The Ling Xiaoyu Partner Thread



Hey guys, this will be similar to those UMvC3 team building/assist threads. Post your thoughts on Xiaoyu’s team position (point or anchor) and partners (tag combos, effectiveness, etc.).


Brief Overview:


  • Has great options for high and low mixups.
  • Excels at close-range.
  • Jab pressure
  • Can generate considerable meter
  • Can safely tag cancel with :d:+:p::p::p:, :hk: and have a following mixup.
  • Does not require much meter.
  • :d:+:p::p::p:, :qcf:+:hk:, tag cancel puts the opponent up high to allow for more possibilities for incoming character to combo and maximize damage.


  • Mid-range and full-range game is mediocre
  • Damage output is decent
  • Air normals are bad[/details]

Partner Database:


[details=Spoiler]post Phoenix Talon tag cancel combo
:b:+:mk:, :mk:, jump cancel, j.:h:, cl.:h: xx :hcb:+:h:[/details]


[details=Spoiler]Does well to compensate for damage.

post Phoenix Talon tag cancel combo:
j.:hk:, (land), :uf:+:mk:, cl.:hp:, :dp:+:hp:[/details]


[details=Spoiler] Compensates for damage. Has trouble against dive kicks and air altering trajectory attacks.

:k::k::k:, :f:+:hp:, st.:hp: xx :hcf:+:lp:, :lp:[/details]


[details=Spoiler]Adds to her damage considerably and covers some of her tougher matchups (a.k.a grapplers)

post Phoenix Talon tag cancel combo
j.:hk: (land), c.:hp:, CADC, cl.:hp:, :qcf::lk:[/details]


[details=Spoiler]Good all-around anchor.

post Phoenix Talon tag cancel combo:
j.:hk:, (land), cr.:hp:, CADC, cr.:hp: xx :qcf:+:p:

mixup post double map sweep cancel
:f:+:mp: (overhead)[/details]

Original post:

[details=Spoiler]I think Xiaoyu should be on point, she may not do incredible amounts of damage, but she feels like a strong pressure/mixup character. She can definitely be used as a battery character ala Rolento. Constantly annoying with st.jab pressure and mixing it up with cr.:mk: and :f:+:mk: which are both positive on block.

As for her partners, I’m still in character crisis. I know it needs to be a high damage character though. While testing different characters here’s a tag combo for Julia:

cr.:hp: xx :d: + :p::p::p: xx :p:,, cr.:mk: xx :d: + :p::p::p: xx :qcf: + :hk:, :mp:+:mk: (tag cancel first hit of phoenix talon)

Julia: j.:hk:, land, cl.:hk:, cr.:hp: xx :qcb:+:p: or :qcb:+:p::p::p:

This does a lot of damage, especially if you have meter. However, I feel Julia is a horrible character and boils down to be a reactionary and punishment character. Far from a pressure/mixup character. Also her special moves don’t really allow for safe tag cancels. Her cr.:mk: is really good, except it cannot be hit confirmed into anything. One positive thing is that she has 1000 health, so she could be played as a turtle character if you have the life lead. But this can backfire if the opponent has the life leads and decides to down-back Julia.

I’ve been looking at Yoshimitsu as well, but he’s also a horrible character and suffers from being down-backed on. His only overhead puts him at massive negative, even on hit. Most of his moves, except for jump ins and cl.:mp: put him at negative. Despite having a sword, his pokes are horrible, with the exception of st.:mk: which isn’t even that great.[/details]


So this thread would be great, but what needs to be stated is exactly what Xiaoyu needs for a partner, or vice versa. Julia is not a horrible character, but she does play a lot differently than most would approach her as. This is just me speaking from a day or so of training with her and fighting a couple of matches. Tonight I’m going to play around with Xiaoyu to see my opinion on her as well. Xiaoyu seems like a speedy, pressure, meter building character. So with that I would think of Juri or something of the sort and think she needs to be paired with a character with high health and a strong punch (Tank), or someone who can help extend her combos/she can help extend theirs.


Right now, my other three characters are Poison, King, and Julia. Off the last two posts, it seems like a Xiaoyu/King and Poison/Julia team seems like the best option. Then again, Poison is mostly self-sufficient so she can go anywhere.

I need to figure out, though, that if I do King, where should I tag in from for the [S]McJagger[/S] Knee loop.


Is Poison really that balanced of a character? I don’t like grappling characters much, so King wouldn’t be an option, but once I play with Xiaoyu tonight, I’ll more than likely play with Hwoarang and Julia as the team two, but if Poison is a viable candidate (I’ve longed to actually use her since I first saw her in some inappropriate Chun-Li behavior years ago), then I will throw her in the mix and see how that works as well.


Well, that’s what I’ve heard about her. Seems like she can go on any team. King seems like a good pick for Xiao (for now at least) considering he dishes out big damage off a good read with his grabs.


Interesting. I’ve been in the forums all day and I’m almost done reading every post in Xiaoyu’s section. Once I’m finished here, I’ll move onto Poison and see how that works. It’s still a tough decision for me to decide, but I’ll eventually get the right pick for me. I really owner what makes Poison so balanced. I’ve read some comments from people posting underneath the game radar guides, but Mike Ross did say she felt like a top tier. lol Should’ve listened to him and stuck with her from the get go. (only 3 days ago. lol)


For King try this combo after :hk: Pheonix Talon (first hit).

j.:hk:, land, :uf:+:mk:, cl.:hp: xx :dp:+:hp:


Thanks! BTW, I love how a good read from Flower Power gives you the Knee loop on tag.

Now remains the questions about post launcher for both and other combos from switching to one or the other.

I don’t quite think Poison is top tier. I think she’s just solid. And truly outrageous.


I use ibuki / xiaoyu.

Their tag combos loop back into each other without sacrificing damage.
They both build meter well.
They both pressure well (ibuki’s pressure is stronger)
Command dash makes flower power crossup more dangerous.
They both have beastly backdashes.

Both have low hp.
Both have a high execution requirement.
Both lack a utility reversal.
They’re fundamentally similar meaning a hard counter to ibuki is likely a hard counter to xiaoyu.

My top damaging combo with 3 meter is ~630ish and starts from air to air on either character, overhead on either character or hit confirm from ibuki. Air to air needs counter hit with xiaoyu.
Both of their combos tend to be concise and aren’t very good for attempting to run down the clock with.


So I’m liking Xiaoyu and more than likely going to put my work into her, but as for a partner I’m not feeling Hwoarang much as her partner. I watched Chris G use the team, but to me it doesn’t seem as fluid. Now I know Lili has some pretty decent potential and can put the hurt on someone, but her dive kick compared to others seems pretty iffy. Lili needs a partner who can extend her combos, as does Xiaoyu, so that would make a great team right?

On another note, I think a character with a good wake up game would be pretty good to set with Xiaoyu, no? Poison’s DP is an awesome wake up. Julia also has a pretty good wake up too, but the characters that seem to actually help make a better Xiaoyu team would be combo extenders(Nina and Lili) or tank like characters (Julia). What are you guys opinion on this?

@Soulsynapse I see why you would run Ibuki and Xiaoyu, but for me as a SF4 Ibuki player she just doesn’t feel the same. I’m a little glad the vortex isn’t noob friendly because now it can’t be spammed, but she just feels different.


The plus about Hwoarang is that he can safely tag in Xiaoyu with his kick special. Besides that, nothing really stood out for me, but this is coming from someone with no Hwoarang experience. For Julia, I honestly think she’s a horrible character. She really has no mixups and can really only land hits from punishing things. That’s why I think they gave her that 1 frame super. SF4 Ibuki also doesn’t feel the same to me as well, especially because of the roll option and different wakeup timings after knockdowns. Also her kunai is now knockdown which kills any pressure she would’ve had if they just ported her SF4 version.

Right now I’m trying Kuma. He’s seems extremely good with his range ( :f:+:hp: is massive) and command grabs. His anti air ( :k::k::k:, :f:+:mp:) seems pretty solid as well. I just need to practice his stance changing and work out his combos. But he has a solid mixup against the jump and down-back options. Either command grab, or cr.:lk: xx :hcf: +:lp: hit confirm. Plus he’s an effin’ bear. When I play him, I just want to maul people. Haha.


Ibuki players must be attracted to Xiaoyu for reasons I can probably guess!
I agree with everything soulsynapse says. I use Ibuki on point because she dishes the damage, has a couple of solid anti-airs, great pokes, etc listed above, and use Xiao as a hit and run character, letting Ibuki recover health while playing keep away reflecting projectiles and using her safeness.

They do decent damage on boost combo launchers as well. When Ibuki comes in, I use b+MP, s.MK xx Raida, and for Xiao i use cr.HK xx Phoenix, Phoenix Talon.
As for gems, I like using damage(possibly meter) boosts for Ibuki and mostly defensive boosts for Xiao(I use Gradual Health Recovery and Defense Boost).


I’m trying to run Xiao Vega for reasons that I don’t know. I just like both characters. I don’t feel like team synergy is really that much important in this game than a another like Marvel. For the most part, character act on their own. When they need to be tagged out, it’s merely using more solo combos to continue a juggle. I saw ChrisG’s game using Hwoa and Xiao which was cool though.


Right now I’m trying out Xiaoyu/Asuka, and I really like it so far. Play the ground game with Xiao, hitconfirm and tag Asuka in for decent damage combo and get a mix-up (not guaranteed due to wake-up forward roll, but still) after knockdown. Asuka has good pressure and can tag Xiao back in quite easily if I need to.

On a side note, I can see why SF4 Ibuki players don’t really want to play Ibuki in SFxT. I was playing Ibuki/Asuka on Day 1 and did pretty well with that team. I use Ibuki in 3S/AE, so I guess I’m already familiar with a “vortex”-less Ibuki, lol.


Does Xiaoyu really have the footsie game to get Asuka in easily or without threatening her own life like that?


I was thinking about Xiao/Asuka myself. Asuka’s j.:hp: crosses up insanely. Does it sometimes when I don’t want it to, lol. Figured that’s be good for using meter switching with Xiao during a blockstring.

That’s another problem. I have a hard time getting Asuka in on her own. Together with Xiao, I’m not sure if that issue will be remedied. Her normals, albeit fast, have no range. I was playing Vega/Asuka and it was cake.


I’m playing a pretty decent ground/footsie game with Xiao right now. All I’ve been doing is into Phoenix Stance (hitconfirm into P -> xx 236 lp on hit or back off/lk for chip damage) and AAing accordingly whenever someone jumps in. You really have to be careful though, because you can potentially eat a huge combo. I just need to work on putting close-up pressure on with Xiao and I’m set.

Asuka definitely has a problem getting in on certain characters, but she has her own way of getting in. From my first impressions, she has to use her specials; I think she needs to rely on a normal move xx Oni CADC to get in for a mix-up. But this is the Xiaoyu section, so I won’t get further than that.

A buddy of mine is running Juri/Xiaoyu and it’s scary.


Finding the right match with Xiaoyu seems hard. The combo’s listed in the guide aren’t BnB’s at all and the one’s listed in the thread don’t feel like BnB’s. I don’t want to just give up on her either. She takes hits hard, so another character with high health would make sense, no? But wake up game is a needed factor too, right? Ugh… If Juri/Xiaoyu worked in my head I would probably just do that, but nothing seems to feel right at the moment.


I see more ibuki avatars here than I do in the ibuki forums.


I’m also pairing her with Ibuki lol. Mainly because it’s the only character I’m familiar with from SSF4 (I’m originally a Tekken player and I main Ling).

I like the combination so far, though I’m considering just going for a derp character with a DP if I end up having too much trouble with this team.