But its not optimal.

Considering most of lili’s chains and combo’s scale a lot, Putting her as a point character and then doing switch combos would not give you that damage output you need.

I’m starting to understand a little better now. I’m gonna practice with Lili/Asuka for 30 minutes or so to see how the team works together. I’ll just have to alternate between who’s point character to see what works for the team best. Lilis combo’s seem longish though.

Her combos are pretty flashy. Avoid using her Tekken-Chains (Languishes, Left Rights, and Bedtime) The’ll scale your damage a lot. If you combo on a standing opponent you can do Two Angel Knees. Use cr.HP after the 2nd angel knee or do EX Angel Knee and tag in Asuka.

her tekken chains i feel are better for pressure, but if you confirm a jump in do less moves for more damage.

Woah, woah, woah! This is too much for a new Lili player! lol I need a few go to BnB’s during the match, and a tag in BnB. I’m gonna go into training to get them down first, then practice using/getting used to her normals online and trying to get those combos in safely.

Yeah practice trying to Bedtime After f.MK-HP and f.HK.
You can f.LK-LK into f.HK-HP into bedtime into 2 angel knees into cr.HP into dendrobium.

Oh yes! I was playing around with the noted moves in my guide and if you do her left right back strike, you can finish it with a dendrobium or Sunflower lance; any version! That’s so cool!

When you’re ending any combo use Dendrobium instead of Sunflower Lance. You have more time afterward using Dendrobium than Sunflower Lance. So you can do something like a safe jump

Wait, but Sunflower Lance causes a hard knockdown doesn’t it? Dendrobium leaves the opponent standing if I’m not mistaken.