The Ling Xiaoyu Networking Thread



Some of the other character sub-forums have these so I thought i’d make one here. Post your gamertags/PSN IDs!

Gamertag: Big Jerds
Location: UK
Main Team: Xiaoyu/Either Poison or King
Active Times: Whenever, usually at night


XBL: SoulSynapse
Location: San Diego, CA (US) (-8GMT)
Main Team: Ibuki / Xiaoyu
Active Times: Evenings.


Gamertag: KumaOso
Location: USA (Central Time Zone, -6 GMT)
Main Team King/Xiaoyu
Active Times: Typically evenings


PSN Gamertag: NinthPixel
Location: usA, Georgia (EST, -5 GMT)
Main Team: Xiaoyu & Yoshimitsu
Active Times: Varies


PSN Gamertag: DomATL
Location: USA, Georgia (EST, -5 GMT)
Main Team: Xiaoyu & Ogre
Active Times: Varies, mostly mornings tho, unless its Friday-Sunday.


I could add you guys but i’m not sure how good the connections would be. Anyone tried playing US to UK on this game yet? I found it was kinda hit and miss on SSF4 and UMVC3.


I played a guy from the UK, actually it was ok, we had 2 bars, but I HATE the sound droppage >:-|


PSN Gamertag: Overdrive1121
Location: USA Eastern Time
Main Team: Chun Li and Xiaoyu
Active Times: Usually at night


PSN: SnakeAes
Location: SoCal (US West)
Team: Chun-Li x Xiaoyu
Active Times: Nights on weekdays, any time weekends.


GamerTag: Iyokuu
Locaton: Florida (USA Eastern Time)
Team: Xiaoyu/Nina. I alternate between the partner, but it’s only between Nina and Hwaorang.
Active Times: Nights and Weekends.


Gamertag psn: branh0913
Gamertag Xbox: tightest titan
Location: Atlanta, Georgia (us east coast)

I’m usually in after 7 or 8. Only have it for ps3, but will get it for Xbox soon. I’m little different because xiayou has been my main in Tekken for over 10 years. But I play zoning character in sf. My main character is Guile/xiayou. Not an execution monster like a lot of you, but looking to learn. Also I hate this game online but I’m willing to bite the bullet


PSN Gamertag: Sclidoushuin
XBL Gamertag: fumikoai
Location: West Coast Canada, BC (right above Seattle) -08:00Pacific Time (US & Canada)
Main Team: Ibuki / Xiaoyu
Active Times: Weekday and weekend afternoons and evenings. Sometimes mornings.


PSN: SesshaZL
Loc: East Coast US, North Carolina
team: Xiao, Chun
active: after 7 pm-ish est


Xbox: smashingm3
Loc: Holland
Team: Xiaoyu/Juri
Active: random

  • PSN: Tong_Lung
  • Location: UK
  • Team: Asuka/ Xiaoyu
  • Active: Most of the time


[FONT=Helvetica]Gamertag: theONEjanitor
Location: Alabama, USA
Main Team: Xiaoyu/Abel for now
Active Times: nights and weekends[/FONT]


Gamertag: SkG Gagapa
Location: France
Main Team: Xiaoyu/M.Bison
Active Times: Whenever, afternoon, nights


XBL Gamertag: Dr NoFriends
Location: NY
Main Team: Xiaoyu/Julia
Active: Afternoons, nights


Gamertag PSN: WhtLotus
Location: Houston,Tx
Main Team: Asuka/Xiaoyu
Active: 5 pm- 11 pm weekdays; If not busy, most of day on weekends


Please post what system you’re on too.