The lone star gaming fight club

The LSG fight club is dedicated to bringing the experience and inexperience fighting games fans together as a community. Austin,Huston and Dallas all have there own fight clubs in there fine cities isn’t it time San Antonio had it own place to bring fighting fans there own great experiences Come by and help make the San Antonio fight club The best in the state of Texas.

2501 Bandera Rd
San Antonio, TX, 78238

when is this supposed to start?

I am interested!

Odessa here.

Theres a few of us here who would like to go to SA to play. Start it up and we’ll be there.

I doubt it will be the best but it should be ok ;p

Well it’s a good thing nobody cares what you think. :wink:

Go back to trolling the UFO and Houston threads and stop trying to be negative when someone is trying to be optimistic about something they’re doing for the community.

We are totally down for that I will hit you up with the details.

I am interested, I think I freaking suck at this game

Would you have room for other FGs as well. I’ll play SSF4 and MvC3 when that comes out, but I’m more interested in exposing the others like Blazblue, Arcana Heart, and some of the lesser known titles.

yes we are a club dedicated to all fighters…we have a great setup at the shop 8 screens mounted to the wall plus one big surprise coming soon…

Alright, sounds good.

I came to fight, i came to win, count me in!

No one plays those down there!

Ah3 out. Already woo wooo!

Play me in bb cs ;p

If this is just for San Antonio, then please post in the SA thread.