The little ninja Ibuki


Made this for the Udon fanart contest though at this rate I don’t think there’ll ever be one in issue 7 (seeing how udoneko frequently dodges the fanart question in the comic forum). Anyway no harm sending them so I did.:smiley:

Comments n critics welcomed.:smiley:

ps does the anonymizer link still work?



Well done mr.12, coloured with photoshop???-


thats great twelve, your coloring just gets better and better!


Oooo very nice. Yeah your coloring is definitely better. I like everything about this. All you need now is a bg, which will set the mood and make this piece 10 times better. Maybe Asian rooftop type kung-fu flick type of bg would work.


Agreed, quite hot.

But her breasts are totally much bigger then that.



Yes and yes.

Good job, keep up the good work.


That Ibuki looks great, it looks like official artwork!:smiley:


Ibuki!! I love her!! Not to mention her out fit…cough Very good.^^ Though the pants on her right leg…aren’t symmetrical to those on her left. Look, you’ll see what I mean. And yes, her breasts are bigger, my guess would be a high b. Good work though. Nice color job. ^^


Great work.


Hey thanks you all. I appreciate the insightful comments.:smiley:

Yeah it’s coloured in Photoshop. I always wanna try how Painter feels though.

Thanks. Though I feel my colouring is improving too, sometimes I feel like I’m doing the unconventional way of colouring. Hmmm I dunno how to say. It’s like I do so much to achieve so little…eh. Maybe because I’m no Photoshop veteran yet. Hee hee…

Yeah I agree man I really need to start putting bg into my pics. Maybe I’ll ask my friend later for tips.:smiley:

Master Chibi, Kayin
Thanks for the breasts input guys. That was really informative. Drawing big boobs is always fun but I want to portray Ibuki as the cool ninja type…heh. Besides her forarm is kinda in the way and I’m not gona go all out to draw her boobs sag underneath just to show the size. Hmmm yeah I realize her gi is kinda flat so that’s my mistake.:smiley:

I love Ibuki too.:smiley: Hmmmm yeah the pants look a little bit weird but I didn’t want them to be too symmetrical. But I agree I could’ve worked something better. For your other comment read my reply above.:smiley:

Wow… thanks for the compliment man.:eek:


It’s been a while since I reply individually. Good times.:smiley:
Oh and abusing the :smiley: smiley.


Well I didn’t mean it all that much in a playful manner, because they really are quite big (even for a gal her age). Beat her in NG or SI and you’ll see what I mean when they show her on the floor and what not with you standing over her victorious.

But hell, big breasts are always good.



nice pic as always.
love your style… colours only make it better :slight_smile:



yeah great pic dude. has your style changed though? it seems like you making the hands bigger in your female characters.

very nice coloring, shows a lota depth.

also, i like the pose, though i think adding some more of her legs would make this pose even better (give it more expression).

and lastly, how did you get the picture pixelated? there seems to pixilation (btw, these arent real words but it’s the only way i can express it) between the two strands of hair. i dunno if that was unintentional. i get my drawings pixelated all the time when i overuse color in ps.


I really love your piece too - it does look like official artwork, your style is awesome.

Everything on your homepage is cool also, you are so talented - i love your sketching and your ability to shade.

My jealous face ladies and gentlemen: :bluu: !!!


Master Chibi
Yeah I get what you mean. Even some of her official art are kinda big like Nishimura’s sketch.:smiley:

Always good to hear from you man.:smiley:

So you realized. I love to draw big hands and feet.:smiley: It’s a personal preference thing. And the pixelation thing is unintentional. When I select her whole body with the magic wand tool, I may have made the tolerance level a bit high? Err… I’m not too sure. Or maybe I accidentally off the anti-aliasing…

Wow thanks man. And thanks for checking out my homepage. Do you think the layout is too professional looking? Maybe I should tone down the design so as not to distract the viewers. jk. And jealousy is a good tool to improve your skills. Whoah words of wisdom.


Heh, pretty good sketch, Twelve. Your colors are continuing to amaze. Your style fits Ibuki well, too. Smashing piece, and one of the best I’ve seen from you. Keep at it, my friend. :B


Mmmm Very tasty art. I’ve always dug your style. I miss posting art. Damn lack of a scanner.