The Lone Strider

What can Strider do when is alone? How can he stay alive?

Additionally, what can Strider do without Doom but with Sent G?

Also, I have never seen this brought up but what the fuck can Sent do with Strider Variety?

strider alone, one on one, just play like you would like in the first mvsc. Strider vs someone with an assist or two assist can be difficult/ near to impossible to win. :bluu:


Sentinel with Strider Beta? hmmm

usually I use it like I would with a Storm(projectile) well just for this anyways

Sentinel/Strider (Variety)
full screen away
c. hpxxassistxxqcf hp, c. hpxxqcf hpxxHSF

lol ya I know thats crap but ya LOL

HAHAHA, “Bomb that shit” - classic

When doom dies and you’re left with strider and sent ground, it’s pretty obvious that you just have to concentrate on connecting hits and less on trapping. You’ll want to make every meter count and just throw shit/teleport pretty much constantly to try to cross up your opponent. I’d normally bait their assist out and tigerXXoroboros it to damage it as much as I can, then, when I get the chance, I’ll do the snapback combo to knock that assist to point. Gotta love that mad easy snapback combo :smiley:

i dunno…i think the strider/sent trap is still pretty decent. it’s just less block damage…a bit…you can still call sent then teleport to the other side at the end of orbs like you do with doom…it’s just not as safe against assists. but instead of 10-15% chip you probably get like i dunno 7-9%?

but if strider is one on one…i think he has a good chance vs anyone. tigers and birds are annoying and hard to get around. and if used sparingly the teleport will be useful in getting in and out of situations.

Hey I was messing around against a scrub in the arcades using my mags strider doom team for fun and i discovered, probably already said by someone else, strider can jump double jump twice in the air.

Here’s how it works, you do a super jump (normal jump would work) then u press up back so that your double jumping towards the wall, then once u touch the wall, press up forward and you’ll jump up and for some reason it resets and u can double jump again o_O:lame: someone prolly said this already but i’m just saying it again for the new people =D

Umm… about Sent/Strider-B. The only thing I did was kinda random once:, xx fastfly, down-forward + lk + Strider, xx unfly, Strider assist hits, c.fp x rp xx HSF.

Dunno how I did it but on the second lk I accidentally hit Strider assist I think :rolleyes:

I dont like getting pushblocked LOL

People knew that way before S/D existed.

oops sorry then ;(


Where’s clockw0rk or Devil X when you need 'em?

These top tier players nowadays. Never around when you need them. I remember back in my day, these so called elite players were a dime a dozen. Yep, them were the days.

i dunno…i think they don’t wanna be bothered by forums like these. like someone else posted in the general strat section more and more threads are “how do i do this” type threads…and i think the top players have better things to talk about when everyone should already know basics. no offence to newbs to the forum…but almost like 90% of the threads posted in the past few months are found in older threads.

True that True that LOL

I’m not as much of a Sent ground specialist as Clock or DevilX is. But I’ll give it a shot. It all really depends on the situation. Strider vs. a team of 3 sucks because this is where defense plays a bigger role. Strider is one of the best characters in the game overall hands down, but this is probably the worst situation he could ever be in. Now if Doom is dead, you’ll have to shift your focus in the match on what your strategies will be. It really depends on what assist you have. You can’t really rely on trapping as much any more. You should activate orbs whenever possible to gain the momentum of the match. But now it is more important that you land a hit or two while rushing down.

For example, if you’re fighting magneto, you’re still in the game. So your situation is Strider with Sent ground assist. Try playing a keepaway game with animals. If Magneto’s feet leave the ground, call sentinel. Try mixing in a teleport or two as well. Or if you’re fighting cable, the basic strat of drop assist+teleport still works.

Overall, it’s all about taking advantage of whatever assist you have, using it properly, and not using it like it were doom. Hell, I’ve seen people try to do the Strider/Doom trap with Commando aa after their doom has died. Use your last assist to add damage to combos, set up resets, or to keep a rushdown opponent off your ass. Whichever option it is most effective for.

Feel free to ask for more specifics if you have certain assists in mind.

Okay, I’m figuring that if I’m playing MSP and Mag is on point…

Doom’s gone somehow.

So my game should evolve to jump back fp + Sent drones to stop Mag rushdown and tri jumps, toss the zoo at him, send out drones, call an lk bomb, activate orbs and go after him.

As orbs run out, call Sent, block string buffered into backward punch teleport (so that I can j.fp Mag on the way down if he tries to wavedash in).

How do I avoid the Psylocke AAA?

Against Sent/Capcom I suppose he’s pretty dead, that’s what I hear. But I refuse to think Strider will die so easy. Bird, lk bomb followed by drones probably puts a good stop to a Sent stompdown right? Major concern is how to deal with and/or bait and punish the Capcom assist.

that works. But i tend to use the jump back roundhouse more. The angle of the slash is better for air to ground at closer range.

i usually end the string with a cat, then dash in to attack low. or if there is no drones to take over the blockstun in between the string and cat, i’ll just block after throwing the cat to block psylocke.

i wouldn’t be surprised if Magneto is mashing psylocke whenever you’re close. Try double jumping to fake him into calling her out. When you see her, drop drones. If they hit magneto, combo his ass or call orbs. If they hit psy, punish her or go after magneto when he can’t cover himself.

i know even less about this situation since I almost always have Cyclops as my third character, especially on Sentinel based teams. I can probably count the number of times i’ve been in this situation on one hand. I best let someone else handle this

Against sent/capcom stay out of the corner (i guess thats obvious). when midscreen strider can try and zone with birds and bombs look for a chance to land orbs on either sentinel or capcom. In corner i usually go straight for orbs to get his ass off me cuz tryin to throw a bird first then orbs against a fast sentinel/capcom, while in the corner, gets u fucked up sometimes.

Yo can someone check out the Sin vs Clock match for the Return of the Fiend tourney on

Clock nails Sent with the Ouroboros, starts the infinite then like… calls Sent drones does something, restarts infinite… what is he doing there? I couldn’t see it right

It looks like he just dashed in and continued the infinite after the drones. he could have done a quick jab before the drones hit while he was dashing in . It just looks like he dashed in though .